Helping Your Customers Build, Test, Document, and Monitor SQL Server Apps

In April, SentryOne acquired Pragmatic Works Software (PWS)—just the software division, not the consulting or training business. Now, three months after the acquisition, we can really dig into what it means for members of the SentryOne Global Partner Network. This addition to the SentryOne product suite allows us to essentially “shift left,” in the words of SentryOne founder Greg Gonzalez, to offer a complete set of data performance management solutions that help your customers realize better data performance throughout the data lifecycle.

Complete Data Performance Management Solutions

Every business at some point faces challenges with slow-moving data, and the root cause can be hard to find and fix. The problem could lie with poorly written database queries, resource constraints in the virtual environment, or application components that aren’t optimized for speed.

With the acquisition of PWS, the SentryOne product suite now improves the performance of data-centric apps from development through production. We help companies build, test, document, and monitor apps across the entire Microsoft Data Platform. As a partner, you now have an expanded suite of solutions—covering a broader set of use cases—to offer your customers. And that’s a win for your business.

Here are some ways you can start the conversation with your customers:

  • Do you wish you could speed up development of data-centric apps at your company? SentryOne Task Factory helps companies deploy highly tuned SSIS components that connect to multiple database sources so that your dev teams can cut wasted development time and produce better-performing production databases.
  • Are you worried about complying with the increasing data regulation requirements? SentryOne DOC xPress helps companies tracking data lineage so that everyone in the organization can understand the path your data has traveled, who has touched it, and when it was revised.
  • Do you want to speed the app testing process in your company? SentryOne provides an automated testing framework with LegiTest that helps you validate data, ensuring your data-centric apps are providing accurate information.
  • Are you frustrated by slowdowns in production apps? The SentryOne monitoring platform has long been the most capable, scalable solution for monitoring production environments. Only SentryOne is proven to scale to hundreds of servers, and we have unrivaled customer success proof points (check out our independent reviews on TrustRadius).

Here’s a quick reference chart that shows the products SentryOne offers and how they help companies in each phase of the data app lifecycle. SentryOne is now a true end-to-end solution that will enhance your role with your customers as a trusted advisor in ensuring fast delivery of business-critical data.

For more information about these new SentryOne tools and how they will benefit your company, contact our Partner team.

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Nick (@nicharsh) is the Senior Vice President of Strategic Alliances and Channels for SentryOne and is responsible for leading the SentryOne Global Partner Network. Prior to joining SentryOne, Nick was Vice President of National & Strategic Accounts for Dictaphone - Healthcare Division. Previous experience includes sales management positions with Computer Associates, NEC Computer USA, Tegra Varityper, and Heath/Zenith Computer Systems. Nick holds a BA degree in Economics from University of Dayton in Dayton, OH.