New Custom Conditions Pack (July 2016)

SQL Sentry has a new Custom Conditions Pack available for download today. There are a variety of conditions to assist you with monitoring your servers and staying ahead of potential problems through this intelligent alerting feature. While there are a broad range of topics covered, many conditions in this pack focus on files (data, logs, and tempdb) and CPU schedulers.

The New Conditions:



Customize the Conditions

These conditions are called 'custom', therefore, you are encouraged to customize them to best meet your needs in the case that the default settings do not. First, simply right-click on any existing condition and choose the 'Clone' option from the context menu. Once you've selected a name for your new condition, change the pieces as desired and save it. Now you have a custom condition that is truly custom for your system.

Custom Condition Pack - How to Clone and CustomizeCloning a Custom Condition

Don't Forget the Alerts

Next, assign alerts to the conditions you wish to use. Another key point about custom conditions and alerting is that you have the ability to enable/disable/snooze any conditions that you download. In fact, there is a detailed post on SQL Sentry Intelligent Alerting for more information on how to use the alerting feature.

Downloading the Custom Conditions Pack

First of all, if you did not receive an alert about the latest Custom Conditions Pack, you may have the automatic check turned off in your user preferences (the automatic check occurs once daily). As can be seen in the image below, you can change this setting via Tools --> User Preferences --> Updates:

User Preferences for Custom Conditions pack UpdatesUser Preferences for Updates

Additionally, you can manually download the pack by selecting Tools --> Download Latest Custom Conditions Pack:

Download Latest Custom Conditions PackOption to Download Latest Custom Conditions Pack

Finally, once the Custom Conditions have been downloaded, don't forget to apply the desired actions to them.

What's Next?

As shown above, we are actively creating conditions that we believe will assist you in monitoring and auditing your servers. Are there custom conditions that you would like to see in a future pack? If there's something you have in mind, please leave a comment on what you would find useful. Want to build your own conditions? Check out this post for some guidance on the logic behind Custom Conditions.

Melissa is the Product Education Manager at SentryOne. Melissa has over a decade of experience with SQL Server through software performance and scalability testing, analysis and research projects, application development, and technical support.