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De-risk your database cloud migration

Eager to experience the benefits of deploying your SQL Server databases to the cloud—but hesitant about potential disruptions in data delivery?

Without proper planning, cloud migrations can bring an element of risk because of potential data security breaches, problems with data validation before and after the transition, and delays in re-architecting the databases for cloud deployments. 

Do you have all the bases of a successful migration covered?


Migrate to the cloud with confidence

Ensure a successful cloud migration with SentryOne CloudLifterTM, which includes four SentryOne solutions that give you all the elements of a smooth transition, whether you're moving to a managed SQL Server environment on Azure or AWS, or planning to run your apps on Azure SQL Database. CloudLifter helps you address some of the most challenging but critical aspects of cloud migrations.

1. Analyze database schema

Compare, synchronize, and navigate your SQL Server database schema as part of the re-architecture process with DBA xPress. With DBA xPress, you can see the differences between databases and compare data schemas, sync data between databases, and view data dependencies among tables.

2. Document databases

Generating accurate documentation of your SQL Server databases throughout the migration process is critical to ensuring data integrity. With SentryOne Document, you can automatically document databases from a recent database snapshot, or ones taken in the past. SentryOne Document also helps you manage metadata discovery, track data lineage, and analyze the potential impact of database changes. 

3. Monitor and optimize cloud database performance

Use the highest-rated SQL Server database performance monitoring solution in the industry to monitor, diagnose, and optimize performance of your databases running in the cloud, on Azure or AWS. With SentryOne, you can set performance baselines to ensure consistent performance pre- and post-migration. 


SentryOne CloudLifter helps you re-architect your data environment, validate data, document databases before and after the transition, and ensure peak performance of SQL Server databases running on AWS or Azure.



Our AWS and Azure migration guides provide a detailed look at each migration phase and show you how SentryOne solutions can streamline the process

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Migrate SQL Server databases to the cloud with confidence

SentryOne CloudLifter combines four powerful DataOps and Database Performance Monitoring solutions to give you everything you need to plan, execute, and optimize your cloud workloads on Azure or AWS.

What's included in CloudLifter: 


DBA xPress 

Compare, synchronize, and navigate database schema across your environment in preparation for a cloud migration

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SentryOne Document

Automatically document databases, conduct metadata discovery, and track data origin during the migration

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With CloudLifter, you get four powerful solutions to help you plan, execute, and optimize your cloud workloads.

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