#SQLNewBlogger Roundup

Aaron Bertrand

Published On: April 9, 2015

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#SQLNewBlogger Challenge

A couple of weeks ago, I blogged about Ed Leighton-Dick's new blogger challenge. I'm quite impressed by the response, and very happy to see so many bloggers take up the challenge. This, to me, seems to be one of those community-defining moments, like the creation of the #sqlhelp hash tag - so please give a virtual pat on the back to @eleightondick when you get a chance.

I thought I would help spread the word about these new bloggers by compiling a list with their names, twitter handles, and links to their first posts (you can also keep watching the #SQLNewBlogger hash tag). If I missed you, please let me know below. :-)

In no particular order (well, I am going to list Nick first, because I like my job, and I feel bad for demolishing him at our little curling event the other night):

Name Twitter Handle Post
Nick Harshbarger @nicharsh It's a Harsh Reality
Daniel Mellor @sqlsanctum Getting Cluster Nodes through T-SQL
Bill Fellows @billinkc Never trust the SSMS GUI
Ginger Grant @DesertIsleSQL Motivation
Horia Negrila @BarbiducH Safe exit from WHILE loop using ##global temp tables
Lance Tidwell @Lance_LT The estimated query plan and the plan cache (Part 1)
Drew Furgiuele @Pittfurg SQL Server Backup and Restores with PowerShell
Arthur Baan @GuruArthur Trace flags in SQL Server
Tim Peters @tpet1433 Maintenance on a few… hundred thousand… indexes
Anthony Nocentino @nocentino Designing for offloaded backups in AGs
Andre DuBois @MtnDBA #SQLNewBlogger Week 1 “Eye of the Tiger”
Peter Shore @pshore73 Seeking Mentor(s)
Rob Sewell @fade2blackuk PowerShelling SQL Saturday Sessions to the Guidebook app
Justin Randall @jh_randall SQL Server Monitoring - Getting It Right
Ken Wilson @_KenWilson Query Tuning Using a CTE
Andy Levy @ALevyInROC Connecting SQLite to SQL Server with PowerShell
Anders Pedersen @arrowdrive A Bit About Me
Richie Rump @Jorriss Why You Absolutely Need Alternate Keys : A Unique Constraint Story
Thomas Mucha @MyHumbleSQLTips Running DBCC CHECKDB on TEMPDB
John Morehouse @SqlrUs Detaching a Database – File Security Gotcha
Chris Voss @ceedubvee Insider's View of the Autism Spectrum
Ed Leighton-Dick @eleightondick Documentation: Are You Ready?
Todd Kleinhans @toddkleinhans
Dwain Camps @DwainCSQL An Easter SQL
Jan Potgieter @JanPotgieter8 Drop database when status is offline
Chris Sommer @cjsommer Monitoring SQL Agent Jobs when you work for Mr Krabs
Mark Wilkinson @m82labs Untangling Dynamic SQL
Goran Stevanovic @gorandalf Hello SQL Server world!
Andrew Pruski @DBAFromTheCold An Introduction to In-Memory OLTP
Andy Yun @SQLBek How Am I Using sp_helpExpandView?
Paul Popovich Jr. @pmpjr My SQL Backup Struggles
Aalamjeet S. Rangi @AalamRangi How to Use Temp Table in SSIS
Ed Elliot @EdDebug HOWTO-Get-T-SQL-Into-SSDT
Russ Thomas @SQLJudo Experience Is Overated
Cathrine Wilhelmsen @cathrinew Presenting a webinar for the first time
David Klee @kleegeek Storage Benchmarking with DiskSpd
Steve Jones @way0utwest New Blogger Challenge 1 – Adding a Primary Key

Also, anyone still looking to join this challenge, just because it's April 9th doesn't mean you're too late. And if you're lacking inspiration for a topic to write about, there's also a T-SQL Tuesday coming up, hosted by Mike Donnelly (@SQLMD), that can help prime your creative thoughts.

Aaron (@AaronBertrand) is a Product Manager at SentryOne, with industry experience dating back to Classic ASP and SQL Server 6.5. He is editor-in-chief of the performance-related blog, SQLPerformance.com, and serves as a community moderator for the Database Administrators Stack Exchange. Aaron's blog focuses on T-SQL bad habits and best practices, as well as coverage of updates and new features in Plan Explorer, SentryOne, and SQL Server.