Check out a list of the upcoming webinars from members of our team. Topics include Query Tuning with SQL Server MVPs Kevin Kline and Aaron Bertrand, product demos with our Sales Engineering team, and much more.

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Check out the most recent blog posts from members of the SentryOne team. They cover everything from new advances in the SQL Server world to new features in SentryOne products to common technical issues data professionals run into.

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Check out where we will be throughout the year and find information on how you can attend these events. If you attend an event, make sure to stop by our booth because we would love to meet you.

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Websites provides innovative and practical solutions for improving SQL Server performance. is a question and answers site where you can upload query plans directly from Plan Explorer and have questions answered from execution plan analysis expert Paul White, among others.

SQLSentry.TV offers an inside look into the world of SentryOne with videos on query tuning and product demos. is where you can find all of our team members’ blogs as well as important information about the latest updates to SentryOne software, SQL Server and server performance issues. allows you to view server performance data from anywhere.

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