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Suril Jasani

Published On: November 30, 2018

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The SentryOne Support Community provides you with all the resources you need to learn about and get assistance with the SentryOne suite of products. Knowledge base articles, product feedback, and case history and management are just some of the features enjoyed by Community members. Central to the Community is the discussion forum, where SentryOne users and the SentryOne team can share SentryOne product knowledge. We’ve compiled the following recommendations to help you get the most out of your SentryOne Support Community experience.

Posting a Question to the Community vs. Creating a Case

As you might have noticed in our Case Received confirmation emails, all case submissions must be submitted through the Community (via the Contact Support button) starting December 1, 2018. Don't worry; you'll still be able to communicate with the SentryOne Support team via email after you have submitted a case.

The following are a few reasons for this change—and they all involve better serving you!

  • Expedited case handling/triage—Because there are multiple SentryOne product groups, there are multiple SMEs on the team for said groups. Letting us know which product(s) you need assistance with ensures we can quickly route your case to the appropriate team members.
  • Easy case management—All your case submissions will be saved under your user profile (you can create a SentryOne Support Community account here), making it easy for you to track your case submissions, as well as any attachments you might have uploaded (e.g., files, screenshots), so you can review your interactions with the SentryOne Support team at any time.
  • Access to solutions—We regularly upload helpful content to the Community, so before you submit a case, be sure to explore the resources available (e.g., knowledge base articles, discussion forum, videos) on the Resources tab—there’s a good chance you’ll find the information you’re looking for!

So how do you determine if your issue is suited for the discussion forum or if it merits a case? Think of the guidelines in the following matrix as rules of thumb rather than laws etched in stone. Although our recommendations are rooted in expertise and years of experience, each case is unique, and ultimately severity judgements and their corresponding courses of action must be determined by the requester. For example, we suggest sharing low-level issues in our Community forum, as it fosters collaboration and could help other Community members; however, creating a case is perfectly fine.

Level of Severity Description of Severity Characteristics Recommendation
Level 1 - Critical

A high number of users are unable to use SentryOne in any way.

  1. Database(s) is offline
  2. Monitoring service(s) is offline
  3. Users unable to access client
Submit a case
Level 2 - High Major issues are occurring. Many users are affected, but they’re still able to use SentryOne in a limited capacity.
  1. Significant performance degradation
  2. Important functionality not available
Submit a case
Level 3 - Medium Issues causing a partial or non-critical loss of functionality
  1. Certain features are unavailable
  2. Minor performance degradation
  3. Incorrect product behavior affecting use
Post to the Community forum (if not sharing sensitive data)
Level 4 - Low General questions, feature requests, and non-critical issues
  1. Incorrect product behavior with little to no impact
  2. Product question
  3. Assistance with feature configuration (e.g., alerts)
Post to the Community forum

Although the SentryOne Support team makes every effort to respond to all questions as quickly as possible, issues that are deemed critical or high severity take priority.

Community members and the SentryOne team typically respond to forum questions within one to three business days. However, please note that service level agreements are not applicable to discussion forum questions. Generally, if your question doesn’t require immediate response and doesn’t contain private or restricted data, it’s best suited for the Community forum. If your issue includes sensitive data, you should submit a case using this form, or by clicking the Contact Support button.

If you need immediate support, please contact us at:

Charlotte: +1 704-895-6241
Florida: +1 904-348-0216
Dublin/EMEA: +353 1-566-1945

Please note that although we do our best to answer all incoming calls promptly, our agents might be assisting other customers. If this is the case, you’ll be prompted to leave a voicemail. When you do so, please be sure to provide your full name, company name, phone number, and a simple description of your issue. If you’re directed to leave a voicemail, you will receive a call back typically within the hour.

Help Other SentryOne Members

When you lend a hand to other SentryOne members, you

  • drive learning and creativity
  • make the Community a one-stop shop for inquiries
  • led to the SentryOne team generating informative content

Imagine what can be achieved when hundreds of members come together to share their expertise! Users can discover ways to use our tools to best suit their needs that they never thought possible.

Sharing solutions and receiving endorsements for your area(s) of expertise improves your reputation. As you guide others, you’ll be rewarded with badges, and earning our rarer badges gets you some fancy SentryOne swag! The following section provides information about how to earn badges.

Select as Best

The Select as Best feature can be used by moderators and the member who posted the question to let others know the issue has been resolved. You can find this option at the bottom of a reply to your question (and responses that are selected as best are marked with a green check mark).

SentryOne Support Community Select as Best

Selecting an answer as "best" is beneficial to the Community for the following reasons:

1. They’re prominently displayed on the feed.

SentryOne Support Community Select as Best Pinned

2. The best answer is conveniently pinned to the top of the list of responses for each question.

3. It gives props to the person who assisted you with your issue.

4. Having your response selected as the best answer is an excellent way to level up and earn cool SentryOne swag, including a ticket to PASS Summit! Learn more about the SentryOne Support Community badge system.

If you notice someone consistently answering questions relating to one or more topics, you can endorse them.

Member Endorsement

As you spend more time exploring our discussion forums, you'll see some familiar faces helping other members. These altruistic members likely have areas of specialization, which you can reference in the Knows About section of their profile.

SentryOne Support Community Knows About

Here, you can give members credit for existing topics by giving them a thumbs-up or adding a new topic by selecting Add.

In addition to having an answer Selected as Best, being endorsed for a topic gets you on the fast track to earning our more prestigious badges. Earning badges also gets you SentryOne swag (e.g., apparel, a backpack, headphones, and more), so be sure to share your SentryOne expertise!

Finally, let us know what you think of our articles by voting.

Vote on Knowledge Base Articles

Members can provide the SentryOne Support team valuable feedback by voting on our knowledge base articles.

SentryOne Support Community Knowledgebase Article Voting

We use this feedback to craft our articles to ensure that you're receiving insightful content about our suite of products. If an article is helpful, please give it a thumbs up! And don't hesitate to let us know if an article needs to be improved.


The SentryOne Support Community was designed to help SentryOne users learn and interact with other users and the SentryOne team. It’s the one-stop-shop for all things SentryOne. If you have ideas for how we can make it better, we’re all ears!

We look forward to having you participate in the SentryOne Support Community!

The SentryOne Support Team

Suril (@suriljasani) is the Director of Product Management at SentryOne, where he directs the definition, delivery, and overall performance of the SQL Sentry product portfolio. Here he covers a range of topics that include SQL Sentry features, tips and tricks, troubleshooting methodologies, team updates, and more. Suril holds a BS in Computer Science from University of North Carolina at Charlotte, and a BS in Finance from Gardner-Webb University.