Presenting at Battle of the Beards

John Martin

Published On: March 7, 2017

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As someone who, over the years, has been involved with conferences in one form or another. Covering the full spectrum from attending, though helping, exhibiting, and presenting. I have to say that I have had a lot of fun, but they have been hard work at times. However recently I submitted and was accepted to a small event being held in Cardiff, called Battle of the Beards.

Great beards, presenting all day.

This is the first time that I have been invited to present at an event that is more than "just another IT conference" - rather about raising awareness and a little money for a very worthy cause. Battle of the beards is about helping in the fight against male suicide and supporting the CALM Website.

I will be debuting a new talk about "Thinking Securely" - taking a non-technical look at what we should have in our minds as we use an increasing amount of technology. I will be looking at simple options that will help protect the information we manage, every day, for both work and our personal lives. In addition to my talk, there are a wide range of talks from others looking at all sorts of other areas of technology, ranging from infrastructure to development.

In addition to the talks, there will be some break-out areas with games and the like, so if you just want to come along and have some fun and pick up one or two sessions over the day, that is also an option. Say yes to fun, and perhaps to powerpoint.

The event is taking place on March the 29th, at the Bierkeller in Cardiff. There is a cost, £15, but that is only to cover the event costs - anything left over will go to CALM. If you want to sign up, you can Register for Battle of the Beards.

John (@SQLDiplomat) is the Product Manager at SentryOne, looking after SQL Sentry and the core monitoring suite. John is also a Microsoft Data Platform MVP with more than a decade of experience with SQL Server and the Microsoft Data Platform. John is an experienced DBA, Developer, and former Microsoft Premier Field Engineer. Having worked with SQL Server for the last decade he has gained a broad understanding of how you can use, and misuse, SQL Server. With the latest PASS Board Election Results, John will be the EMEA representative effective January 1st, 2018.