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You work hard to help your customers store, manage, and analyze their data. However, without proper data validation, all that work could go to waste. Outdated, corrupted, incomplete, inconsistent, or inaccessible data presents a real threat to most organizations’ business analysis efforts. According to IBM, bad data costs US businesses more than $3 trillion per year. Gartner points out that poor data quality can pose a threat to customer loyalty and competitive power.

If you are helping your customers manage their data estate, you could be the one taking the brunt of their frustration when their data doesn’t provide the value they expect.

Data testing and validation are vital to ensuring the accuracy of the data that your customers are using to make business decisions, yet many businesses balk at the amount of time and effort required to complete these tasks. Now you can offer a better solution: secure, automated testing and validation services with SentryOne Test at the core.

Data Validation Made Easy

SentryOne Test, now in public preview, is a cloud-based, automated test framework that builds on the unit testing frameworks MSTest and NUnit. Your customers can use SentryOne Test to validate data across its entire lifecycle, schedule test runs, and view metrics related to both successful tests and failures. The tool integrates easily into both the build and automation processes to verify data from any source with a driver or API, including Oracle, SQL Server, and delimited files in Azure, AWS, and on-premises networks.

SentryOne Test Diagram
Secure, Automated Data Validation from Development Through Production

SentryOne Test comprises a web portal, remote agent, and Visual Studio extension. Together, these components deliver the flexibility to meet a wide variety of data validation needs.

ETL Processes

Ensuring data quality in ETL processes typically involves building mechanisms into the ETL flow to parse, validate, and route data as appropriate. However, as business requirements change, the resulting maintenance overhead can strain your customers’ resources. SentryOne Test enables a more agile approach, allowing organizations to implement changes without reworking ETL routines.

Master Data Management, PII, and GDPR

Master Data Management (MDM) is a vital part of any healthy data environment—especially for organizations that must meet requirements around the maintenance or management of personally identifiable information (PII). Healthcare organizations, in particular, must protect patients’ PII while also ensuring its accuracy and availability. Securely distributing the golden record—the “single version of the truth” that your customers put so much effort into establishing—is simplified with SentryOne Test.

The solution also helps streamline data validation efforts in meeting the demands of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and any similar regulations. GDPR’s right to rectification requires companies to identify and correct inaccuracies in data. With only 30 calendar days to make such corrections, organizations can avoid stress (and potential fines) by making sure that data is accurate.

In Development and DevOps

When building applications that create and store data, your customers must ensure the accuracy of that data; and when it comes to DevOps, automation is crucial. Because SentryOne Test is built on the MSTest and NUnit frameworks, that validation can easily be included in their build pipelines. Customers can validate both reference and output data during development, speeding the application’s time to market and minimizing costly data errors.

In Production

In production environments, organizations can use SentryOne Test to write tests and then publish them to the server, enabling early identification of any validation issues. Using the tool’s web portal, data owners can see the data that caused tests to fail, making it easier to fix source-system data and catch corrupted data streams before they pollute too much.

Cloud Migration

As your customers migrate their database workloads to the cloud, SentryOne Test gives them complete confidence in the integrity of their data, both before and after migration. By validating data before migration, organizations can prevent unnecessary changes after migration by ensuring a clean, accurate data set. Afterward, they can more easily confirm the success of the migration by once again validating data.

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Ready to learn more about how SentryOne Test can help your customers optimize their data testing and validation processes? Get all the details about SentryOne Test and the special preview pricing of $49 per month for one year (when purchased before April 9th) here. Sign up today!

Nick (@nicharsh) is the Senior Vice President of Cloud Alliances for SentryOne and is responsible for leading the SentryOne relationships with Microsoft, Amazon Web Services, and other cloud providers. Prior to joining SentryOne, Nick was Vice President of National & Strategic Accounts for Dictaphone - Healthcare Division. Previous experience includes sales management positions with Computer Associates, NEC Computer USA, Tegra Varityper, and Heath/Zenith Computer Systems. Nick holds a BA degree in Economics from University of Dayton in Dayton, OH.


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