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Struggling with SSAS slowdowns?

SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) performance troubleshooting can be challenging. Data teams can struggle with identifying the true source of these kinds of performance problems. 


Design-related performance problems

Finding performance problems related to the database design can be a struggle, especially if you can't easily consult the team who created the data model.  

SSAS restarting or crashing for unknown reasons

If you're seeing unfamiliar files in your SSAS logs folder, SSAS might be restarting, which could cause a processing or querying issue. 

Slow reporting delaying data delivery 

If SSAS slows to a crawl just when you need to deliver reports to stakeholders, your system might need to be optimized for high-concurrency workloads. 

Finding SSAS performance problems is burning time

If your SSAS performance troubleshooting involves setting up traces or DMV queries, then you might be wasting time you could be spending on more strategic initiatives.

Struggling with SSAS slowdowns | SentryOne

SentryOne® BI Sentry Helps You Identify and Address SSAS Performance Problems


Unparalleled insight into SSAS performance problems

SentryOne BI Sentry helps you see bottlenecks related to SSAS memory and storage systems, aggregation usage, and unoptimized queries. 

Support for Multidimensional and Tabular modes 

BI Sentry supports both Multidimensional and Tabular modes, including a Top Commands view that captures and aggregates all high-impact SSAS commands (MDX, DMX, DAX, and XMLA), and displays top commands by CPU and I/O usage.

Unmatched customer support 

SentryOne has a relentless focus on customer support so you can expect fast, expert guidance in solving your performance problems. We have the highest ratings from independent site TrustRadius among our competitors and 100% customer satisfaction for our support. 

Laser focus on the Microsoft Data Platform 

Our solutions are built from the ground up by Microsoft data experts, so you'll experience faster time to value when troubleshooting performance problems with SQL Server, Azure SQL Database, and other Microsoft databases—in addition to SSAS.


SentryOne BI Sentry
The BI Sentry performance dashboard shows both Windows- and SSAS-specific metrics side by side for a complete view of data platform performance..  

Optimizing SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) 

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Troubleshooting performance problems with SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) can be a frustrating exercise. Dive into this five-part guide by Steven Wright, Product Manager at SentryOne to learn time-saving tips for boosting SSAS performance. The book covers:

1. Understanding SSAS basic MOLAP architecture
2. Identifying impacts on MDX query performance
3. Improving MDX query performance
4. Tracking trace events
5. Troubleshooting bottlenecks

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Optimize SSAS Tabular Performance | SentryOne Paper

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