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Proof of Concepts: Making Hard Things Easy with Azure
Tim Radney of SQLskills discusses strategy and some available tools for helping migrate your databases to Azure SQL Database.
October 25, 2016 | | Azure, Azure SQL Database 0
U-SQL and the Azure Data Lake
Tim Radney of SQLskills shows us how the Stretch Database feature has evolved from its early CTP beginnings to the RTM version released.
Mike Wood introduces SentryOne's Azure Marketplace.
Tim Radney of talks about the initial differences he has encountered while...
Continuing on with the theme of automation from his last post, Brian Davis shifts to Azure SQL Data Warehouses (SQLDW).
March 23, 2016 | Brian Davis | Azure, Automation 4
Mike Wood explains why the option Allow SQL Sentry monitoring objects in target exists for Azure SQL Database, and what happens when...
With the release of SQL Sentry v10, Mike Wood gives a quick rundown of Performance Advisor for Azure SQL Database.
With some homage to the Walking Dead, Jason Hall gives an interesting overview of some of the exciting functionality coming in SQL Sentry v10.
Microsoft first truly disrupted the ETL marketplace with the introduction of SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) back with the release of SQL Server 2005.
Machine Learning and the Microsoft Data Platform
David Benoit gives a high-level overview of new monitoring capabilities in SQL Sentry v9.0: APS and Azure SQL Data Warehouse.
John Martin talks about his sessions at the recent SQL Relay events throughout the UK, and shares his slide decks from the sessions.
Rick Pittser talks about his new role as Cloud Services Product Manager here at SQL Sentry, and welcomes suggestions for our offerings.
March 16, 2015 | Rick Pittser | SQL Sentry, Cloud, Community, Azure, Career, AWS 0

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