Pineapples and Sea Turtles: #SQLVacation in Charleston

Kevin Kline

Published On: July 3, 2017

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A popular tourist destination, Charleston is the oldest and largest city in South Carolina. It has many attractions, and a complex history. Charleston had an impact on the early Jazz scene, due to the influence of the large Gullah (a creole language that developed in on the Sea Islands and in the Low Country) community.

Charleston also is home to the first American museum, founded in 1773, with the mission to preserve and interpret the cultural and natural history of Charleston and South Carolina Low Country.

A quirky attraction is the pineapple fountain in Waterfront park. Pineapples are a symbol of hospitality in Charleston, and as they were deemed “the most polite and hospitable city in America” by Southern Magazine, I’m sure the fountain was built with pride. If you want to have a unique experience then I definitely suggest Charleston’s number one attraction—the South Carolina Aquarium. There are over 5,000 different kinds of animals, and even a sea turtle hospital where tourists can interact and learn. 

McKnight of the SQL Table

When did you begin your professional career? 

2018 will be my 12th year as a DBA - Started as an accidental but am dedicated to ETL and integration work now.

What’s a normal week at work like for you? 

I work from home - my normal weeks consist of converting data into our databases and releasing them to production after a QA/QC process for multiple banking institutions.  In any spare time, I develop integration packages to update subscriber data.

What was your first IT or computer project that added value? (For example, something that was not a part of school assignment or a learning project) 

At my last employer, my second or third year as the company DBA, I developed and automated all reporting for the company for many different departments

What sort of career do you think you’d pursue today if you hadn’t chose IT? 

Prior to joining the IT industry - I was a process Engineer for the R&D department at my prior employer - I would most likely pursue engineering or a chemistry-related position.

When did you come to the area? 

I have been in Charleston since 1998 

What caused you to decide to help as a volunteer leader? 

Early on as a DBA I needed direction and found the Charleston PASS group to be emaciated - I took it upon myself to start the group back up and bring in speakers for not only my own benefit but for the benefit of the industry in Charleston in general.  

What is the IT community like in your town? 

Working from home I don't get near the exposure that I did when I was in an office setting - however I still keep up with many people that are in the industry and make sure to help when asked / needed.

What do you enjoy doing in the area? 

Beach - Golf - Food - Bars - Water Park at Wanamaker -and also, there are many festivals and gatherings for different things.

What do you recommend visitors to your town do on their own?  

If you have the time I would suggest maybe catching one of the beaches within 20 minutes of Charleston - Check out the shops downtown on the market - take a carriage tour of the historical district - play some golf on one of the premier courses down here - and wrap the vacation with a harbor cruise!

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