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After the first Visual Studio 2015-based SSMS build is released, Aaron Bertrand talks about the changes you'll notice, and the changes you won't (yet).
Aaron Bertrand talks about some of the upcoming changes to telemetry and other privacy settings in SQL Server 2016.
Following up on an earlier post about metadata, Aaron Bertrand reveals a few more of his sources for discovering changes in SQL Server.
SQL Server 2016 RC0 introduces a new native string splitting function, STRING_SPLIT.
Aaron Bertrand explains some of the nuances of the latest Management Studio preview, with a visual tour through installation.
Aaron Bertrand shows why and how you should upgrade your SSMS 2016 client from 13.0.11000.48 to 13.0.11000.78.
Aaron Bertrand shares a few of the queries he uses to quickly hone in on changes that have been implemented between SQL Server CTPs.
Aaron Bertrand explains how to get Plan Explorer to work with plans from the latest builds of Azure SQL DB and CTPs of SQL Server 2016.
Aaron Bertrand shows some interesting maintenance opportunities...
October 26, 2015 | | SQL Server 2016 0
Aaron Bertrand talks about new arguments to SERVERPROPERTY() that make @@VERSION even more obsolete (and changes that make @@VERSION problematic).
John Martin talks about his sessions at the recent SQL Relay events throughout the UK, and shares his slide decks from the sessions.
Stronger Security Via Always Encrypted in SQL Server 2016.
Aaron Bertrand explains how SQL Server 2016 improves tempdb configuration and performance.
Glenn Berry (@GlennAlanBerry) provides some blueprints for how to decide whether newer processors are worth the investment to improve your O
Tim Radney walks through the configuration of a new SQL Server 2016 feature, Stretch Database, and discusses some of its limitations.

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