Tableau Conference 2017: Here Comes SentryOne!

Douglas McDowell

Published On: October 6, 2017

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Tableau 2017 

Did you know 15,000 people are registered for Tableau Conference 2017 (TC17)? I didn’t realize this until I was talking to some of the folks at Tableau who use the SentryOne (S1) platform to keep their SQL Servers running at peak performance. We are in the throes of compiling a case study with Tableau about how they use S1 to help them triage issues on SQL Server and prevent alert storms that they used to encounter with other alerting solutions. When we get that case study complete, we’ll post it to our site and add a link to this blog.

We're looking forward to the conference in Las Vegas next week, but first let me acknowledge that TC17 is being held at the excellent conference center at Mandalay Bay. But it is a terrible time to board a plane and head there for a tech conference. I commend the organizers of TC17 for making every effort to provide the positive event they have planned for months. While I know the tragedy in Las Vegas will never—and should not—leave our hearts and minds, I am glad Tableau has chosen to persevere in bringing people together for this much-anticipated event.

Just a few weeks ago we were talking with Jason Judge, Tableau Software Director of Enterprise Analytics, about how they are using S1 and what was most valuable to their team. Jason says, “So will you all be at Tableau Conference next month?” I was quiet because I honestly was not keeping track and—while I knew they had a cool user conference every year with hip keynotes from Malcom Gladwell-types—I had no idea when it was or really much of anything about it. Jason followed on with something along the lines of “there are 15,000 people coming this year, SentryOne should exhibit. A lot of customers use Tableau on top of SQL Server and Analysis Services.”

Whoever said that "everyone is in sales" is right. Jason didn’t know it, but he validated something I had been hearing: There are a lot of companies out there with [unpredictable] Tableau BI and reporting workloads that wreak havoc on SQL Server, Analysis Services, Azure SQL DB, Azure SQL DW… all the things that S1 makes screaming fast. And “screaming fast” is what makes BI users happy. Everyone likes happy users, so let’s go tell our story to Tableau community.

So almost overnight we decided to add TC17 to the fall event calendar. And now it upon us. My friend and colleague Steve Wright—who is the S1 Senior Product Manager for Advanced Analytics—will be standing alongside me next week at we get hang out in the expo, in booth 329a (a kiosk in front of Central Park). We'll be ready to share how SentryOne solutions can turbo-charge the SQL Server systems underlying your Tableau data analytics, so you can deliver data to your people faster. And that will make all your data people even happier.

See you in Vegas.

Douglas McDowell is the SentryOne Chief Strategy Officer. His primary focus is to advise the SentryOne leadership team and Board of Directors in planning, research, business strategy and analytics to ensure alignment with our largest partners, including Microsoft.


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