Lee Walsh

Lee is a Customer Success Engineer at SentryOne and assists customers with any questions they have about the SentryOne platform. He originally started as part of SentryOne Support and was one of the first employees hired in the SentryOne Dublin office in April 2018. Since moving to the Customer Success Team, Lee ensures existing customers are getting the most out of SentryOne through tips and tricks, alert optimization, and other feature-related training sessions.

Articles by Lee Walsh

Lee Walsh covers index fragmentation, several ways you can identify it, and why a more granular approach to index maintenance can save time and allow you to focus on other tasks during maintenance windows.
May 18, 2021 | Lee Walsh | SQL Sentry, Fragmentation, Indexes 0
Lee Walsh walks through how to monitor targets across multiple domains with a single SQL Sentry database.
March 9, 2021 | Lee Walsh | SQL Sentry, Monitoring 2
Lee Walsh covers ways to monitor the use of XE sessions with SQL Sentry.
Lee Walsh walks through how to create Object Groups in SentryOne for two production environments that are in different datacenters.
November 5, 2020 | Lee Walsh | SQL Sentry 0
Lee Walsh shows how to retrieve additional information from your SQL Server on Amazon RDS instances using Advisory Conditions.
Lee Walsh walks through the deadlock detection and analysis features available in SentryOne SQL Sentry.
Find out more about our Performance Overview feature and how to choose the right default startup action for your SentryOne installation.
September 30, 2019 | Lee Walsh | Tips and Tricks 0

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