SentryOne Now Has an Unprecedented Seven MVPs

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SentryOne Now Has an Unprecedented Seven MVPs

Microsoft’s coveted Most Valuable Professional Award recognizes excellence among community leaders

CHARLOTTE, NC – January 11, 2017 –SentryOne, the developer of award-winning software for the Microsoft Data Platform, is now home to seven Microsoft MVPs, with a total of 60 MVP awards among them. 

John Martin, SentryOne Product Manager, became the seventh Microsoft MVP on staff after receiving the Data Platform MVP award this year.

The MVP award honors community leaders with a passion for sharing their technical expertise. "The Microsoft MVP Award gives us the unique opportunity to celebrate, honor and say thank you to top-notch technology experts who make outstanding contributions to their communities," per Microsoft. "These technology experts have an unstoppable urge to get their hands on new, exciting technologies and love to share their knowledge."

"Every MVP brings with them unique qualities and capabilities, and this diversity serves to amplify the impact we are able to have in the community," said Greg Gonzalez, SentryOne CEO, and an MVP. "I’m very proud that SentryOne is able to gather these great individuals under one virtual roof."
SentryOne Microsoft MVPs include:

Aaron Bertrand (20x)
Melissa Coates (4x)
Greg Gonzalez (3x)
Kevin Kline (14x)
John Martin (1x)
Allen White (10x)
Mike Wood (8x)

Led by a team of technical experts, SentryOne comes off of a successful 2016, including the transition from SQL Sentry to SentryOne, the launch of the SentryOne Platform, and the release of the popular and now completely free SentryOne Plan Explorer.

About SentryOne

SentryOne empowers Microsoft data professionals to monitor, diagnose, and optimize performance across physical, virtual, and cloud resources. The SentryOne platform delivers seamless integration for all our solutions, enabling users to determine the true cause of performance issues, and reduce consumption and infrastructure costs.

Our highly regarded team continually strives to find new and innovative ways to address the toughest performance challenges across the Microsoft Data Platform. Over the years, this has led to multiple ground-breaking capabilities for optimizing SQL Server performance, including our popular free query tuning tool, Plan Explorer. The team is always working to spread their deep and diverse knowledge through our team blog at, and our community blog and query plan-sharing site at

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Every MVP brings with them unique qualities and capabilities, and this diversity serves to amplify the impact we are able to have in the community.

Greg Gonzalez

SentryOne Founder and Chief Technology Office

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