T-SQL Tuesday #61 – Giving Back

Lori Edwards

Published On: December 9, 2014

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T-SQL Tuesday #61

This month's T-SQL Tuesday's topic - Giving Back to the SQL Server Community - seemed like a good topic for my first T-SQL Tuesday post. This month's party is hosted by Wayne Sheffield (b/t) and the topic is how we're planning to give back to the community in the coming year.

While I've been involved in the SQL Server community in other capacities in the past, I've slowly been moving towards giving back in a different area. Last year, I spoke for the first time at SQL Saturday #271 in Albuquerque. Meredith Ryan (b/t) is one of the first people that I met during my first trip to the PASS Summit in 2009. I'd been thinking about speaking for a while and that SQL Saturday seemed like a good start. While it was nerve racking, it was also enjoyable, and I presented at two more SQL Saturdays last year.

While I'm definitely still working on my speaking style, I think that my background in teaching will help me to be a good presenter. My goal is to provide sessions that help those people that are starting off in their careers as SQL Server DBAs. I still remember the learning curve that I went through, and I hope to help others that are starting out. I've submitted to three SQL Saturdays so far and there are two more that I'm waiting on. I've had a lot of people provide a lot of great feedback and I'm thankful to everyone who has filled out an evaluation form. I look forward to getting better and helping people learn.

I'm especially fortunate to work with a few people that have been speaking for a while - Aaron Bertrand (b/t), Kevin Kline (b/t), and Jason Hall (b/t). I've learned a lot from them and so many other speakers in the community. Hopefully I'll see some of you at an upcoming SQL Saturday. If you're there, please come by and say hello!

Lori (@loriedwards) has been with SentryOne since 2013, and has recently transitioned from her role as Senior Solutions Engineer to Training Manager. She is responsible for all learning strategy and architecture, including building, executing, measuring, and evaluating training for SentryOne. Lori is also currently serving as a Director at Large for PASS. Lori shares tips and tidbits for DBAs picked up over years of working as a DBA, as well as stories about her job here. Whether you are a new DBA who wants to learn or someone interested in learning about what it is like to work for SentryOne, be sure to check out Lori’s blog.


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