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A growing trend in app dev is to completely skip the effort of creating a logical data model (LDM) even in large, complex, data-driven enterprise applications. Why?
February 19, 2016 | Kevin Kline | Community, SQL Server 2
Last week's Visual Studio outage has been largely blamed on the cardinality estimator, but Aaron Bertrand says the query itself has a share of the blame.
February 9, 2016 | Aaron Bertrand | Cloud, SQL Server, Visual Studio 5
Melissa Connors investigates using SQL Server's delayed durability feature to improve performance while purging data.
Machine Learning and the Microsoft Data Platform
Aaron Bertrand presents his first BackToBasics post of 2016, giving an introduction to common table expressions (CTEs).
January 6, 2016 | Aaron Bertrand | #BackToBasics, SQL Server 7
Aaron Bertrand explains that cumulative updates are not to be feared and that the cautionary text accompanying them will soon be a thing of the past.
Kevin Kline answers several questions from his recent webinar on I/O latency with Tegile's Sumeet Bansal.
Aaron Bertrand shares a few of the queries he uses to quickly hone in on changes that have been implemented between SQL Server CTPs.
Kevin Kline shares the slide deck and video from his recent webinar on reducing latency and boosting performance in SQL Server.
For this month's T-SQL Tuesday, @AaronBertrand treats some of the most memorable data modeling sins that he's seen over his career working with SQL Server.
November 10, 2015 | Aaron Bertrand | SQL Server, T-SQL Tuesday 0
John Martin talks about his sessions at the recent SQL Relay events throughout the UK, and shares his slide decks from the sessions.
Stronger Security Via Always Encrypted in SQL Server 2016.
Aaron Bertrand explains how SQL Server 2016 improves tempdb configuration and performance.
Kevin Kline tells you about four big upcoming SQL Server events in September where various members of the SQL Sentry team will be.
The Top 10 Mistakes Made by SQL Server DBAs

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