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Published On: October 3, 2019

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This post is intended to give you a single location to determine the latest general release version of SentryOne software components.

We have also assembled a list of all feature- and release-related blog posts published by our team, going all the way back to v4. In addition to the links below, you can also consult our main Online Help section for feature usage and guidance.

Component Latest Version Release Date Links
SentryOne Platform 19.2.0 2019-10-03 Change List User Guide
Plan Explorer 19.1.2 2019-09-06 Change List User Guide
If you are on a beta channel, you may have a more recent build or one that isn't called out on the change list.

Feature- and release-related blog posts for SentryOne software:

Date Post Author
2019-04-26 Sending SentryOne Data to the Azure SQL Database DTU Calculator Dustin Dorsey
2019-04-10 SentryOne Test Documentation on SentryOne Docs Melissa Connors
2019-04-09 Why, When, and How to Validate Your Data John Welch
2019-04-03 Help Your Customers Stop Bad Data with SentryOne Test Nick Harshbarger
2019-03-27 Helping Customers Track Data Origin Nick Harshbarger
2019-03-15 Data Validation for All—Introducing SentryOne Test John Welch
2019-02-12 Webinar Follow-Up: Setting SQL Server Performance Baselines and Alerts Kevin Kline
2019-02-11 A Million Little Things: Ending the Blame Game Richard Douglas
2019-02-07 SQL Sentry Essentials provides top-rated database monitoring for customers with smaller environments Nick Harshbarger
2019-02-07 SQL Sentry Essentials: Powerful Database Performance Monitoring for 5 or Fewer SQL Server Instances Kevin Kline
2019-01-30 Mine the SentryOne Database for CPU Usage—Per Server, Per Day Justin Randall
2019-01-17 Essential Performance Monitoring for SQL Server Andy Mallon
2019-01-09 Help Your Customers Predict Future Storage Needs Nick Harshbarger
2018-12-20 New Year, Clean Databases with DBA xPress Nick Harshbarger
2018-12-19 Task Factory Documentation Now Available on SentryOne Docs Melissa Connors
2018-11-30 Getting Started in the SentryOne Support Community Suril Jasani
2018-11-12 Storage Forecasting and Machine Learning with SentryOne Fred Frost
2018-11-06 Introducing Storage Forecasting with SQL Server Machine Learning Services
Steven Wright
2018-11-01 Guiding Your Clients on the Journey to Amazon RDS for SQL Server Nick Harshbarger
2018-10-22 Tableau Report Pack for SentryOne Monitoring Is Now Available! Douglas McDowell
2018-10-09 Introducing the SentryOne Monitoring Mobile App for iOS and Android Daniel Yount
2018-10-05 What to do (or not do) about top wait stats Aaron Bertrand
2018-10-04 A Million Little Things: Global Baselines Richard Douglas
2018-10-01 Building a Bridge to the Cloud for Your Clients with Azure SQL Database Managed Instance Nick Harshbarger
2018-09-25 SentryOne Cloud Sync Updates Christina Burgess
2018-09-13 Introducing SentryOne Certified Training Lori Edwards
2018-09-04 Announcing the New SentryOne Documentation! Melissa Connors
2018-08-15 New Deadlock Visualizations in SQL Sentry and Plan Explorer Aaron Bertrand
2018-08-02 Enterprise Integration: SentryOne, Splunk, and SNMP Seth Washeck
2018-07-20 A Million Little Things: Last Value Richard Douglas
2018-07-13 A Million Little Things: Strive for Greater Efficiency Richard Douglas
2018-06-28 Announcing Support for AWS RDS for SQL Server Mike Wood
2018-05-22 #BackToBasics : Event Chains in SentryOne Jim Holden
2018-03-22 Reaching for the cloud with SentryOne & Managed Instance John Martin
2018-03-20 Customize SentryOne Message Text Allen White
2018-03-13 Analyzing VertiPaq Memory Usage in SSAS Tabular in BI Sentry Steven Wright
2018-02-21 BI Sentry Adds Enhanced SSAS Tabular Support Steven Wright
2018-02-16 Seeing Memory Pressure Affect SQL Server Performance in SentryOne Allen White
2018-02-09 Finding Low Use Indexes via SentryOne Andy Yun
2018-02-08 When Troubleshooting Performance Start with the Big Picture Allen White
2018-02-07 Q & A from our Parameter Sniffing webinar series Aaron Bertrand
2018-02-07 Watch our Parameter Sniffing webinar series  
2018-02-06 Diagnose Performance Issues in Microsoft APS and Azure Data Warehouse with SentryOne Alerts Steven Wright
2018-01-11 New Year's Resolutions: Tips to Improve Your SQL Servers' Health in 2018 Andy Yun
2018-01-08 Manipulating Runtime Thresholds with Object Groups Devon Leann Wilson
2017-12-27 Narrow Your Focus on the Environment Health Overview Allen White
2017-12-22 2 Minute Tuesdays Lori Edwards
2017-11-15 Using the SentryOne PowerShell Action John Martin
2017-10-17 SentryOne v11.2.3 Released! – New Features & Enhancements John Martin
2017-10-17 Extended Events in SentryOne John Martin
2017-10-17 Application Telemetry in SentryOne John Martin
2017-10-16 Advisory Conditions: October 2017 Pack Melissa Connors
2017-10-03 Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) Monitoring Through SentryOne Jim Holden
2017-09-18 New Belgium Brewing Keeps the Taps Flowing with SentryOne Jason Hall
2017-08-23 SentryOne : Multiple Baselines & Power BI Melissa Connors
2017-08-01 Automating Large SentryOne Installations Allen White
2017-06-20 Targeting Server Core for Monitoring with PowerShell Allen White
2017-06-14 Disabling Advisory Conditions in SentryOne Melissa Connors
2017-06-07 Workarounds : Plan Explorer / SentryOne client won't maximize Aaron Bertrand
2017-04-07 Creating Advisory Conditions in SentryOne – Part 2 – The Examples Lori Edwards
2017-03-14 What’s Up in the SentryOne Cloud Mike Wood
2017-03-10 Creating Advisory Conditions in SentryOne Lori Edwards
2017-03-06 Event Log Management Tools in SentryOne Melissa Connors
2017-02-21 The Relativity of Server Health Jason Hall
2017-01-09 SentryOne and SQL Server Agent Jobs Lori Edwards
2016-12-16 Make Life Easier Using the Environment Health Overview Jason Hall
2016-11-29 Advisory Conditions : Available Actions Melissa Connors
2016-11-28 SentryOne Help Center Suril Jasani
2016-10-19 Customizing Your Alert Emails in SentryOne Lori Edwards
2016-10-06 More than a Name Change : What's New in SentryOne? Jason Hall
2016-10-05 SentryOne : The Evolution of a Company and a Platform Greg Gonzalez
2016-10-03 Send SQL Sentry alerts to your phone George Boakye
2016-09-16 Using SQL Sentry on a 4K Monitor
Suril Jasani
2016-09-14 Got Virtualization? We Can Monitor It! Lori Edwards
2016-09-06 Custom Conditions: Trigger Threshold Melissa Connors
2016-09-01 SSRS Subscriptions and SQL Sentry Reports John Martin
2016-08-18 Deploying SQL Sentry Reports to SSRS John Martin
2016-08-01 SQL Sentry Performance Advisor : Disk Activity tab Lori Edwards
2016-07-29 New Custom Conditions Pack (July 2016) Melissa Connors
2016-07-21 Trust Issues Hurting Database Performance? Melissa Connors
2016-07-13 Have you been using Runtime Statistics? Patrick Kelley
2016-07-05 Using the Email Alert Filter Alec Pickup
2016-07-01 Common Issues : Licensing Errors George Boakye
2016-06-27 An Introduction to SSAS Performance via SQL Sentry
Part 1  |  Part 2  |  Part 3  |  Part 4  |  Part 5
Steven Wright
2016-06-21 SQL Sentry Custom Conditions for VMware Melissa Connors
2016-06-17 Monitoring Tintri VM Stores : A Sneak Preview Justin Randall
2016-06-16 Custom Conditions: Maximum Instance Count Melissa Connors
2016-06-15 New in the SQL Sentry Cloud : Report Subscriptions Mike Wood
2016-06-15 SQL Sentry & SIOS iQ : The Integration Begins Brian Davis
2016-06-09 SQL Sentry Customer Portal Jim Holden
2016-06-08 Event Chains in Event Manager Lori Edwards
2016-05-26 Common Criteria Compliance: A True Story Melissa Connors
2016-05-25 Jason and the Case of “The Condition Mission” Jason Hall
2016-05-17 Visualizing Jobs (and more!) in Event Manager Lori Edwards
2016-04-27 New SQL Sentry Custom Conditions Pack Melissa Connors
2016-03-31 Welcome to the Azure Marketplace Mike Wood
2016-03-29 Always On Availability Groups & VMs John Martin
2016-03-23 Using Azure Automation to Pause SQL Data Warehouse Brian Davis
2016-03-17 SQL Sentry v10 : Index Analysis Aaron Bertrand
2016-03-15 What are SQL Sentry Monitoring Objects for Azure SQL Database? Mike Wood
2016-03-09 SQL Sentry v10 : Introducing Support for Azure SQL Database Mike Wood
2016-03-08 SQL Sentry v10 : Your world's about to get a whole lot bigger Jason Hall
2016-03-03 Custom Conditions : A Logical Choice Melissa Connors
2016-02-24 Let's Talk About Automation at SQLintersection Brian Davis
2016-01-24 Delayed Durability while Purging Data Melissa Connors
2015-11-05 SQL Sentry v9.0 : Virtualization, Cloud VMs, Enhanced Setup, Global Baselines Jason Hall
2015-11-05 SQL Sentry v9.0 Virtualization Support : Hyper-V Jason Hall
2015-11-05 SQL Sentry v9.0 Virtualization Support : VMware Jason Hall
2015-11-04 SQL Sentry v9.0 : Monitoring APS and Azure SQL Data Warehouse David Benoit
2015-09-02 Enabling "super admin" on Windows 10 Aaron Bertrand
2015-08-03 Applying Data Compression to the SQL Sentry Database : Follow-up Melissa Connors
2015-07-20 Applying Data Compression to the SQL Sentry Database : Part 4 Melissa Connors
2015-07-13 Applying Data Compression to the SQL Sentry Database : Part 3 Melissa Connors
2015-07-06 Applying Data Compression to the SQL Sentry Database : Part 2 Melissa Connors
2015-07-01 Applying Data Compression to the SQL Sentry Database : Part 1 Melissa Connors
2015-06-08 Nothing Is Free, Including Buffer Space Jason Hall
2015-05-05 Feel the Power! Rick Pittser
2015-04-30 I Didn't Know it Could Do That! : Enabling Additional Performance Counters Justin Randall
2015-04-23 SQL Sentry Performance Advisor : Alerting, Baselines, and Standard Deviations Lori Edwards
2015-04-14 Saving settings for SQL Sentry Jim Holden
2015-04-08 SQL Server Monitoring – Getting it Right Justin Randall
2015-04-03 Pulling Top SQL from the SQL Sentry database Aaron Bertrand
2015-04-02 Top SQL Sentry v8.4 Features: #1 – Dashboard Custom Wait Categories Justin Randall
2015-04-01 Connecting SQL Sentry to a Different Domain Aaron Bertrand
2015-03-27 security and you! Rick Pittser
2015-03-24 Validating network blips using SQL Sentry data Aaron Bertrand
2015-03-19 SQL Sentry and System Center Operations Manager Scott Fallen
2015-03-16 SQL Sentry in the Cloud Rick Pittser
2015-03-02 Mining Performance Data from SQL Sentry : Part 6 Jason Hall
2015-02-26 SQL Sentry v8.3 Rundown Justin Randall
2015-01-29 Mining Performance Data from SQL Sentry : Part 5 Jason Hall
2015-01-12 Alerting on a Call Schedule with SQL Sentry Scott Fallen
2014-12-30 I Didn’t Know It Could Do That! – Using Notes Justin Randall
2014-12-18 Mining Performance Data from SQL Sentry : Part 4 Jason Hall
2014-12-01 I Didn’t Know It Could Do That! (Reports – not just for managers) Justin Randall
2014-11-24 Mining Performance Data from SQL Sentry : Part 3 Jason Hall
2014-11-10 Mining Performance Data from SQL Sentry : Part 2 Jason Hall
2014-10-30 SQL Sentry v8.2: Adaptive Web UIs and Fast Query Capture Greg Gonzalez
2014-10-28 Mining Performance Data from SQL Sentry : Part 1 Jason Hall
2014-10-10 How can I view more than one Performance Advisor dashboard at a time? Jim Holden
2014-08-07 I Didn't Know It Could Do That! (Part 2) Justin Randall
2014-07-21 SQL Sentry Fragmentation Manager : An Overview Lori Edwards
2014-07-14 I Didn't Know It Could Do That! Justin Randall
2014-07-07 White Paper : A New Take on Alerting Kevin Kline
2014-06-12 Gap Analysis Jason Hall
2014-05-19 As a SQL Server DBA, Why Do I Need Performance Advisor for Windows? Scott Fallen
2014-04-10 SQL Sentry v8: Baselines from Every Angle Greg Gonzalez
2014-03-14 SQL Sentry v8: Intelligent Alerting Redefined Greg Gonzalez
2014-03-14 SQL Sentry v8 Technology Update Brooke Philpott
2013-11-19 Simplify your on-call hours with SQL Sentry's alerting and response features Scott Fallen
2013-07-12 SQL Sentry v7.5: A Better AlwaysOn Greg Gonzalez
2013-01-23 3 Reasons to Upgrade SQL Sentry Now Jason Hall
2012-10-26 SQL Sentry v7.2 does Windows (and a whole lot more) Greg Gonzalez
2012-06-07 Database Mirroring : Monitoring and Automation with SQL Sentry Steven Wright
2012-05-03 SQL Sentry v7 goes Gold! Greg Gonzalez
2012-04-10 SQL Sentry v7 Beta: First Look Greg Gonzalez
2011-10-07 SQL Sentry v6.2: SharePoint Timer Jobs, Oh My! Greg Gonzalez
2011-04-25 Wait Stats and The Rest of the Story Steven Wright
2011-04-11 Use Execute Action Parameters for Feeding Events to a Ticketing System Jason Hall
2011-04-08 SQL Sentry v6.1: Something Old, Several Things New Greg Gonzalez
2010-12-14 Capture SQL Server Agent WMI Event Alerts with SQL Sentry Event Manager Jason Hall
2010-09-07 Monitoring Replication Latency With SQL Sentry Event Manager Jason Hall
2010-05-20 Performance Advisor Tip for DBAs Managing SharePoint Databases Jason Hall
2010-02-25 Auto-Kill Long Running Blocks with SQL Sentry Performance Advisor Jason Hall
2010-02-24 SQL Sentry v5.5 Need to Know Greg Gonzalez
2010-02-05 Analysis Services and the Windows File System Cache Greg Gonzalez
2009-06-19 Analysis Services Memory Limits, Part II Greg Gonzalez
2009-06-15 Analysis Services Memory Limits Greg Gonzalez
2009-01-19 The SQL Sentry Console is now 64-bit capable Brooke Philpott
2008-10-08 More Fun with v4.1… Greg Gonzalez
2008-10-03 SQL Sentry v4.1 Released! Greg Gonzalez


Feature- and release-related blog posts for Plan Explorer:

Date Post Author
2019-09-06 Features and Fixes in SentryOne Plan Explorer 19.1.2 Aaron Bertrand
2019-08-15 PREVIEW : SentryOne Plan Explorer Extension for Azure Data Studio Aaron Bertrand
2019-03-13 Features and Fixes in SentryOne Plan Explorer 19.0.2 Aaron Bertrand
2018-11-01 Fixes in SentryOne Plan Explorer 18.5.1 Aaron Bertrand
2018-10-09 Features and Fixes in SentryOne Plan Explorer 18.5 Aaron Bertrand
2018-08-27 Fixes in SentryOne Plan Explorer 18.4.5 Aaron Bertrand
2018-08-15 New Deadlock Visualizations in SQL Sentry and Plan Explorer Aaron Bertrand
2018-07-16 Features and fixes in SentryOne Plan Explorer 18.4.2 Aaron Bertrand
2018-06-06 Features and fixes in SentryOne Plan Explorer 18.4 Aaron Bertrand
2017-11-28 Using Plan Explorer with Entity Framework Jason Hall
2017-11-21 Plan Explorer Demo 2017 Devon Leann Wilson
2017-10-27 Plan Explorer – Fixes in the October 2017 Release Aaron Bertrand
2017-06-07 Workarounds : Plan Explorer / SentryOne client won't maximize Aaron Bertrand
2017-05-26 A few quick fixes for Plan Explorer Aaron Bertrand
2017-03-21 Resolving Key Lookup Deadlocks with Plan Explorer Greg Gonzalez
2016-10-07 SentryOne Plan Explorer 3.0 Demo Kit Aaron Bertrand
2016-09-15 Plan Explorer 3.0 Webinar – Samples and Q & A Aaron Bertrand
2016-09-09 Plan Explorer 3.0 Webinar (video) Aaron Bertrand
2016-09-08 Plan Explorer PRO Goes FREE! Greg Gonzalez
2016-06-13 Announcing Plan Explorer Add-In Support for SSMS 2016 Aaron Bertrand
2016-03-04 Bad cardinality estimates from SSMS plans – redux Aaron Bertrand
2016-01-05 Plan Explorer Update Just in "Time" for the New Year Jason Hall
2015-11-23 Plan Explorer Support for SQL Server 2016 Aaron Bertrand
2015-04-22 SQL Sentry Plan Explorer v2.7 : Better Anonymization Aaron Bertrand
2015-02-09 SQL Sentry Plan Explorer links Aaron Bertrand
2014-03-05 An Updated Plan Explorer Demo Kit Aaron Bertrand
2013-03-11 Anonymize your plan details natively in Plan Explorer Aaron Bertrand
2013-03-08 Plan Explorer PRO 2.5: Query plans your way Greg Gonzalez
2012-11-02 Bad cardinality estimates coming from SSMS execution plans Aaron Bertrand
2012-10-11 It's Time to Go PRO! Greg Gonzalez
2011-10-25 SQL Sentry Plan Explorer v1.3 Aaron Bertrand
2011-08-17 How to find missing indexes quickly in SQL Sentry Plan Explorer Aaron Bertrand
2011-08-03 SQL Sentry Plan Explorer : New release and an SSMS add-in Aaron Bertrand
2011-04-26 A couple of fixes for Plan Explorer Aaron Bertrand
2011-03-04 Reducing Plan Explorer Startup Time with NGen Greg Gonzalez
2011-02-16 SQL Sentry v6 Plan Analysis Features Greg Gonzalez
2010-12-22 SQL Sentry Plan Explorer : Version 1.1! Aaron Bertrand
2010-10-27 SQL Sentry's Plan Explorer : a closer look Aaron Bertrand
2010-10-21 A first glimpse of SQL Sentry's Plan Explorer Aaron Bertrand
2010-10-20 SQL Sentry Plan Explorer Beta Greg Gonzalez

These posts are provided by the collective SentryOne team!