Category: Disk Performance

Glenn Berry talks about the blazing speeds of the latest Intel Optane gear from Intel, and how they can improve your SQL Server workloads.
Monica Rathburn (@SQLEspresso) talks about a few of the more common elements she always checks for when troubleshooting I/O problems.
Aaron Bertrand answers the question "Is a RID Lookup faster than a Key Lookup?" on the blog.
Glenn Berry provides the SQL Server DBA some insight into the ever-changing world of hardware and infrastructure.
SQL Server 2016 allows you to enable instant file initialization during installation; Aaron Bertrand looks at how this can impact tempdb data file creation.
Erin Stellato looks into sparse columns in SQL Server - the changes to space requirements and the impact on the write portion of your workload.
February 5, 2016 | | Disk Performance, I/O 0
Glenn Berry gives a thorough guide on using DiskSpd, a command-line tool that measures the performance characteristics of your storage subsystem.
Glenn Berry talks about measuring I/O performance for SQL Server, focusing on latency, IOPS, and sequential throughput.

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