Share Your Expertise in the SentryOne Support Community and Earn Swag


Published On: June 26, 2018

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We are very excited about the launch of our new Support Community — a place where SentryOne users can interact with each other, reference knowledge articles, suggest feature requests, submit and review support cases, and more!

Helping other users navigate the SentryOne platform will earn you badges. The Support Community site features a leaderboard that showcases the community’s top contributors. Demonstrating your SentryOne expertise by answering questions is a surefire way to climb to the top of the leaderboard and will be rewarded with some cool SentryOne swag! You can find more information on how our reputation system works and which prizes you can win below.

Members are automatically enrolled in our badge system. All you need to do is start contributing! Visiting our Support Community for the first time? Become a member here.

How the badge system works

Badges, which are earned by accumulating points, track member engagement. Points toward badges can be earned the following ways:

  • Asking and answering questions at
  • Receiving upvotes on your posts
  • Declaring other answers as “best”
  • Others declaring your answer as “best”
  • Endorsing or being endorsed for knowledge topics

Our badge system consists of eight levels. You will find that badges are easy to earn in the beginning, but reaching those badges higher on the totem pole will be a bit more challenging.

Member -- Earn this badge by registering. Welcome aboard!

Contributor -- Rewarded for your first point-worthy contributions.

Bronze -- Your dedication to helping others moves you into the star class!

Silver -- Keep working hard to earn the intermediate star.

Gold -- Reflects your advanced knowledge of SentryOne products.

All-Star -- Collect all stars to earn this badge.

Scholar -- Scholars could probably teach one or more of our topics.

Master -- The most prestigious badge awarded from the SentryOne Support Team.

Viewing user influence level

There are a few places in which you can view user badges.

Badge Leaderboard The support community badges leaderboard

My Profile Within user profiles

Badge Status on User Card On user cards

Keep an eye out for users who have earned our rarer badges, as they have proven they know a thing or two about our products!

Increase your rank to All-Star and above to earn cool swag!

  • SentryOne hat
  • Cozy SentryOne pullover
  • Commemorative SentryOne baseball
  • Letter of thanks signed by our executives


  • SentryOne notebooks and pens
  • SentryOne polo shirt – popular in our team!
  • SentryOne backpack, perfect for office / campus


  • SentryOne-branded headphones
  • 11,000 mAh Mega Power Bank
  • A ticket to PASS Summit


If you haven’t already, please visit our new Support Community, register, and start sharing your SentryOne expertise!

Disclaimer: SentryOne reserves the right to amend prize selection as necessary. Actual prizes may differ from the prizes listed above and are subject to availability. Participant will receive item of equal value as determined by SentryOne.