Easily Get Started with SentryOne Products on Azure and AWS

Pete Galeotti

Published On: June 10, 2020

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A few years ago, SentryOne Cloud Engineering Manager Mike Wood wrote an article about our initial offerings on the Azure Marketplace (in addition to AWS). Although these images were updated over time, we recognized a need for more significant updates to ensure they best meet the current needs of data professionals. I am excited to announce that we have given our marketplace offerings on AWS and Azure a facelift—how refreshing!

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to use our products and offering them in pre-built marketplace images means you can get up and running with just a few clicks. We previously offered multiple image options in each marketplace, with specific applications configured to run in each of them.

When I talked with customers about our cloud marketplace offerings, the input I received was ”Just put them all in a single image so I can try each one without spinning up a new virtual machine.” That makes perfect sense!

Now, you can try our installed solutions—SQL Sentry, Task Factory, Plan Explorer, SentryOne Test, BI xPress, and DBA xPress—on a single virtual machine (VM). No need to spin up multiple images, which increases your cloud spend.

Our Azure and AWS images are the quickest way to trial our products. We have already done the installation and some setup for you, so when you load the image, you can jump straight into the software. For example, launching SQL Sentry will bring you directly into the onboarding wizard, where you can configure some settings to meet your specific needs.

Already a SentryOne customer and not interested in a trial? You can drop in your license key and the product will work exactly as it would if you installed it on-premises. This is a great way to work with your data sources already in the cloud because our VM will be deployed to the region of your choice.

What’s in the Box?

We have included the latest and greatest versions of our software in the Azure and AWS images. Here is a snapshot of what you get when you spin one up.

  • SQL Sentry, the flagship monitoring and observability product in the SentryOne database performance monitoring and DataOps portfolio (with the SentryOne Portal web interface already configured)
  • Task Factory, which offers dozens of high-performance SSIS components that are built to accelerate ETL processes
  • Pragmatic Workbench, which includes:
    • BI xPress, which accelerates SSIS package management
    • DBA xPress, which helps data managers visualize data dependencies across their data estate
  • Plan Explorer, our FREE SQL Server query analysis and optimization tool
  • SentryOne Test, a comprehensive automated data testing framework that allows you to test all your data-centric applications in an easy-to-use platform

Our software works with the latest offerings from Microsoft, so the images are built on Windows Server 2019, SQL Server 2019, and Visual Studio Community 2019 to give you the best technology platform.

No need to remember any of this information, either. The image contains shortcuts and bookmarks to the SentryOne solutions so that you can explore them at your own pace. We recently made the products trial-by-default, so you can quickly get in and try them out without needing a license.

Coming Soon

You might be thinking, “What about SentryOne Document Software?” That’s right, we recently released an installed version of our popular documentation and data lineage solution. It will be included in the next version of our marketplace images (typically once per quarter). But you can download a trial today and install it anywhere you like, including in the cloud!

Get Started Now

Now that you know how simple it is to get started using our solutions, why not give them a try? Just click the link below for your preferred cloud marketplace to go straight to the SentryOne image. Remember, you will only pay the cloud provider for the VM resources and can use our software for free in trial mode, which provides full functionality for 30 days. I even made a short video to demonstrate how easy it is to deploy the image and get started with a SQL Sentry trial on Azure.


AWS Marketplace Image                       Azure Marketplace Image

As a Senior Product Manager, Pete is responsible for platform technologies and services that support all SentryOne products. Pete has a diverse background, delivering high-tech B2B software, as a federal law enforcement officer, and serving in the U.S. military.