SentryOne Cloud Sync - Cloud Monitoring Overview

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Need easy access to your SQL Server performance data?

SentryOne Cloud Sync (formerly SentryOne Cloud) gives data teams secure and easily configurable access to SQL Server performance data through a Web browser.


For DBAs and developers who want to check queries and plans in a Web-based interface, SentryOne Cloud Sync provides secure and configurable access—without the need for a thick client—to many of the same features.

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Globally Accessible

  • Browser-based application
  • Synchronization with the SentryOne Client




  • Data is encrypted and compressed
  • SSL connectivity to cloud services
  • User defined data upload selection
  • Can obfuscate server and database names
  • Secure, redundant data storage



  • Admin can provide access to any number of users
  • Easily share information with SQL Server industry experts
  • User rights based on SentryOne Client security

SentryOne Cloud Sync Dashboard

The SentryOne Cloud Sync dashboard shows key performance information about targets and instances without the need to install a thick client.



What performance data can you access with SentryOne Cloud Sync?



Completed queries

  • View query statistics individually or aggregated
  • Download the query plan to review in SentryOne Plan Explorer


  • View all statements associated with a query
  • View the SQL string associated with a query

Query execution history chart

  • Chart runtime and resource metrics for queries over time
SentryOne Cloud Sync Top SQL Screenshot
SentryOne Cloud Sync Top SQL view shows completed queries, statements, and a query history chart

Environment Health Overview

The Environment Health Overview displays a high-level view of your environment with visual representation:

  • Quickly toggle between views of the associated targets and instances
  • View consistent, relative health scores of all servers
  • Easily see critical issues graded by severity
  • View detailed or aggregate scores (Global, Site, Group, Computer)
  • Drill down to find connection problems across the environment
SentryOne Cloud Sync Environment Health Overview Screenshot
SentryOne Cloud Sync Environment Health Overview shows issues graded by severity and enables easy drill down to details.

Summary Screens

SentryOne Cloud Sync summary screens simplify status checks for data teams managing multiple servers and instances. Rather than navigating through settings for statuses and reports, you can step through views of servers and instances through one flow.

You can also easily transition to each dashboard and Top SQL view without backtracking through the application, saving time and frustration with server checks.

SentryOne Summary Screens Screenshot
SentryOne Cloud Sync summary screens simplify status checks.

Two ways to try it...

In our demo environment

Get full access to the SentryOne demo environment to explore these powerful visualization capabilities across all of your devices.

Try it now - Live Demo


In your environment

1 Install the SentryOne client

2 Configure cloud synchronization

3 Log in to requires the SentryOne Client running Performance Advisor and a account. You can create an account when you enable sync in the Client.