Thank You to the Best Customers in the World!

Jason Hall

Published On: April 21, 2020

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Before long, I'll be transitioning to a new role at SentryOne. Telling the stories, technical or otherwise, from our customers and our team is something I'm very passionate about. It won't be much longer until I'll spend most of my time doing just that! More on that later, though. Today I want to highlight something that I've always known was there, but the adjustments we're all making due to the COVID-19 pandemic have brought it to the foreground.

Stories From the Field

I was asking our Client Services team yesterday if they had any stories from the field about how SentryOne is helping people adjust to differences in how they're getting work done. There were a few that I'll share in other posts, but most of what I heard made me stop to rethink what I was looking for. What we're seeing more than anything is a spirit of caring from our users and customers focusing!

For the past few weeks, nearly every customer interaction begins with, "How is everyone at SentryOne holding up?" or, "We hope everyone at SentryOne is staying safe and healthy." It wasn't what I was asking for, or what I expected. At the same time, I wasn't surprised.

One thing that has always been core to SentryOne culture is a deep-seeded concern for the needs of our customers and for cultivating relationships with them. They are far more to us than customers. They are our dear friends, and we obsess over helping them achieve their goals. As time passes and these relationships strengthen, it becomes evident that this level of caring is bidirectional. Our customers, our friends, care as much about us as we do about them.

Republic Bank lousisville-team

The Data Platform team at Republic Bank, a SentryOne customer

'Thank You'

Today, I want to emphatically thank all of our customers for checking in on us. We are doing well. We're adjusting to working remotely, just as many of you are, but it hasn't been a difficult adjustment. In some ways, it's bringing us even closer together as we put in extra effort to stay in touch with each other day to day.

SentryOne customers: you are the best customers in the world, and we're looking forward to serving you through this difficult time and for many years to come.

Thank you from all of us at SentryOne!

Jason has worked in technology for over 20 years. He joined SentryOne in 2006 having held positions in network administration, database administration, and software engineering. During his tenure at SentryOne, Jason has served as senior software developer and founded both Client Services and Product Management. His diverse background with relevant technologies made him the perfect choice to build out both of these functions. As SentryOne experienced explosive growth, Jason returned to lead SentryOne Client Services, where he ensures that SentryOne customers receive the best possible end to end experience in the ever-changing world of database performance and productivity.