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Jason Hall describes configuring SQL Sentry to send alerts to slack channels through IFTTT, which opens up all kinds of doors for automation.
July 27, 2015 | Jason Hall | Alerting, SQL Sentry 4
Justin Randall describes how to add additional performance counters in SQL Sentry Performance Advisor, and how you can make use of that data.
Lori Edwards gives some background on using standard deviation from a baseline for custom conditions in SQL Sentry Performance Advisor.
Tim Radney of SQLskills explains SQL Agent alerts and how you can stay ahead of...
Sales Engineer Scott Fallen describes how to set up SQL Sentry alerting so that the right people are notified during the right time frames.
January 12, 2015 | Scott Fallen | Alerting, Event Calendar 0
Erin Stellato of continues her series on proactive SQL Server health checks, this time focusing on mastering maintenance tasks.
Erin Stellato of kicks off a series on proactive SQL Server health checks.
The promise of alerting is that it makes it possible for people to keep up with the information that matters most to them. Simple, right? But this doesn't always work.
In my last post I covered the exciting new intelligent alerting features in SQL Sentry v8. Next up in the series is another huge and often requested feature: Baselining.

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