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Kevin Kline

Published On: June 6, 2017

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I Love Music City!

I'm a proud, if informal ambassador for my hometown of Nashville, Tennessee, also known as "Music City." I had the good fortune to present at the Music City Code conference on two topics. First, on Friday 02-June, I was invited to join a panel discussion on How to Become a Microsoft MVP presented by Lisa Anderson, who also happens to be my Microsoft MVP coordinator. Lisa did a great job presenting the requirements, aspirations, and benefits of being an MVP to the audience of about two dozen attendees.

SQL Server Internals and Architecture

Music City CodeMy second session of the conference is a perennial favorite, SQL Server Internals and Architecture. This session is for people who use SQL Server, say a developer, who writes a lot of SELECT statements. But they don't really know what happens after they execute their SQL statement, save that SQL Server eventually returns some data to them. This session explains all of that in a fast-paced, storytelling style.

Get the slides at this link: SQL Server Internals & Architecture.

And although the video is a bit old, there's a recording available on YouTube at

Kevin Kline on YouTube

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