Slides and Scripts: Baltimore SQL Server User Group had the good fortune to present at the Baltimore SQL Server user group last week on the topic of Ten Query Tuning Techniques Every SQL Programmer Should Know at the invitation of Jeremy Kadlec of 

G&M Restaurant

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I'd never been to Baltimore before, which gave me the perfect opportunity to enjoy their famous crab cakes at G&M Restaurant, who purported to have Maryland's best crab cakes. Wow! It was so big and toasty brown that I wasn't sure if I was getting a meat loaf or a crab cake when it first arrived. Delicious!

The audience and I had a great time going over the content in the presentation. It's normally only an hour in duration, but we had so many things to discuss in greater detail that we ended up spending around two hours diving deep into the details. I love it when an audience is engaged and curious like that!

I Know What You Want - Slides and T-SQL Demo Scripts

Get the slides and Transact-SQL demo scripts at this link - Top 10 Things SQL Devs Should Know.

Want to learn even more SQL Server query tuning best practices? Check out the series of webinars that Aaron Bertrand (b | t) and I did a couple years ago. It's every bit as relevant today as when we first recorded them. Videos at



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