#SentryOneServes : Giving Back

Melissa Connors

Published On: July 25, 2017

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At the start of Kevin Kline's 2017 SQL Summer Vacation, we introduced the #SentryOneServes hashtag. I wanted to take a few minutes to explain the significance of #SentryOneServes and provide a few more examples. Especially because we haven't been good about actually using the hashtag. ;-)

You already know many SentryOne team members who are passionately giving back to the SQL Community. We have 8 MVPs and frequent speakers at SQL Saturdays and User Groups. Lori Edwards (b|t) is a PASSion Award Recipient, Kevin Kline (b|t) is a Lifetime Achievement PASSion Award Recipient, and even I'm a PASS Outstanding Volunteer.

#SentryOneServes is a way of sharing how we give back to our local communities, not only the SQL Community. It'll also help you get to know the fantastic members of our team who do so much great work behind the scenes at SentryOne.


SentryOne Events Team

At SentryOne, we have a committee known as the Events Team. Since I am a fan of The Office, I naturally think of it as the Party Planning Committee. And sure, we plan the company holiday party, summer picnic (2017 was a company trip to Carowinds where John Martin wore this fancy hat), etc., but it's so much more than that.

Part of that team focuses on helping Nonprofit Organizations. While everyone contributes with planning on the team, Beth Kelleher (Customer Success), Sara Schwab (Finance), Keith Davis (Engineering), and I lead the NPO area of the Events Team this year.


School Supplies

SQL Summer Vacation

Kevin's school supply drive at 2017 SQL Summer Vacation has been a success. We're thankful to Kevin for helping out with this. We're filled with gratitude for the attendees who contributed generously to the drive. These supplies are going to help a lot of students get off to a great start in the upcoming school year. You may have seen a story in the news recently about a teacher in Tulsa, Oklahoma panhandling for school supplies. She was hoping to bring awareness to this issue and help her classroom. You can be sure that teachers, students, and parents will be incredibly thankful for your support.

User Group Participation

We're so pleased to see that our idea is inspiring others in the SQL Community to take action. That's one of the reasons we want to include user groups in our donations and share our endeavors with others. I've spoken to many SQL Saturday organizers, group leaders, and speakers who wished they could do something like this to support a local charity in conjunction with their events. It's safe to say that you can, and your attendees will enjoy having the opportunity to make a difference.

Classroom Central

Our Events Team is organizing an internal drive for school supplies to support Classroom Central. This organization serves high-poverty schools in the greater Charlotte area. We are raising the stakes with a little friendly competition among teams. ;-) All in good fun though, of course.


Company Donations

SentryOne has always been a generous supporter of various groups in the Charlotte area. As we continue to grow as a company, we wanted to expand on that and support more causes that are important to us. We asked everyone in the company to vote on the top charities that we wanted to add to our existing list this year. One of those selected was the Humane Society of Charlotte. Since I often talk about Trekker (my rescue German shepherd) you know that I was particularly excited about this choice. Clearly, I'm working with a team of great people who share my passion for helping animals. :-)

HSD2017-1Greg Gonzalez Presenting a Check to the Humane Society of Charlotte

SentryOne is helping remote employees make a difference in our local communities through additional donations. I'm eager to see all the organizations that we assist this year.


Volunteer Days

Office Volunteer Event

In early July, a group of volunteers dedicated time to serving local children and their families at the Celebrate America party by Caterpillar Ministries. This organization in the suburbs of Charlotte helps people in need through food pantries, transportation, job training, tutoring, etc. The SentryOne team served food to the attendees and assisted as needed at the event. I hear some even volunteered to participate in a pie-eating contest! There's no task too demanding for our volunteers! ;-)

SentryOneServesJosh Kinney (Sales), Chris Everhart (Engineering), and Michael Brewer (Engineering) working the food service line

Group of VolunteersGroup of Volunteers (back) Asante Cureton (Customer Success), Nick Harshbarger (Business Development), Beth Kelleher (Customer Success), Adam Dunne (Sales), Keith Davis (Engineering), Jim Benton (Engineering), (front) Sheri Villers (Engineering), Justina Santos (Sales)

Remote Volunteering

I chose my local library as an organization to support. Books have a special place in my heart, and libraries are magical places to me. My library is in need of regular volunteers to maintain the property gardens. I spent a morning weeding the grounds and plan to help again soon. Sure, I'm getting my hands dirty (err... gloves) to assist, but it is also a bit self-serving. The previous owners of my house planted some beautiful flower beds and I have no idea what I am doing with them! By volunteering to weed a garden, I can learn about maintaining one while helping. It's kind of like conference speakers and bloggers learning more about topics while helping others. If you're trying to gain more experience in any area of life, look into what volunteer opportunities may exist for it!


What's Next?

We're busy planning more volunteer events here as well as donations and drives. We hope we can include you in our next drive at an event soon! We'd love for you to share any of your charity-related efforts with us on social media. I'm not sure about the original source for this quote, but it sums up how I feel about the topic, "Kindness is contagious, but worth spreading."

Melissa is the Product Education Manager at SentryOne. Melissa has over a decade of experience with SQL Server through software performance and scalability testing, analysis and research projects, application development, and technical support.