Staying Alive at SQLBits 2017

Kevin Kline

Published On: March 24, 2017

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SQLBits: The Biggest UK-Euro SQL Server Conference

My favorite thing about spring is SQLBits 2017, the largest SQL Server conference in that part of the world. This year, SQLBits kicks off on April 5th, and SentryOne is pulling out the stops with a large number of sessions and training. We have sessions by Aaron Bertrand, John Martin, Richard Douglas, Scott Fallen, Steve Wright, Melissa Coates, and Allen White. John Martin's recent blog post has a really good summary of where you can find all of our sessions at the conference.

In addition, SQLBits offers two "training days" featuring full-day workshops for a small, added cost. We're well represented here as well. Aaron is presenting the pre-conference workshop Become a Better SQL Server Developer on Wednesday, while John Martin is presenting his >Data Platform Essentials Toolkit workshop on Friday. And if you're a SentryOne customer, you should invest a day learning the ins-and-outs of the amazing features of the SentryOne platform in the Wednesday workshop entitled SentryOne Performance Bootcamp 2017.

The education content is top quality at SQLBits and always has been.  Just take a look at the heavy hitters Microsoft is bringing to the conference. Another thing that's really enjoyable about SQLBits is the time and energy they invest in recording sessions for future use. Just take a look at my speaker profile or Aaron Bertrand's speaker profile for examples of some of the sessions records available to you.

The theme party is a major highlight of each SQLBits with previous themes ranging from "James Bond" to "Steampunk" to "Medieval" and even "Science Fiction". This year, it's disco!

What is Kevin's Session?

I have two sessions this year. My first talk, on the morning of Saturday, April 8th, is called Optimizer Secrets: Debugging using 860x Trace FlagsIt's the first 500-level session I've done in quite a few years and, after presenting it at a couple of SQL Saturdays and receiving positive feedback, I have decided to take it to a wider audience. The session focuses on ways SQL Server can help you dig even deeper than execution plans, exploring the options the query optimizer considers and discards to choose the eventual winning plan choice.

In the afternoon, I'll present a professional development Q&A session between the last official session of the day and the event party. I'm still working with the event organizers, but look for news on that event soon.

Of course, whenever I'm not in a session, I'll be at our booth, hanging out with the amazing team from SentryOne and great SQL Server users like you. So please come by to say hello, enter to win an Amazon Echo, and chat about SQL Server!


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