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Jim Holden

Published On: June 9, 2016

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After producing a short video on our new and improved Customer Portal, I decided that I would take a bit of time and include the highlights for those of you who might want to view this information in written format.

First, we will want to navigate to the customer portal, which you can find at the top right of any page on sentryone.com ("MY ACCOUNT" is also available in the navigation menu at the top of this post):

SQL Sentry Customer Portal

This will bring you to a screen where youhttps://blogs.sentryone.com/team-posts/latest-builds-sentryone-software/ can enter the credentials for an existing account, or register to create a new one:

Login Screen

From here you can log into your account or have others in your organization create their own portal accounts.

If other members of your organization do create their own accounts, please let our support team know so that we can associate those members with the main company account.

If you would like to make these other members license managers on your account, please let us know that as well.

Once you are successfully logged in, you will be directed to your account information:


Now I'll go into a bit of detail on the different sections of the page:

Account Information

This area, at the top left, is self-explanatory. The information here can be edited as needed by clicking on the Edit Account Info link below the phone number.



Here you will find links to the various web pages where you can access additional information. Some of the shortcuts require logging in (or link directly to a download), but not all:

  • Custom Conditions Details - this is a page on our web site detailing all of the Custom Conditions that are currently available.
  • Technical Resources - this points to a public page containing links to documentation, user guides, white papers, and eBooks.
  • Videos - this link takes you to our YouTube channel, where you can find plenty of product- and SQL Server-related videos.
  • Latest Builds Blog - here you'll find details about the latest builds of our core components and Plan Explorer, as well as links to many product-related blog posts.
  • Professional Services - this brings you to details about our service packages and consulting offerings.
  • Forum - this takes you to answers.sqlsentry.com, where you can ask product-related questions - but search first, as your question might already be in our knowledge base!
  • Support Center - this is a web interface dedicated to interacting directly with our stellar support team.

Note that this list of resources is subject to change, so don't use this post as a replacement. :-)

Available Upgrades

Available Upgrades

This section will be populated if there are any licenses under your organization that have not been upgraded when a major release of SQL Sentry has been made available.

In this section, you are provided with an option to upgrade the license version for the selected instances.

There is no reason why you would not want to do this.  Even if you do not upgrade to the latest build of SQL Sentry, for those folks that have a current Annual Software Maintenance (ASM) agreement with us, the license version can be upgraded safely as it is backwards compatible.



In this section you can open our product guides by clicking on the Online Help link or you can download them by clicking on the CHM (compressed HTML format) or the PDF (portable document format) links.



It is here that you can download our world class monitoring software by clicking on the x86 (for 32 bit installations) or x64 (for 64 bit installations) links.

You can also get access to our change lists, which tell you about the features and fixes in each release, by clicking on those links.



In this section, you will be able to see all of the licenses that are tied to your organization. These include your Perpetual Licenses, Evaluations, Plan Explorer, and Subscriptions.

By clicking on these options, and selecting one of the individual licenses, you can immediately see how many individual product licenses are available under that hardware key.

Also, in this section, I will be able to see when my perpetual licenses were issued, and when my Annual Software Maintenance (ASM) will expire.

Update Server Name and License Key

Server Name / License Key

If you relocate your SQL Sentry database, it is here that you will need to update the license key.  You can do this by entering in the name of the server where the SQL Sentry database resides, supplying a reason for the change (such as migration), and hitting the 'Update' button.

Under 'License Key' you can retrieve your license keys by either entering your email address and clicking on the 'Email Key' button or copying the license key directly to your Clipboard. This can be done by clicking on the 'Copy Key to Clipboard' button.


That wraps up the information presented in the Customer Portal.

I hope you have enjoyed the post and if you have any suggestions for future posts, please leave a comment below.


Jim is a Technical Training Specialist at SentryOne. Jim develops training materials to help our customers realize the full potential of the SentryOne product suite. Jim shares some “How To” information and other tidbits to help you get the most out of your SentryOne installation.