Presentations from SQL Bits XII : T-SQL Bad Habits & Best Practices

Aaron Bertrand

Published On: July 19, 2014

Categories: Bad Habits, T SQL, Plan Explorer, SQLBits 0

This week I've been in Telford, UK at SQL Bits XII. These guys outdo themselves every time, putting on yet another fantastic event (my 6th in a row). If you haven't made it to one of these conferences, you really should make an effort for the next one.

Yesterday I presented my session on T-SQL Bad Habits and Best Practices. You will be able to download the presentation, sample files and view the video at the following URL: (165 KB)

Kevin Kline (blog | @kekline) and I also did a joint vendor session together, entitled Top Tools for Tuning SQL Server. We talked about SQL Sentry Plan Explorer (including the demo kit I wrote earlier this year), cloning stats-only databases, and DBCC OPTMIZER_WHATIF(). The video will be available here soon:

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