Why SentryOne

The most technically capable, scalable, and innovative cloud and hybrid Data DevOps and Database Performance Monitoring solutions for the Microsoft Data Platform

SentryOne®  helps you develop, test, document, and monitor SQL Server, Azure SQL Database, and other Microsoft databases.

How are we different? 

Superior Capabilities

  • SentryOne is the most capable, scalable platform for enterprise data performance management
  • With the recent acquisition of Pragmatic Works Software, we now offer a complete array of development, testing, documentation, and monitoring tools for the Microsoft Data Platform
  • Our flagship product, SQL Sentry, is the only performance monitoring solution for large-scale SQL Server production environments

Extreme Scalability

  • Proven ability to handle enterprise-level workloads
  • End-to-end visibility across your entire data estate so you can find and fix performance problems beyond the SQL Server databasefor example, in the virtual environment
  • Proven low overhead: SentryOne won't cause performance problems 

Unmatched expertise

  • Founder and three-time Microsoft MVP Greg Gonzalez built the company and continues to guide innovation 
  • More Microsoft MVPs on staff than any of our competitors, and you'll have ready access to our experts
  • Laser focus on SQL Server and the Microsoft data platform: we are Microsoft data platform experts

Unrivaled customer success

  • We have thousands of deployed customers, a number that is growing rapidly
  • Highest Net Promoter Score (NPS) in the industry
  • Highest TrustRadius (independent tech reviewer) score among our competitors
  • 100% customer satisfaction rating for customer support 
Why SentryOne

Featured Resource

When "Good Enough" is Costing You Money

There are numerous options when it comes to tools and methods to monitor your data estate and ideally improve long term performance. 

Unfortunately, not all tools and methods are equally effective at meeting those needs. In fact, some tools and methods can actually make your problems worse.

In this session we’ll walk through many of the issues that lead to solutions that seem like they are providing cover, but in reality, lead to a negative return on investment of money, effort, and time.  

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SentryOne is different. 

Every day we realize our success stems from our people: the industry’s best SQL Server and Microsoft Data Platform experts coupled with the most passionate and driven customer engagement teams. 

Meet our Microsoft MVPs

The Most Valuable Professional award from Microsoft recognizes "technology experts who make outstanding contributions to their communities." SentryOne is honored to have six MVPs on staff, unprecedented in our industry. These individuals always have their hands on the latest Microsoft technologies, and they work tirelessly to share their knowledge with the community as well as ensure that SentryOne solutions stay ahead of the curve. Plan Explorer, our popular free query optimization tool, is but one example of how this team applies itself to improve the quality of life for data pros everywhere.


Kevin Kline  Aaron Bertrand  Richard Taylor    Mike Wood  Cameron_Presley    

 Meet our MVPs


A Solid Commitment to the SQL Community

In 2016 we participated in more than 50 PASS SQL Saturdays around the world. This year we have participated in more than 130 user groups, meet ups, PASS events, conferences and cruises not to mention hosting free informational webinars and publishing hundreds of blog posts across two blogging communities. Our audience continues to grow because the professionals at SentryOne do not simply focus on selling licenses. The professionals at SentryOne create inspired, visionary solutions. Customers and community members know they can trust our input and rely on our expertise.

An Amazing Advisory Board

Our Advisory Board is an elite group of some of the most recognizable authorities in our industry: Paul Randal and Kimberly Tripp of SQLskills, Christian Bolton (MCA) of Coeo and Brian Knight SQL Server MVP, MCITP, MCSE, and MCDBA. They provide direct input into our product features and roadmap, and help us take on the toughest challenges across the Microsoft data platform.