Melissa Connors

Melissa is the Product Education Manager at SentryOne. Melissa has over a decade of experience with SQL Server through software performance and scalability testing, analysis and research projects, application development, and technical support.

Articles by Melissa Connors

Melissa Connors shows you how to implement all of the Available Actions for Alerts on SentryOne Advisory Conditions.
Melissa Connors explains when you should set a Trigger Threshold value on a Custom Condition and demonstrates a use case.
Melissa Connors walks through the basics of when SQL Server data will benefit from compression and illustrates cases when it will not.
Melissa Connors (@MelikaNoKaOi) tells you what's new in the latest SQL Sentry Custom Conditions Pack for more intelligent SQL Server altering.
Melissa Connors discusses locating & resolving SQL Server database trust issues (check constraints & foreign keys).
Melissa Connors (@MelikaNoKaOi) takes a look at the new DBCC CLONEDATABASE command in SQL Server 2014 SP 2 in this T-SQL Tuesday post.
Melissa Connors describes the VMware-specific custom conditions and their use cases in right-sizing your virtual environments.
Melissa Connors explains what the Maximum Instance Count is and how to use it when creating a Custom Condition.
Melissa Connors, organizer of SQL Saturday Maine, provides a recap of the 2016 event & SQL Sentry speakers.
June 8, 2016 | Melissa Connors | SQLSaturday, Community 5
Melissa Connors (@MelikaNoKaOi) explains the importance of the Common Criteria Compliance Enabled custom condition & avoiding unexpected performance issues.
Melissa Connors shows you what's new in the latest SQL Sentry Custom Conditions Pack for more intelligent alerting options.
Melissa Connors guides you through creating advanced SQL Sentry Custom Conditions with multi-step condition checks for intelligent alerting.
Melissa Connors investigates using SQL Server's delayed durability feature to improve performance while purging data.
Melissa Connors (@MelikaNoKaOi) follows up on her data compression series, providing details on wait statistics, MAXDOP settings, and Performance Advisor.
Melissa Connors (@MelikaNoKaOi) concludes her data compression series, providing the DDL commands you can apply to your own SQL Sentry database.

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