My stint on the PASS Nominations Committee - Part 2 Interviews

Lori Edwards

Published On: September 3, 2015

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Earlier I wrote a blog post about the PASS Nominations Committee. I wrote about what the Nominations Committee does and what PASS looks for in candidates and the basic process that we follow. It all sounds fairly straightforward and it is, from a process perspective. But then you add people and it becomes less straightforward.

InterviewingWe received four applications this year - two from existing board members and two from hopeful board members. While it would have been nice to have more people apply, since everything checked out on the applications, they all moved on to the interview stage.

Interviewing has been interesting. I've been involved in lots of interviews for open positions. You ask questions, get a feel for the applicants' strengths and weaknesses, their knowledge, and try to get a feeling of whether they would be a good fit for the team. These interviews have a much different goal. It doesn't matter whether we like them or don't or agree with their vision or not. Our purpose is to read their applications and ask questions during the interview to ensure that we have enough information to effectively score them across the categories I mentioned in my previous post. Anyone who knows me at all, knows that I have fairly strong opinions, especially when it comes to PASS, but those opinions don't belong in these interviews. Our objective in these interviews is to ensure that they are viable candidates for the final slate of applicants.

Now that the interviews are complete, we'll be passing the slate along with the aggregated interview scores to the current board for approval. Once the slate is approved, then it's time for you all to start your own interviews. Get involved - ask questions in the forums. There will also be town halls and twitter conversations. We've ensured that they're qualified. It's up to you to determine who should lead.

Lori (@loriedwards) has been with SentryOne since 2013, and has recently transitioned from her role as Senior Solutions Engineer to Training Manager. She is responsible for all learning strategy and architecture, including building, executing, measuring, and evaluating training for SentryOne. Lori is also currently serving as a Director at Large for PASS. Lori shares tips and tidbits for DBAs picked up over years of working as a DBA, as well as stories about her job here. Whether you are a new DBA who wants to learn or someone interested in learning about what it is like to work for SentryOne, be sure to check out Lori’s blog.


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