No Budget or Authority to Purchase Tools? Perfect Time to Evaluate!

Steven Wright

Published On: September 10, 2020

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The COVID-19 pandemic and associated shut down of various sectors of the economy have left a lot of data professionals in a state in which they are asked to do more with less and told all new expenditures are on hold—and they are not sure for how long.

That said, as I write this blog post, I am already seeing signs of potential economic rebound. Markets are heading back up, joblessness is coming back down, and I am personally engaging with a lot of prospective customers.

But we are not out of the woods yet, and no industry or company is experiencing recovery at the same rate. It will take some time before we are all in a position to get all the help we need to be more efficient and effective as data professionals.

Or Will It?

Any of us who have gone through the process of investigating third-party solutions, educating ourselves on each product’s feature set, evaluating a short list of finalists, and pushing for approval knows it’s almost never a journey that can be completed in days, or even weeks.

When you factor in the initial time spent investigating which tools might meet your needs, or even if you know there is a specific tool that does what you need, it can be months before you get to the point of purchase.

Once budgets loosen back up, we all want to be able to execute as soon as we are able. As they say, the early bird gets the worm. You don’t want to risk budgets changing or being reallocated before you can get final approval for the tool(s) you need to make life easier.

At SentryOne, our background is as DBAs and developers. We originally developed tools to meet our own needs many years ago when we were a development company with a sizable SQL Server hosting division. As such, we are intimately familiar with the data professional's struggle to get proper visibility into performance across the data estate and reliable automation and notification of events in that environment.

So, No Budget or Purchase Authority? No Problem!

We offer free evaluation licenses of all our products. Take the opportunity now to try out our database performance monitoring and DataOps solutions and learn how you can get real value from them today.

The following are some of the benefits of free software evaluations:

  • Get immediate relief from current issues that are draining your resources
  • Educate yourself and your team on what is available on the market now
  • Shorten your time to execute and deploy a solution once you get the go-ahead

And the SentryOne team understands your time to purchase might go beyond the standard expiration date of a free license. So long as you’re working with us to learn about and experience all the benefits of what we can provide, we’ll work to ensure you get the time you need to see the full value of the solution.

Learn How You Can Shift from Reactive to Proactive

In the meantime, you can save yourself hours of troubleshooting time, coding time, or documentation time. You can work to get out of a reactive, fire-fighting state today and start to feel relief from that push to do more with less. And hopefully, when you do get that green light, you will consider adding SentryOne to your short list of options.

Download a free evaluation of SentryOne solutions here.

Steve (@SQL_Steve) is a fourteen-year veteran of SentryOne, and has held roles in Solutions Engineering, Quality Assurance, Product Management, and Advanced Analytics prior to assuming his current role. He has almost twenty years' experience working with SQL Server, and holds numerous professional certifications including the Microsoft Professional Program, Data Science Certification. His current responsibilities are focused on ensuring everyone throughout the SentryOne family is educated on our customers, their needs, and the solutions we provide that allow us to improve the lives of Microsoft Data Professionals and their customers everywhere.