Tech Outbound 2018 - I'm on a Boat!

John Martin

Published On: December 8, 2017

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Tech Outbound LogoI have been lucky enough over the years to deliver sessions in a number of interesting locations. In 2018 I will be adding the Norwegian Escape to that list as I present sessions for Tech Outbound. SentryOne had been a longtime sponsor of SQL Cruise and, now that SQL Cruise has evolved into Tech Outbound, we are continuing that long tradition. 

As such, I will be delivering training sessions, along with a whole host of others including Steph Locke, Argenis Fernandez, Grant Fritchey, and our very own Kevin Kline for this floating cornucopia of training.

One of the perks of being a sponsor of Tech Outbound is that we have the chance to give away a seat at the training course. You can find more details and how to enter for a chance to win by going to our Competition Page, all you need to do is agree to the T&Cs and register to get your name in the hat. We will draw the lucky winner in the New Year on January 5th, 2018.

What is Tech Outbound?

Tech Outbound aims to deliver a unique training experience (compared to your normal week of training where you spend a week in a room with a trainer). For a start, the location is constantly changing in that it is hosted aboard a cruise ship - in this case going around the Caribbean. This is going to be a new experience for me, as the furthest I have gone by sea previously is from the UK to France and back. The next major difference is that all of the trainers are in the sessions all of the time, even when we are not presenting. So you have access to all of the people, all of the time.

As part of the 2018 Caribbean cruise leaving Miami, FL on February 10, 2018, I will be delivering a session looking at Availability Groups with SQL Server on Linux, building on the "Linux 101: An Introduction" session that Argenis Fernandez is delivering. I will also be delivering a joint session with Kevin on Proactive Database Optimization for DBAs and Developers.

Normally, there is only one track covering Data Platform. However, this year the team at Tech Outbound have added another track that is aimed at delivering Developer content. This is something that I think we are going to see more and more of over the next year or so as Data Platform evolves and we see more DevOps focus in the way that we build, deploy, and manage systems.

This year the Caribbean cruise will have the following sessions in the Data and Development Tracks:

Tech Outbound, Caribbean 2018 Data Track Sessions
Session Presenter
Linux 101: An Introduction Argenis Fernandez
The Storage Landscape in 2018 Argenis Fernandez
Disaster Recovery and High Availability in Azure SQL Database Grant Fritchey
Introducing Azure SQL Managed Instances Grant Fritchey
Pitch Perfect: Presenting Ideas That Win Executive Support Kevin Kline
Availability Groups with SQL Server on Linux John Martin
Getting to Peak Performance: Proactive Database Optimization for DBAs and Developers Kevin Kline & John Martin
Using R to solve ETL Pain Points Steph Locke
Data Science Fundamentals – A Hands On No-Maths Approach Steph Locke
The Non-Coding Side of Doing Data Science Steph Locke
Tech Outbound, Caribbean 2018 Development Track Sessions
Session Presenter
C# 7 Joseph Guadagno & Chris Woodruff
Entity Framework Core 2.0 Joseph Guadagno & Chris Woodruff
ASP.NET Core MVC Joseph Guadagno & Chris Woodruff
ASP.NET Core Web API Joseph Guadagno & Chris Woodruff
Client-side Development with ASP.NET Core Joseph Guadagno & Chris Woodruff
Security and Identity Joseph Guadagno & Chris Woodruff
Testing Joseph Guadagno & Chris Woodruff
Debugging and Performance Joseph Guadagno & Chris Woodruff
Hosting and Deployment Joseph Guadagno & Chris Woodruff
Migrating from.NET Framework Joseph Guadagno & Chris Woodruff
Docker and Containers Joseph Guadagno & Chris Woodruff
ASP.NET Core and the Cloud Joseph Guadagno & Chris Woodruff

I think you will agree that there is a lot of fantastic content lined up for this training event.

Why Should I Attend?

So now you know what is on offer, why should you look to attend this training over another? The cost is only $1,595 (plus accommodations) which, when you think about it, is great value for the content on offer in great training environment.

Additionally, when we are not at sea training there are opportunities to get out on organized excursions when we are in port. A great reason to bring family with you and make it into a bit of a vacation, too! To spend some time in February cruising in the Caribbean -- from my perspective in the UK that sounds great given the weather is likely to be cold and wet at home at that time of year.

Finally, if you are interested in booking onto Tech Outbound Caribbean 2018 you can use the discount code below to save $100 on the cost of the class registration.

Discount Code : BFFJM

John (@SQLDiplomat) is the Product Manager at SentryOne, looking after SQL Sentry and the core monitoring suite. John is also a Microsoft Data Platform MVP with more than a decade of experience with SQL Server and the Microsoft Data Platform. John is an experienced DBA, Developer, and former Microsoft Premier Field Engineer. Having worked with SQL Server for the last decade he has gained a broad understanding of how you can use, and misuse, SQL Server. With the latest PASS Board Election Results, John will be the EMEA representative effective January 1st, 2018.