Aaron Bertrand Joins the SQL Sentry Team

Greg Gonzalez

Published On: October 18, 2010

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I'm pleased to announce that highly regarded SQL Server MVP, Aaron Bertrand (blog | twitter), will be joining the SQL Sentry team!  His first day on the job will be next Monday, October 25th. We are all extremely excited to have him on board, for a variety of reasons. On the surface, it may appear to be an attempt to "keep up with the Jones'" in the sense of us bringing on a high profile community advocate, but this is actually much more than that. Aside from Aaron's vast knowledge and experience with SQL Server, having known and worked with him for several years now, he is a person that just gets things done. Sure, he has phenomenal communication skills and will undoubtedly continue blogging and speaking about SQL Server, but for us the move is just as operational in nature.

I mean, who better for a SQL Server ISV like us to have in house than the person who has far and away provided the most feedback to Microsoft on SQL Server itself? 

Aaron was a long time user of SQL Sentry software in his previous job, so he already knows our software inside and out and has provided lots of great feedback over the years. The SQL Server environment at OTOLabs is unique – high volume OLTP systems with many hundreds of databases – it definitely stressed our software early on and pushed us to come up with ways of dealing with that kind of scale.

If you know Aaron, you know that he says what he believes and doesn't pull any punches. He's exactly the kind of person we want here, someone with unquestioned integrity who isn't afraid to tell it like it is, and who will continue to look at our software with a critical eye.  I have no doubt that Aaron will have a significant impact on our company and our software in many different ways, some we can anticipate, but many we probably can't.

I could go on, but from here I'll defer to Aaron's post about the move.

Welcome aboard, Aaron!

Greg is founder and Chief Scientist at SentryOne. He is a Microsoft developer by background and has been working with SQL Server since the mid 90s. He is perpetually engaged in the design and development of SQL Sentry, Plan Explorer and other SentryOne solutions for optimizing performance on the Microsoft Data Platform.