DBTA - For #SQLFamily, It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Kevin Kline

Published On: July 8, 2015

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As the days approach the holiday season, it's a time for cheer and goodwill towards men. That got me thinking about the whole “most wonderful time of the year” tune and how that has some special implications for the SQL Server world. Here’s a bit of context: I'm writing this article for you in the runup to the biggest gathering of SQL Server professions in any given year, the PASS Summit.

One of the most visible activities when attendees congregate for the very first time at the registration desk or the assembly hall for the first keynote address is the huge number of hugs, backslapping, fist bumps, high fives, and a variety of other happy and genuine reunions.

Without #SQLFamily we wouldn’t have #sqlhugs, #sqlrun, #sqlhelp, and more importantly #sqlpass. @tradney (Tim Radney on Twitter)

#SQLFamily is like zombies, it's all about hearts and brains. (Cindy Gross on Facebook)

And here’s a crazy detail about these reunions – these people are meeting for the very first time. But they have known each other and interacted with each other all year long. You see, there’s an interesting characteristic of the SQL Server community that is rarely replicated in other niches of the IT world.

It’s called SQLFamily, and it refers to the strong sense of belonging and community goodwill shared by many members in this community. It’s such a popular aspect of the community that it’s a heavily used Twitter hashtag in its own right.

Want to learn more about SQLFamily? Then read the rest of this article at HERE.


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