Alec Pickup

Alec is a Solutions Engineer at SentryOne. He's been with the company for 4 years and started with the support team, focused on onboarding new customers to the solution. Eventually he moved to his new team where he loves helping DBAs find new ways to troubleshoot and diagnose problems with SQL Server, using SentryOne.

Articles by Alec Pickup

In this blog post, Solutions Engineer Alec Pickup answers questions from his recent webinar “Tools for Productivity & Performance.”
November 14, 2019 | Alec Pickup | SQL Server, SentryOne 0
Alec Pickup describes how to use the email alert filter in SQL Sentry software to conditionally determine when you will get alerted on a condition or event.
July 5, 2016 | Alec Pickup | Alerting, SQL Sentry 0

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