SQL Relay Slides and Demo Code


Another post, another set of slides and demo scripts.

I have been out on the road for the last two weeks with SQL Relay 2015 here in the UK, travelling through Nottingham, Reading, London, Bristol, Cardiff, and Birmingham. Along the way I met a bunch of great speakers and had a lot of interesting conversations. But the biggest thanks has to go to all of the attendees who turned up and made all of the SQL Relay the events this year such a success. So, thanks :-)

I have uploaded all of my slides for the sessions that I did along with the code for the various demos, all of which can be found at the following links:

  • Microsoft Azure, My First IaaS - Deck | Code
  • SQL Server 2016 : New Features & Enhancements - Deck | Code
  • SQL Server 2016 Availability Groups : New Features & Enhancements - Deck

If you managed to make it to one of the events, thanks! If not, let's see what SQL Relay have in store for us next year.