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Steve Wright discusses why now is a good time to try out SentryOne solutions, even if you aren't able to currently purchase third-party tools.
September 10, 2020 | Steven Wright | SentryOne 0
Eric Smith walks through the different types and sizes of Azure VMs to help you weigh the options when considering where to place your workload.
September 9, 2020 | Eric Smith | Azure, Virtualization 2
Ethan Shifrin provides a look at what it was like to be an intern on the CloudOps and Site Reliability Engineering team at SentryOne in 2020.
Explore 5 common challenges to implementing DataOps in your organization and how to address them.
September 1, 2020 | John Welch | DataOps, Process Improvement 0
With the release of our new SQL Sentry Premium edition, SentryOne is shifting to subscription licensing as the default business model for our products.
Melissa Connors explains how to use the new auditing Advisory Conditions for stored procedures, tables, and triggers with their corresponding Execute SQL action samples available on GitHub.
Managers, want a fast and free way to improve employee engagement? Jason Hall shares one practice you can implement that can yield great results.
August 21, 2020 | Jason Hall | Professional Development 0
Read Greg Gonzalez's blog post to learn how new SentryOne features provide increased visibility into tempdb usage.
Paul Margiotis discusses the details of the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) ruling that invalidates the EU-US Privacy Shield Framework, as well as next steps for companies and privacy professionals.
August 18, 2020 | Paul Margiotis | Security, Compliance 0
Jason Hall provides an overview of SentryOne Premier Support and shares details that will help you decide if you need this premium service tier.
August 12, 2020 | Jason Hall | SentryOne, Support 0
Find out which events Andy Yun is participating in this month.
August 11, 2020 | Andy Yun | Events 0
Noah Knox shares his perspective on how a company can foster an environment in which team members can easily build relationships, even remotely.
August 11, 2020 | Noah Knox | Community, SentryOne 0
Melissa Connors provides an overview of the SentryOne product enhancements, samples, and configurations, including Advisory Conditions, currently available in the SentryOne repositories on GitHub.
August 5, 2020 | Melissa Connors | Advisory Conditions 2
Adrian Hills provides an overview of 3 considerations you should have in mind when implementing a multi-tenant system.
Richard Douglas describes the challenges that companies can face if they don't have a data professional managing their SQL Server environment.

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