SentryOne Fosters the Development of Future Data Professionals with Scholarship

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SentryOne Fosters the Development of Future Data Professionals with Scholarship

CHARLOTTE (N.C.) October 6, 2020  SentryOne today announced the launch of a $5,000 scholarship, the SentryOne Data Pros of Tomorrow Scholarship, to support full-time students pursuing degrees in computer science, data analytics, or other data-related disciplines at accredited U.S. colleges or universities for the Spring 2021 semester.   

SentryOne has been committed to serving, educating, and growing the SQL Server community since its founding in 2004. Over time, SentryOne has hosted hundreds of webinars and events, produced thousands of blog posts, and improved the lives of hundreds of database administrators by providing software solutions that help customers ensure databases are fully optimized and reliable. 

SentryOne solutions have had a profound impact on helping organizations keep mission-critical data flowing for customers in every industry, including health care to manufacturing to education. The SentryOne Data Pros of Tomorrow Scholarship reflects the company’s commitment to fostering the development of future data professionals. 


Every business is increasingly reliant on the free flow of accurate, timely data to grow revenue, serve customers, and achieve innovative breakthroughs that benefit society. SentryOne President of Field Operations Mike Lambert noted in a blog post earlier this year that "the 2020s look like they will be the decade of data." With that, there’s an ever-growing need for every business to build a strong DataOps practice and team to properly organize, document, and improve the use and value of data  


To apply for the SentryOne Data Pros of Tomorrow Scholarship, applicants need to submit a written 800 to 1,000-word essay exploring their personal relationship with data, the impact data has had on their education, and how the use of data will change in 2020 and beyond. The essay should quote research from recent studies in this field and explain what tools and resources are available to help us improve the value of data collected. SentryOne will select one winner of the scholarship and award a $5,000 credit for tuition for the Spring 2021 semester.


For more information about how to apply, check out our scholarship page. 


"We have seen the introduction and adoption of DevOps and DataOps, the new roles, processes and technologies to enable the velocity of development and release cycles for data-centric apps, especially in the cloud. In this decade of data, we will see DataOps mature in the organization to assure value is extracted from growing data assets."

Mike Lambert

SentryOne President of Field Operations