Introducing the SentryOne Monitoring Mobile App for iOS and Android

Daniel Yount

Published On: October 9, 2018

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SentryOne empowers Microsoft data professionals by providing cutting-edge tools that take your SQL Server performance to the next level. Today, we’re excited to share a new product that allows you to always be connected to the heartbeat of your SQL Server environment—the SentryOne Monitoring Mobile App for iOS and Android.

Monitor Your Database Environment Anytime, Anywhere

In a world that's always online, it’s more important than ever to stay connected to the health of your database environment no matter where you are. With the SentryOne Monitoring Mobile App for iOS and Android, your database health metrics are just a tap away.

To get started with the mobile app, download it from your iOS or Android app store. Create a SentryOne Cloud Sync account and enable Cloud Sync from the Windows client. Then, log into the mobile app with your Cloud Sync account to see your servers and assess their health.

The mobile app offers three distinct views for monitoring the status of your environment:

  • Wait Time View
  • Severity Events View
  • Tagged Events View

These three views will immediately be familiar to SentryOne customers, but let’s break them down quickly. The Wait Time view shows the amount of time a certain number of user sessions are waiting to be handled. The Severity Events and Tagged Events views show you a SentryOne health score at each level of your environment. As events occur in your instances, the Environment Health Score will decrease from 100 (perfect score) to 0 (really bad). This view is most useful when you want a quick peek into server health.

Flag Events

When you open the mobile app, you’ll be presented with the events that have occurred in your environment. If you want to refer back to an event later, you can flag it by clicking the flag icon, and it will save locally to your device for reference. To see a list of the events you have previously flagged, open the side menu and select “All Flagged Events.” We created this key feature to enable quick and easy reference to events that are important to you based on insight from our SentryOne users.

Powerful Filter Options

One size doesn’t fit all. Every database environment is different and unique. We built the mobile app around this idea, and present powerful filtering options so that you can solve the problem faster. By tapping the filter icon in the top right corner of the mobile app, you can refine your view by setting a variety of parameters, including:

  • View Mode
  • Minimum Wait Time
  • Maximum Wait Time
  • Score Threshold
  • Start Time
  • End Time

And the mobile app even supports custom tag filtering! Simply create the tag in the SentryOne client on Windows and the option to filter by that tag will appear in the mobile app.

SentryOne Mobile App Custom Filters 

When you tap on an event, you are taken to the event detail view, where you can see all the occurrences of the event within the active filter values and even view more information about what triggered the event and links to resources to help you tune your queries.

SentryOne Monitoring Mobile App Event Detail View 
Push Notifications

We’re extremely excited about the new ways the SentryOne platform keeps you connected to your environment at all times, and push notifications are a huge part of that. Push notifications allow you to stay on top of critical Advisory Condition events without clogging up your email inbox. I’d call that a win for everyone. So be sure to opt-in to receive SentryOne Monitoring Mobile App push notifications.

[SentryOne Monitoring Mobile App Push Notification  
Share Your Environment Health Score

If you’re proud of your Environment Health Score, show it off! With one tap on the Share button, you can send a picture of your Environment Health Score anywhere. You work hard to fine tune your SQL Server performance. It’s not gloating to show off your score. We promise.

SentryOne Monitoring Mobile App Environment Health Score
The SentryOne Monitoring Mobile App for iOS and Android is now available to keep you connected to your SQL Server environment like never before. As the developers of the iOS and Android app, we have worked hard to bring the powerful features of SentryOne to your mobile device, and we’re even more excited about what the future holds.

As always, your feedback shapes our products. Let us know what you think of the mobile app: email and

Daniel Yount is an iOS developer and User Experience designer at SentryOne tasked with connecting SentryOne customers to their database health metrics anytime, anywhere and providing a user-first approach to designing the future of SentryOne. Prior to SentryOne, Daniel enjoyed composing music for various YouTube series and engineering trailer music for use in advertising.