SentryOne Monitor: Our Database Monitoring Powerhouse Expands to the Cloud

Beth Linker

Published On: July 30, 2019

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Making data professionals' lives better and easier has been our mission at SentryOne from the start. We’re happy that our database monitoring solutions—particularly SQL Sentry, our flagship product—get top marks from users and are getting adopted by more and more companies with high demands for database performance.

But we're not stopping there. A great Windows application isn't enough in 2019. Customers are pushing us to deliver our industry-leading SQL Server monitoring capabilities in a cloud solution that's easier to deploy and use from any device.

As the new director of product management here at SentryOne, I’m focused on developing our cloud product line in close collaboration with Jason Hall and the rest of the SentryOne team. I'm proud to be here for the launch of SentryOne Monitor—a powerful, cloud-based database monitoring solution that builds on the mighty foundation of SQL Sentry. Now in preview, SentryOne Monitor is a significant milestone in our quest to provide the most scalable, capable monitoring available for the Microsoft Data Platform.

Why Cloud-Based Database Monitoring?

Having spent most of my career working on cloud solutions, I can attest that moving to the cloud gives you—the data professional—some distinct advantages over deploying an on-premises solution:

  1. Easier to get up and running—Less to install and configure means you can get up and running faster.
  2. Less to manage—When the monitoring database runs in the cloud and is managed by SentryOne, you don't need to worry about it.
  3. Access from anywhere—With our Universal Client, the only thing that needs to be installed on your local workstation is a browser. No need for a special app to view query plans or performance data. 
  4. Frequent, easy updates—With a cloud delivery model, we can release updates more often and you don't need to do any planning or coordination to install updates.
  5. Easy to use—We've invested in making the Universal Client easy and intuitive. New features like the custom dashboards in this release make it easy to see exactly what you need to know. As we add more new features like this, cloud users will be the first to get them.

With the preview release, you can monitor up to 10 SQL Server database instances running on your local network or on virtual machines in AWS or Azure. You can also monitor databases on Azure SQL Database Managed Instance. 

SentryOne Monitor features our new web-based Universal Client with everything you need to get started - events, customizable performance dashboards, and Top SQL query insights.  




SentryOne Monitor Performance Analysis Dashboard shows key SQL Server and Windows OS metrics


We'll be rolling out additional features and capabilities over the next few months as part of the preview period.

Getting Started With SentryOne Monitor

To see SentryOne Monitor in action, you can check out our SentryOne Monitor preview page, watch our highlights video, or experience it for yourself with a 30-day free trial. Right now, we're offering special discount pricing for preview customers only: 40% off the regular annual rate. For more info on how to take advantage of this offer, visit the preview page.

We're excited to bring you this new database monitoring experience with the most flexible, scalable, and capable database monitoring available—in a service that’s easily accessible, easy to use, and easy to manage. We hope you take it for a spin and we'd love to hear what you think. 

As Director of Product Management, Beth Linker oversees the SentryOne cloud product lines. Beth has led product teams responsible for bringing SaaS offerings to market at leading technology companies including Dell and Acquia.