My Fall Speaking Schedule

Aaron Bertrand

Published On: August 28, 2015

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Me & a mic ...2 turntables and a microphone...

Spring and Fall are my busy travel times; these are the seasons when most of the big conferences happen. With two toddlers at home, it's getting tougher and tougher to travel as much as I used to, but I still strive to make it to the key shows, and those organized by our best friends, partners, and #SQLFamily. Sadly, I'll be missing SQLintersection this year, because it conflicts with my trip to PASS Summit and MVP Summit. With that notable exception, here's where I'll be over the coming months:

September 17 : 24 Hours of PASS

This edition of 24HOP is called the Summit Preview Edition; I'll be presenting a condensed version of my pre-con, 50 Things All SQL Server Developers Need to Know. There will be lots of great sessions over the two days; get a glimpse of the rest of the lineup.

September 26 : SQL Saturday #434, Utrecht, Holland

The following week, I'll be headed to the Netherlands for SQL Saturday #434. I'll be giving my popular T-SQL : Bad Habits and Best Practices session, based on my "Bad Habits to Kick" blog series.

September 28-29 : SQL Server Days, Schelle, Belgium

I'll be heading straight from Utrecht to SQL Server Days, where I'll deliver my full-day pre-con on the 28th, 50 Things All SQL Server Developers Need to Know, and a regular session on the 29th, The Ultimate Guide to tempdb Optimization.

October 27 - 30 : PASS Summit, Seattle, Washington

This will be my 11th consecutive PASS Summit, but it is the first time I'm delivering a pre-con there (again, 50 Things All SQL Server Developers Need to Know). SQL Sentry will also have a vendor session of some kind, likely involving myself, Kevin Kline (@kekline), and other usual suspects. There may be a surprise coming too; please stay tuned.

December 12 : SQL Saturday #460, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Last but certainly not least, I'll be headed back to Slovenia to hang out with my great friend and perpetual bad influence, Mladen Prajdić (@MladenPrajdic). The call for speakers is not closed yet, so the schedule is not yet available, but I've already booked my flight so I hope I get a spot. Watch for the session announcements at the SQL Saturday web site.

In the unlikely scenario that (a) you don't want to read and (b) you're actually interested in a cheat sheet on where I'll be speaking this fall, just bookmark this image (click to enlarge):

My fall scheduleI was going to make fridge magnets and mail them out to you all, but then I woke up

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