ICYMI - Read Committed Snapshot Isolation, How Automatic Updates to Statistics Can Affect Query Performance, #temp table

Kevin Kline

Published On: July 14, 2015

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A digest of great performance tuning articles originally appearing at SQLPerformance.com.

Read Committed Snapshot Isolation

Paul White ( b | t ) has been doing a phenomenal series on SQL Server behavior under each of the major isolation levels. This particular post details the inner workings of READ COMMITTED SNAPSHOT, but there are more articles on this specific isolation level as well. I recommend Paul’s content generally, but this is an especially good series of articles, if you’re not up to speed on isolation levels and how they can alter SQL Server’s default performance.

How Automatic Updates to Statistics Can Affect Query Performance
Erin Stellato ( b | t ) of SQLskills hits on one of my favorite advanced topics in this detailed post about auto-updating statistics. Many DBAs, in my experience, simply ignore statistics in general and the auto-updating behaviors of SQL Server in particular. There are definitely situations where you should not leave updating statistics to a mindless automated process. (I’m a big advocate of updating statistics outside of business hours, btw). Find out more in this excellent post.

Dude, who owns that #temp table?
The more recent the version of SQL Server, the more situations in which it uses temp tables behind the scenes. With that in mind, have you ever wanted to know who is responsible for temp table creation (and when)? Aaron Bertrand ( b | t ) shows you how in this Extended Events walk-through.

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