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Published On: September 3, 2019

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SQL Server 2019 first hit the public realm in September 2018 in the form of Community Technology Preview (CTP) 2.0. While it is likely no secret that there were earlier private CTPs, the usefulness of data about those builds is irrelevant now (and still under NDA), so this page focuses on CTP 2.0 and later. When general availability (GA) happens, information about CTPs and Release Candidates (RCs) will be relegated to the bottom.

In some build lists you may have seen release date and build date published, but something that always felt missing was the internal database version. This can be important because, even within a specific branch, it is impossible to restore a database from a higher db version to a lower one. So database version is indicated below in the DB Version column - and this makes it clear that you can't take a backup from CTP 3.2 and restore it on CTP 3.0, for example. This internal database version is far less likely to change after GA, but it's possible; the internal database version of the latest builds of SQL Server 2017 is 869, but at GA it was 868. But that's a different topic for another time.

Until GA, you can download the latest RC here (this link , I hope, will continue to offer the Evaluation Edition even after GA). The What's New page has summary information about all the changes, and the Release Notes and Announcement Archive have more detail about when specific changes were introduced during the CTP / RC cycle.

Build Name / Link Build # DB Version Release Date
RC1.1 Refresh
15.0.1900.25 904 2019-08-29
The refresh of RC 1.1 did not affect the build of standalone SQL Server (and no new container images were posted). If you deploy Big Data Clusters, the build there will be slightly different from the above (15.0.1900.47).
CTP 3.2 15.0.1800.32 904 2019-07-24
CTP 3.1 15.0.1700.37 902 2019-06-26
CTP 3.0 15.0.1600.8 902 2019-05-17
CTP 2.5 15.0.1500.28 897 2019-04-15
CTP 2.4 15.0.1400.75 897 2019-03-16
CTP 2.3 15.0.1300.359 897 2019-02-15
CTP 2.2 15.0.1200.24 896 2019-12-05
CTP 2.1 15.0.1100.94 896 2018-11-01
CTP 2.0 15.0.1000.34 895 2018-09-18

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