Justin Randall

Justin (@jh_randall) leads our Professional Services Organization with the perspective of nearly 30 years of IT experience. Professional Services provides customers with mentoring, consulting and training services focused on configuring and tuning SentryOne software, and SQL Server performance troubleshooting and optimization. Justin's blog focuses on helping our users become highly valued DBAs who use our software to prevent and solve real-world SQL Server problems while making positive contributions to their organization's success.

Articles by Justin Randall

Justin Randall kicks off a new series sharing expert SQL Sentry deployment, configuration, and usage practices.
September 17, 2020 | Justin Randall | SQL Sentry, SentryOne 1
Justin Randall shows how to write a custom query to mine performance counters over a trailing number of days from the SentryOne database.
Justin Randall provides an early preview of using SQL Sentry to visualize performance metrics from Tintri VM Stores.
June 17, 2016 | Justin Randall | Virtualization 0
Justin Randall contributes to this month's T-SQL Tuesday with a post showing many of the default settings and behaviors for SQL Server Agent.
Justin Randall describes how to add additional performance counters in SQL Sentry Performance Advisor, and how you can make use of that data.
Justin Randall talks about some of the core principles you should add regarding SQL Server Monitoring.
Justin Randall talks about one of his favorite new features in SQL Sentry v8.4, Dashboard Custom Wait Categories.
Justin Randall shows off some the exciting new functionality in SQL Sentry v8.3.
Justin Randall shows how to use the Notes feature.
SQL Sentry Performance Advisor and Event Manager provide a rich and growing library of SSRS-based reports that provide easily digestible views of important data collected in the SQL Sentry database.
December 1, 2014 | Justin Randall | Reporting, SQL Sentry 0
Justin Randall throws his hat into this month's T-SQL Tuesday ring, telling us about three heroes that have helped shape his career.
October 14, 2014 | Justin Randall | SQL Sentry, T-SQL Tuesday 0
Justin Randall continues his insightful blog series, showing users things they may not know about the grids.
August 7, 2014 | Justin Randall | Performance Analysis 0
Justin Randall kicks off a blog series aimed at showing our customers things they might not know about SQL Sentry Performance Advisor and SQL Sentry Event Manager.

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