Elevate Performance across the Microsoft Data Platform

Fast resolution of performance issues. Actionable alerting, intuitive event management, and powerful performance analytics deliver fast and efficient database performance.

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"My only choice for SQL Server Performance Analysis"

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The One Platform for Physical,
Virtual, and Cloud Performance.
Solutions on the SentryOne Platform
The All-in-One Performance Tool for SQL Server

We have combined all the great SQL Sentry tools* into a single unified solution to help you monitor and optimize the Microsoft data platform.

Everything you need for:

SQL Server and Windows Performance Monitoring, Event Management, Index Defragmentation and Query Plan Analysis, with Desktop, Web, and Mobile UIs.

* Performance Advisor, Event Manager, Fragmentation Manager, and Plan Explorer - Learn more

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Get the standalone version of Plan Explorer and get to the root of tough SQL query issues.
  • Index Analysis
  • Statistics Analysis with Histogram
  • Query Performance Profiling and Playback
  • Actual Plan Recosting
  • Plan Diagram
  • Management Studio Add-In

Collector service or database not required.

The most performance-demanding companies choose SentryOne.
Satisfied customers say the nicest things... TrustRadius rated 8.7 out of 10

We believe if you continuously put out great software and deliver world class support, your customers will tell your story better than anyone. Don't take our word that we're the best solution. See what our customers have to say for yourself.

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