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October 2017

SentryOne Promotes Jason Hall to VP of Product

Charlotte, NC, October 20, 2017 - SentryOne, the Charlotte based technology company, has promoted Jason Hall to Vice President of Product.

August 2017

SentryOne Will Relocate to Charlotte's South End

Tech company will move from Huntersville to heart of Charlotte to create the ideal work environment for its growing team and to attract the area's top knowledge workers

January 2017

SentryOne Now Has an Unprecedented Seven MVPs

SentryOne, the developer of award-winning software for the Microsoft Data Platform, is now home to seven Microsoft MVPs, with a total of 60 MVP awards among them. John Martin, SentryOne Product Manager, became the seventh Microsoft MVP on staff after receiving the Data Platform MVP award this year.

October 2016

Migrating Databases to Azure SQL Database

Tim Radney of SQLskills discusses strategy and some available tools for helping migrate your databases to Azure SQL Database.

October 2016

Customizing Your Alert Emails in SentryOne

Lori Edwards (@loriedwards) shows two ways to customize the alert emails that are sent in response to Advisory Conditions.

October 2016

SentryOne – A New Partner Focus

With the new SentryOne version 11 there's never been a more complete solution for our partners to provide the best service for their customers.

October 2016

Plan Explorer 3.0 Demo Kit

Last month we released the new, all-free, Plan Explorer 3.0, and now seemed the right time to follow that up with the 3rd version of the demo kit, too.

October 2016

More than a Name Change : What's New in SentryOne?

Jason Hall (@SQLSaurus) discusses the rebranding of the SQL Sentry platform to SentryOne, and also highlights some of the new features in v11.

October 2016

SQL Sentry Becomes SentryOne and Unveils Unified Platform

October 2016

SentryOne : The Evolution of a Company and a Platform

CEO Greg Gonzalez details the history of our company and our software, and explains the reasons behind rebranding our software platform to SentryOne.

October 2016

Send SQL Sentry alerts to your phone

From time to time, we’ve gotten questions on whether it is possible to send the alerts generated by SQL Sentry to cell phones in the form of a text message.

September 2016

Using SQL Sentry on a 4K Monitor

We are aware that a few of you are enjoying these spiffy HiDPI / UltraHD / 4K screens, whether you're using a Retina screen, a Surface, or an external high-end monitor. We have plans to fully accommodate these higher resolutions in our software, and in the meantime, we have helped multiple customers with a workaround

September 2016

Got Virtualization? We Can Monitor It!

Lori Edwards (@loriedwards) provides a quick overview of our host and guest virtualization support for both VMware and Hyper-V in SQL Sentry.

September 2016

SQL Sentry Plan Explorer Free For All Users

SQL Sentry is pleased to announce that all Plan Explorer features are being made available for free. Historically, SQL Sentry has offered two versions of Plan Explorer, a Free edition with basic features, and a paid Pro edition with enhanced capabilities such as tuning history, query playback, and query-level wait stats. In the new free Plan Explorer, these powerful Pro edition features are now included, as are several unprecedented new capabilities for index tuning and real-time query performance profiling that have been in development for over a year.

September 2016

Plan Explorer PRO Goes FREE!

SQL Sentry CEO Greg Gonzalez (@SQLsensei) announces the completely free Plan Explorer 3.0, with two groundbreaking new features (Index Analysis and Performance Profiling).

September 2016

Custom Conditions: Trigger Threshold

Melissa Connors (@MelikaNoKaOi) explains when you should set a Trigger Threshold value on a Custom Condition and demonstrates a use case.

September 2016

SSRS Subscriptions and SQL Sentry Reports

John Martin describes how to automate your SQL Server Performance Reporting with SQL Sentry and SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) Report Subscriptions.

August 2016

SQL Sentry Performance Advisor : Disk Activity tab

Lori Edwards (@loriedwards) provides a detailed overview of the patented Disk Activity tab in SQL Sentry Performance Advisor.

July 2016

New Custom Conditions Pack (July 2016)

Melissa Connors (@MelikaNoKaOi) tells you what's new in the latest SQL Sentry Custom Conditions Pack for more intelligent SQL Server altering.

July 2016

SQL Sentry Introduces Performance Advisor for Microsoft Azure SQL Data Warehouse

SQL Sentry, LLC, the developer of award-winning software for SQL Server, is pleased to announce the release of Performance Advisor for Azure SQL Data Warehouse. Performance Advisor has long provided performance monitoring coverage for SQL Server professionals, and that has now been extended to provide support for BI professionals using Microsoft's new cloud offering, Microsoft Azure SQL Data Warehouse.

July 2016

Have You Been Using Runtime Statistics?

Patrick Kelley marks his debut on the SQL Sentry team blog with a deep dive into an often-overlooked feature, Runtime Statistics.

July 2016

Using the Email Alert Filter

Alec Pickup describes how to use the email alert filter in SQL Sentry software to conditionally determine when you will get alerted on a condition or event.

July 2016

Common Issues : Licensing Erros

George Boakye shows a few of the more common customer issues surrounding SQL Sentry licensing, and explains what you can do to resolve them quickly.

June 2016

SQL Sentry Custom Conditions for Vmware

Melissa Connors (@MelikaNoKaOi) describes the VMware-specific custom conditions and their use cases in right-sizing your virtual environments.

June 2016

Monitoring Tintri VM Stores : A Sneak Preview

Justin Randall (@jh_randall) provides an early preview of using SQL Sentry to visualize performance metrics from Tintri VM Stores.

June 2016

Custom Conditions: Maximum Instance Count

Melissa Connors (@MelikaNoKaOi) explains what the Maximum Instance Count is and how to use it when creating a Custom Condition.

June 2016

SQL Sentry & SIOS iQ : The Integration Begins

Brian Davis (@brian78) walks through configuring Custom Conditions in SQL Sentry to work with the SIOS iQ machine learning platform for VMware environments.

June 2016

New in the SQL Sentry Cloud : Report Subscriptions

Mike Wood (@mikewo) explains how customers using SQL Sentry Cloud can take advantage of Report Subscriptions to automate report delivery.

June 2016

Enabling verbal alerting through SQL Sentry

Richard Douglas (@SQLRich) shows how to extend SQL Sentry alerting, using Microsoft Office to verbally warn you about threats to your SQL Server environment.

June 2016

Announcing Plan Explorer Add-In Support for SSMS 2016

Aaron Bertrand (@AaronBertrand) reveals a new build of SQL Sentry Plan Explorer, updated to support the new add-in model introduced with the latest SSMS.

June 2016

SQL Sentry Customer Portal

Jim Holden walks through the SQL Sentry Customer Portal, explaining all of the functionality and resources it provides.

June 2016

Event Chains in Event Manager

Lori Edwards (@loriedwards) discusses what an important role trust can play in team dynamics, and explains how leaders can foster trust in their colleagues.

June 2016

New SIOS iQ Release Adds SQL Sentry Integration

SAN MATEO, Calif. SIOS Technology Corp. (, the industry’s leading provider of software products that help IT optimize and protect business critical application environments, today announced the newest release of SIOS iQ machine learning analytics software for VM environments.

May 2016

Jason and the Case of "The Condition Mission"

Jason Hall (@SQLSaurus) demonstrates his creative writing prowess with a sort-of-fictional tale about Custom Conditions in SQL Sentry Performance Advisor.

May 2016

Visualizing Jobs (and more! in Event Manager)

Lori Edwards (@loriedwards) walks through some interesting details about the calendar view in SQL Sentry Event Manager, including creating Custom Event Views.

April 2016

New SQL Sentry Custom Conditions Pack

Melissa Connors (@MelikaNoKaOi) shows you what's new in the latest SQL Sentry Custom Conditions Pack for more intelligent alerting options.

March 2016

Welcome to the Azure Marketplace

Mike Wood (@mikewo) introduces our first offering in the Azure Marketplace: a VM with SQL Sentry Performance Advisor, Event Manager, and Fragmentation Manager.

March 2016

Using Azure Automation to Pause SQL Data Warehouse

Continuing on with the theme of automation from his last post, Brian Davis (@Brian78) shifts to Azure SQL Data Warehouses (SQLDW).

March 2016

SQL Sentry v10 : Index Analysis

Aaron Bertrand (@AaronBertrand) provides some insight into a new feature in SQL Sentry v10, and coming soon to Plan Explorer : Index Analysis.

March 2016

What are SQL Sentry Monitoring Objects for Azure SQL Database

Mike Wood (@mikewo) explains why the option "Allow SQL Sentry monitoring objects in target" exists for Azure SQL Database, and what happens when you turn it on.

March 2016

SQL Sentry v10 : Introducing Support for Azure SQL Database

With the release of SQL Sentry v10, Mike Wood (@mikewo) gives a quick rundown of Performance Advisor for Azure SQL Database.

March 2016

SQL Sentry v10 : Your world's about to get a whole lot bigger

With some homage to the Walking Dead, Jason Hall (@SQLSaurus) gives an interesting overview of some of the exciting functionality coming in SQL Sentry v10.

March 2016

Custom Conditions : A Logical Choice

Melissa Connors (@MelikaNoKaOi) guides you through creating advanced SQL Sentry Custom Conditions with multi-step condition checks for intelligent alerting. 

January 2016

Delayed Durability while Purging Data

Melissa Connors (@MelikaNoKaOi) investigates using SQL Server's delayed durability feature to improve performance while purging data.

January 2016

Plan Explorer Update Just in "Time" for the New Year

Jason Hall (@SQLSaurus) shows off some of the new features in a brand new update for SQL Sentry Plan Explorer.

January 2016

Tuning : A Good Place to Start

Tim Radney of SQLskills gives an overview of his approach to SQL Server performance tuning, from system configuration, to I/O latency, to high cost queries.

December 2015

eNews, December 2015 - SQL Sentry v9.0

Have you ever had an experience that left you tired, but exhilarated? That’s an apt way to describe October and November for the team at SQL Sentry and much of the SQL Server community. October and November are the months of the PASS Summit, the Microsoft MVP Summit and other important conferences such as DEV/SQLintersection. It’s a time for the wider SQL Server community to meet and learn together, to see old friends from far away, and to make new friends. And with the holidays right around the corner, we can return home to more good cheer.

November 2015

SQL Sentry v9.0 Virtualization Support : VMware

Continuing from his v9.0 announcement post, Jason Hall (@SQLSaurus) describes SQL Sentry Performance Advisor monitoring of VMware guests and hosts.

November 2015

SQL Sentry v9.0 Virtualization Support : Hyper-V

Jason Hall (@SQLSaurus) explains SQL Sentry Performance Advisor monitoring of Hyper-V virtual machines as a follow-up to his v9.0 announcement post.

November 2015

SQL Sentry v9.0 : Virtualization, Cloud VMs, Global Baselines

Jason Hall (@SQLSaurus) explains major features in the SQL Sentry v9 release, including virtualization, cloud support, global baselines, and enhanced setup.

November 2015

SQL Sentry v9.0 : Monitoring APS and Azure SQL Data Warehouse

David Benoit (@SQLTentMaker) gives a high-level overview of new monitoring capabilities in SQL Sentry v9.0 : APS and Azure SQL Data Warehouse.

October 2015

Charlotte Best Places to Work

SQL Sentry, located in Huntersville next to Birkdale Village, was recently recognized by the Charlotte Business Journal as one of the 2015 Best Places to Work. As described by the Charlotte Business Journal, “CBJ’s Best Places to Work program recognizes companies that have managed to strike a balance between bottom-line goals and what employees care about most — the benefits packages, policies and other perks that keep them happy, healthy and engaged in their jobs.”

September 2015

eNews, September 2015 - Performance Boot Camp

Fall marks the start of our busy season at SQL Sentry. While there is also a spike in conferences in the Spring season of the year, it’s a shadow of the Fall season. Come Fall, there are many important conferences for us to attend, from the intimate Q&A time and lush conference settings of the DEV/SQLintersection Conference to the yearly anchor event of the SQL Server world, the PASS Summit.

August 2015

eNews, August 2015 - Our Team is Growing!

Here we grow again! We’ve added so many people to our rolls that we’ve nearly doubled in size since this time last year. Every department has added personnel. But there are two recent additions that I want to especially highlight – Allen White and Mike Wood.

August 2015

Monitoring Availability Group Replica Synchronization

Jonathan Kehayias (@SQLPoolBoy) of SQLskills uses practical examples to show multiple ways to monitor Availability Group replica synchronization in your environment.

August 2015

Applying Data Compression to the SQL Sentry Database : Part 5

Melissa Connors (@MelikaNoKaOi) follows up on her data compression series, providing details on wait statistics, MAXDOP settings, and Performance Advisor.

July 2015

SQL Sentry Releases Content Pack for Power BI

SQL Sentry, LLC, the developer of award-winning software for SQL Server, is pleased to announce the release of the Power BI content pack for SQL Sentry, originally announced in May. The SQL Sentry Cloud already provides web access to your SQL Sentry performance and event data from anywhere, and across any tablet or mobile device. The new Power BI content pack for SQL Sentry further extends these cloud capabilities to deliver analytics for key areas such as performance, downtime, disk utilization, and operations.

July 2015

Get SQL Sentry Alerts on Slack

Jason Hall (@SQLSaurus) describes configuring SQL Sentry to send alerts to slack channels through IFTTT, which opens up all kinds of doors for automation.

July 2015

Analyze This

Rick Pittser (@rjpittser) gives a rundown of using our new Power BI Content Pack, which was officially released today.

July 2015

eNews, July 2015 - New Public Condition Sharing

While most organizations slow down a lot during the summer to accommodate everyone taking a vacation, things have instead gotten busier at SQL Sentry with the release of new products, and with SQLVacation running concurrently.

July 2015

Applying Data Compression to the SQL Sentry Database : Part 4

Melissa Connors (@MelikaNoKaOi) concludes her data compression series, providing the DDL commands you can apply to your own SQL Sentry database.

July 2015

Going Public

Rick Pittser (@rjpittser) talks about new functionality in SQL Sentry v8.5, which will allow all users to author and share their own custom conditions.

July 2015

Applying Data Compression to the SQL Sentry Database : Part 3

Melissa Connors (@MelikaNoKaOi) continues her compression series, looking at disk I/O, memory usage, and decision-making tables for selecting compression.

July 2015

Applying Data Compression to the SQL Sentry Database : Part 2

Melissa Connors (@MelikaNoKaOi) continues her series on data compression, focusing on costs of implementation, index maintenance, and running SQL Sentry.

July 2015

Applying Data Compression to the SQL Sentry Database : Part 1

Melissa Connors (@MelikaNoKaOi) investigates the approach, costs, and space/performance benefits of applying data compression to the SQL Sentry database.

June 2015

eNews, June 2015 - $25M Investment From Mainsail Partners!

June marks my third anniversary with SQL Sentry. I wasn’t employee number 15, since some others had come and gone in the years since the company was founded. But I was the 15th member of full-time staff at that time. Fast forward three years and you’ll find that we have nearly 50 full-time employees, have moved offices once, and are now expanding our current offices yet again!

June 2015

SQL Sentry Secures $25M Investment to Increase Performance for SQL Server Database Customers

SQL Sentry, the developer of award-winning software for SQL Server database professionals, announced today it has secured a $25M growth equity investment from Mainsail Partners. Mainsail Partners, based in San Francisco, is a growth equity firm focused on investing in fast-growing, profitable and bootstrapped businesses. The capital will be used to accelerate SQL Sentry’s product development, scale sales and marketing, and expand and enhance its client services.

June 2015

Nothing Is Free, Including Buffer Space

Jason Hall (@SQLSaurus) has seen some confusion from customers about what the Performance Advisor dashboard is showing when they see free space in buffer. So he decided to write a blog post to explain what it means.

May 2015

Analyzing I/O Performance for SQL Server

SQLskills' Glenn Berry (@GlennAlanBerry) talks about measuring I/O performance for SQL Server, focusing on latency, IOPS, and sequential throughput.

May 2015

SQL Sentry Introduces Content Pack for Microsoft Power BI

SQL Sentry, Inc., the developer of award-winning software for SQL Server, is pleased to announce the release of the Power BI content pack for SQL Sentry in June of this year. The SQL Sentry Cloud ( already provides web access to your SQL Sentry performance and event data from anywhere, and across any tablet or mobile device. The new Power BI content pack for SQL Sentry further extends these cloud capabilities to deliver analytics for key areas such as performance, downtime, disk utilization, and operations.

May 2015

Feel the Power!

We are excited to announce that in June, there will be a Power BI content pack for SQL Sentry. The new Power BI content pack for SQL Sentry further extends our cloud capabilities to deliver analytics for key areas such as performance, downtime, disk utilization, and operations. In this post, Rick Pittser (@rjpittser) discusses what Power BI is and gives a sneak peak at what our dashboard will look like.

April 2015

eNews, April 2015 - The Women of SQL Sentry

March was an unusually cold month for most of the USA and, if you’re like me, April is already looking to be a welcome change for warmer weather. One thing a lot of people don’t know about March is that it is Women in History Month. Let’s spend a moment to think about that. My aspiration is to demonstrate on a daily basis, through my words and deeds, the degree of respect and appreciation I hold for the women in my life and for women around the world.

April 2015

I Didn't Know it Could Do That! : Enabling Additional Performance Counters

A question customers frequently ask our support and professional services teams is: "How do I get Performance Advisor to collect performance counter <X>?" So Justin Randall (@jh_randall) decided to write a blog post on how you can enable additional performance counters.

April 2015

SQL Sentry Performance Advisor : Alerting, Baselines, and Standard Deviations

One of the new features in version 8.4 of our software is the ability to alert based on standard deviations. Standard deviations can be tricky so Lori Edwards (@loriedwards) decided to write this blog post on how this feature works. In the post, she gives some background on how to use standard deviations from a baseline for custom conditions in Performance Advisor.

April 2015

SQL Sentry Plan Explorer v2.7 : Better Anonymization

On April 1st, we released a new build of Plan Explorer: v2.7. The change list includes a list of all of the fixes and new features. Aaron Bertrand (@AaronBertand) decided to write a blog post on one of the major new enhancements in v2.7 : better anonymization.

April 2015

Mitigating Index Fragmentation

Paul Randal (@PaulRandal) of SQLskills provides a follow up to his post on unexpected clustered index fragmentation. In this one, he gives some thorough and helpful tips on reducing or eliminating the impact of index fragmentation in SQL Server.

April 2015

Saving settings for SQL Sentry

A common question that comes into our support team is “How can I save my settings for SQL Sentry?” One of the members of our support team, Jim Holden (@SQLJim) answers that question in this blog post. He shows one approach to saving your settings for SQL Sentry – separating them from all the other data collected in the SQL Sentry database.

April 2015

Pulling Top SQL from the SQL Sentry database

Jason Hall (@SQLSaurus) has been sharing a great blog series on how to mine performance data from our database. One question that has come a lot has been how can you query Top SQL data that we’ve collected with Performance Advisor. Aaron Bertrand (@AaronBertrand) decided to answer that question by showing how to pull Top SQL data from our database, in case you don't have client access or have more grueling and complex filters.

April 2015

My Favorite SQL Sentry v8.4 Features: #1 – Dashboard Custom Wait Categories

Version 8.4 of our software was recently released so Justin Randall (@jh_randall) decided to start a series about some of his favorite features in the new version. In his first post, he looks at Custom Wait Categories on the Performance Advisor Dashboard.

April 2015

Connecting SQL Sentry to a Different Domain

Occasionally, you may need to connect the SQL Sentry Client to a SQL Sentry database in another domain. If you don't have a SQL authentication login for that server, you will need Windows Authentication, using a remote domain account. But without a trust, you won't be able to use the credentials from your local workstation, whether you're in a completely different domain or you're not even on a domain. Even our Senior Consultant, Aaron Bertrand has run into this error so he decided to write a blog post on how you can use the RunAs command to get around it.

March 2015

eNews, March 2015 - Speed! SPEED! SPEED!!!

March is the month that most of us associate with spring. In the same way that greenery is bursting forth here in North Carolina, we have a host of new activities and initiatives springing up at SQL Sentry. For one thing, thanks to your strong support as our customers, March has led to big growth inside of the company with many new hires joining the team. On top of internal growth, we’re strengthening a variety of our research and development processes and broadening our product mix to bring even more of our market-leading innovation to your favorite products.

March 2015 security and you!

With all the stories in the news recently regarding cyber-hacking, information stealing, and data security, one of the most frequently-asked questions about has been “How secure is my data?” Rick Pittser (@rjpittser) decided to write a blog post on the way security has been envisioned and implemented from the start in

March 2015

Validating network blips using SQL Sentry data

Aaron Bertrand (@AaronBertrand) was asked by one of our customers how they could detect any trends in network availability, since they knew that when they lose connectivity to a server, they have a client alert that indicates that – at least as far as they're concerned – the server is offline. Because of this question, Aaron decided to write a blog post and show a few tricks for visualizing and comparing "service offline" alerts to help validate and troubleshoot network blips.

March 2015

SQL Sentry and System Center Operations Manager

Scott Fallen (@ScottFallen) explains how our monitoring and deep dive tuning capabilities to be a great complement to System Center Operations Manager (SCOM). SCOM does not provide much out-of-the-box functionality for SQL Server, even with the SQL Server Management Pack. Our software provides the same scalability as SCOM with a less labor-intensive configuration process.

March 2015

Unexpected Clustered Index Fragmentation

In a departure from his series on ‘knee-jerk performance tuning’, Paul Randal (@PaulRandal) of SQLskills decided to discuss index fragmentation. In this post, he describes several ways clustered index fragmentation can sneak up on us, and how it can impact your workload.

March 2015

Mining Performance Data from SQL Sentry : Part 6

Continuing his series on mining performance data from the SQL Sentry database, Jason Hall (@SQLSaurus) shows us how to use dynamic PIVOT to aggregate data.

February 2015

eNews, February 2015 - The New Support Center

February is the season for sending Valentine’s Day cards and sweet nothings. But Mother Nature decided to send a veritable tsunami of ice and snow at the SQL Sentry team, from Nashville (me) to New England (Aaron) to Charlotte (company HQ). Only Lori Edwards, in sunny Tucson, managed to escape frosty toes and steaming breath.

February 2015

SQL Sentry v8.3 Rundown

In version 8.3, we have pushed the envelope again, enhancing both features to make them even more useful. Arguably the most exciting enhancements in v8.3 are found in Custom Conditions, where three important new features make their appearance. Additionally, the Show Totals feature in Performance Advisor's Top SQL module has been extended to the Procedure Stats and Query Stats tabs. We'll touch on each of these features in this post and, as always, more in-depth information is available in the User Guide.

February 2015

SQL Sentry Plan Explorer links

Aaron Bertrand (@AaronBertrand) posted his slide deck from his presentation on Plan Explorer at SQLSaturday #357 in Cleveland. He also provided a set of value Plan Explorer links in case anyone needs to find something.

February 2015

SQL Server Agent Alerts

Being a database administrator has many responsibilities, and knowing what is happening on your SQL Server is one of them. Being proactive and alerted to errors is one of the traits that makes someone a great DBA. In this post, Tim Radney (@tradney) of shows how to set up SQL Server Agent alerts and how you can stay ahead of the game in terms of performance and event monitoring.

February 2015

Performance Baselines and Benchmarks for Microsoft SQL Server

The ability to conduct a database performance test to establish baseline measurements and workload performance benchmarks is one of the skills that strongly distinguishes the senior DBAs from the junior DBAs. The challenges in collecting the baselines and benchmarks can be daunting, but the benefits of having them are worth the time and energy.

January 2015

Mining Performance Data from SQL Sentry : Part 5

Jason Hall (@SQLSaurus) takes his series on mining performance data to the next level, explaining how to derive current and historical performance data.

January 2015

eNews, January 2015 - Travel Schedule and Version 8.3

For many of us, January is a month of tying up the loose ends from the previous year and making resolutions to do better in the coming year. One of our resolutions for 2015 is to get out into the community more often to see you at more community events. I hope you’ll make an effort to come out and see us. We love to get your feedback!

January 2015

Alerting on a Call Schedule with SQL Sentry

One challenge DBAs often have using the native tools is that it is difficult to set alerts to target different users at different times. Being able to have alerts follow a call schedule is a huge advantage. In the post, Sales Engineer Scott Fallen (@ScottFallen) describes how to set up SQL Sentry alerting so that the right people are notified during the right time frames.

December 2014

I Didn’t Know It Could Do That! – Using Notes

Justin Randall (@jh_randall) shows how to use the Notes feature in SQL Sentry software to help document issues and streamline troubleshooting efforts. There are three key advantages to including notes in your monitoring solution. First, the information is readily available in the same product/interface you are using to troubleshoot and resolve issues. Second, all users have access to that information and third, the information can be automatically included in notifications when an alert is fired.

December 2014

Proactive SQL Server Health Checks, Part 2: Maintenance

Erin Stellato (@erinstellato) of continues her series on proactive SQL Server health checks, this time focusing on mastering maintenance tasks. She looks at the maintenance tasks that need to be run regularly such as backups, integrity checks, index maintenance and statistics updates.

December 2014

Mining Performance Data from SQL Sentry : Part 4

Jason Hall (@SQLSaurus) continues his series on mining performance data with a post about obtaining file and VLF information from the SQL Sentry database.

December 2014

eNews, December 2014 - Top Blog Posts of 2014

It’s almost time to mark the passage of another year. As the temperatures drop and the days grow shorter, I like to take the opportunity to gaze into the hearth fire and reflect upon the previous year. Besides, gazing reflectively into a hearth fire in August would be very hot and sweaty.

December 2014

Proactive SQL Server Health Checks, Part 1 : Disk Space

Erin Stellato (@erinstellato) of kicks off a series on proactive SQL Server health checks. In her first post, she explains how she handles disk space management for customers. She also explains why always verifies the following for every audit: the size of each log file, size of each data file, free space in each data file, free space on each drive with database files and free space on each drive with backup files.

December 2014

Analysing Execution Plans With SQL Sentry Plan Explorer

The #SQLCoop team decided to collaborate and discuss why they like SQL Sentry Plan Explorer. In this one, Julie Koesmarno shows how she uses Plan Explorer to view Estimated and Actual Execution Plans. He also shares some of our favorite features like the Anonymize button.

December 2014

SQL Sentry Plan Explorer – Don’t Leave Home Without It

The #SQLCoop team decided to collaborate and discuss why they like SQL Sentry Plan Explorer. In this one, Chris Yates discusses what the differences are between the free and PRO versions. He also shares how he uses Plan Explorer and why you should have it as part of your DBA tool belt.

December 2014

SQL Sentry Plan Explorer: You can’t live without it

The #SQLCoop team decided to collaborate and discuss why they like SQL Sentry Plan Explorer. In this one, Jeffrey Verheul shows how you can integrate SQL Server Management Studio with Plan Explorer. He also shows what the differences are between Plan Explorer and the default SSMS windows.

December 2014

I didn’t know it could do that! (Reports – not just for managers)

Justin Randall (@jh_randall) continues his series on "hidden" gems in SQL Sentry software by looking at Performance Advisor and Event Manager reports. He shows how you can find the reports and explains some of the uses for them.

November 2014

Troubleshooting SQL Server Wait Stats

In this white paper, SQL Server MVP Kevin Kline discusses the most common problems facing IT teams who focus their performance troubleshooting activities solely on wait statistics. This can serve as a useful and effective template for performance troubleshooting which you will be able to use over and over again whenever SQL Server performance is called into question.

November 2014

Mining Performance Data from SQL Sentry : Part 3

Jason Hall (@SQLSaurus) adds to his series on mining performance data from the SQL Sentry database, this time showing how to get information about disks.

November 2014

Condition Exchange for SQL Sentry Performance Advisor

Aaron Bertrand (@AaronBertrand) shows how to get the most out of custom conditions in SQL Sentry Performance Advisor, using the Condition Exchange at He also shows how to set up cloud synchronization directly within the SQL Sentry Client.

November 2014

eNews, November 2014 - Release of SQL Sentry v8.2

SQL Sentry Recognized For Unparalleled Support of the SQL Server Community With Prestigious Third MVP Award. You might look at the headline and think “Of course, SQL Sentry supports the SQL Server community. That’s where they make all their money.” However, it really is much more than monetization with us, which I’ll explain in a moment. But first I’m proud to announce that Greg Gonzalez, our CEO, was recently awarded Microsoft’s prestigious Most Valuable Professional Award (MVP) for his support of the SQL Server community.

November 2014

Mining Performance Data from SQL Sentry : Part 2

Jason Hall (@SQLSaurus) continues his series aiming to help you derive additional information by mining performance data from the SQL Sentry database.

October 2014

SQL Sentry v8.2: Adaptive Web UIs and Fast Query Capture

Greg Gonzalez (@SQLsensei) walks through two exciting new features in SQL Sentry v8.2 : Adaptive UIs and Fast Query Capture. Adaptive Web UIs provide many ways to view your SQL Server environment across many servers at once, on mobile devices, tablets, and PC-based systems. Fast Query Capture is designed to detect and diagnose the “death by one thousand cuts” scenario. In this situation, a server experiences performance problems not from a handful of huge, slow-running SQL batches rather it loses tiny chunks of resources from lots of tiny, but poorly coded SQL batches.

October 2014

Mining Performance Data from SQL Sentry : Part 1

Jason Hall (@SQLSaurus) starts a series of posts to help you derive additional information by mining performance data from the SQL Sentry database.

October 2014

How can I view more than one Performance Advisor dashboard at a time?

Jim Holden (@SQLJim) has a new post over on Have you ever wondered how to view more than one Performance Advisor dashboard at a time? The ability to see multiple dashboards is very helpful to many folks, especially our customers working in Network Operations Centers. So, Jim walks through the steps that you can follow to set this up in any environment.

September 2014

eNews, September 2014 - New Version of Plan Explorer

Until the release of SQL Server 2000, there was no widely known and fully documented way to clear the important caches within SQL Server without fully restarting the service. (There were some undocumented methods introduced in SQL Server 7.) As a person writing a lot of SQL statements and stored procedures, it was especially difficult to get good performance metrics comparing two different queries that returned the same result set without quite a bit of extra work.

August 2014

eNews, August 2014 - SQL Server Resources and Overview of Fragmentation Manager

Back when I was starting my career in the late ‘80s, it took a lot of work to upgrade your technology skills. Back then, you had to deliberately and actively acquire resources to get better. There was no Internet. Purchasing kits to experiment with and learn on was pricey, with an IBM-PC clone costing between $2400 and $3600. That’s nearly 2-3 times more in today's dollars. Bookstores were mostly of the local mom-and-pop variety with few technology titles on the shelves to choose from, since large book chains were years in the future.

August 2014

I Didn't Know It Could Do That! (Part 2)

Justin Randall continues his blog series aimed at showing our customers things they might not know about Performance Advisor and Event Manager. In this post, Justin explores the many properties of a single control type found throughout the SQL Sentry Client - the grid.

July 2014

SQL Sentry Fragmentation Manager: An Overview

Lori Edwards goes over our product Fragmentation Manager, which is an add-in to Performance Advisor. Performance Advisor on its own provides a great deal of information about the indexes within your databases, but Fragmentation Manager adds additional insight into health, size and usage of your indexes as well as provides a tool to manage your indexes.

July 2014

I Didn't Know It Could Do That

Justin Randall begins a blog series aimed at showing our customers things they might not know about Performance Advisor and Event Manager. In this first post, Justin discusses the “Jump To” Menu, which is a context menu command that allows you to navigate from one element of the client to another while maintaining the time range of the jump off point.

July 2014

Another Way to View Automatic Updates to Statistics

Over on, Erin Stellato of has a blog series where she looks at different methods that can be used to track automatic updates to statistics. In her first post, she went through 3 options that are available in SQL Server: SQL Trace, Extended Events, and snapshots of sys.dm_db_stats_properties. In this post, she discusses how Plan Explorer and Performance Advisor make it easier to track automatic statistics updates.

July 2014

eNews, July 2014 - New White Paper on Alerting

One of the questions I frequently encounter is “I know what I’m supposed to do with my monitoring and tuning tools, but why should I do those things?” I’m happy to inform you that I have been hard at work on answering a variety of those why questions. In fact, we’ve started a push to create more and deeper content on the why of database monitoring and tuning best practices. That means you’ll be seeing a variety of new white papers (i.e. long and in-depth) and tech briefs (i.e. short and distilled) relating to managing, maintaining, and tuning your SQL Server investments.

June 2014

SQL Server, SharePoint & Windows Alerts: A New Take on Alerting

In this white paper, SQL Server MVP Kevin Kline discusses how the basic alerting system included with SQL Server behaves. He also shows how SQL Sentry's alerting functionality overcomes many of these limitations and those of many other alerting systems. Whether you're currently using a Windows, SharePoint, or SQL Server alerting system that you're very happy with or you're considering acquiring one, it's important to be aware of the potential limitations of that alerting system and then develop strategies to shore up those weaknesses.

June 2014

Gap Analysis

Jason Hall (@SQLSaurus) wants to take a minute to talk about gaps. Not the kind where you find trendy clothes for the young (and young at heart) folks, but the kind that you might see in a performance chart on the SQL Sentry Performance Advisor Dashboard.

June 2014

Fixes for SQL Server 2012 & 2014 Online Index Rebuild Issue

Aaron Bertrand warns about a parallelism bug found in SQL Server 2012 and 2014 that could lead to data loss following online index rebuilds. If you are in a situation where you can’t apply the 2012 or 2014 hot fixes that address the issue, then you can use Fragmentation Manager’s MAXDOP setting to bypass the bug.

May 2014

eNews, May 2014 - The Summer Sprint

Our May newsletter is a little later than usual due to what we call the Summer Sprint. This is the yearly period from May to June where we attend what seems like a gazillion conferences and events, such as the PASS Business Analytics Conference and Microsoft TechEd. This keeps us on the go and probably also leaves the Dev team a lot happier that we’re not drinking all of their favorite coffee in the Pub.

April 2014

Welcome Global Alliance Partner SQL Sentry

PASS is excited to welcome SQL Sentry as a Gold Level Global Alliance Partner, expanding the company’s strong individual event and program sponsorships into a comprehensive, strategic relationship that supports the worldwide PASS community year-round.

April 2014

eNews, April 2014 - The New SQL Sentry

Spring has sprung throughout the South here in the USA. The Bradford pear trees, saucer magnolias, and forsythia have all blossomed, bringing a rainbow of colors and sweet fragrances to life. And just as the natural world is bursting forth everywhere you look, so is SQL Sentry. The first thing you might notice upon visiting (that’s right, DOT COM!) is the entirely new look and feel for the website.

April 2014

SQL Sentry v8: Baselines from Every Angle

In my last post I covered the exciting new intelligent alerting features in SQL Sentry v8. Next up in the series is another huge and often requested feature: Baselining. Designing this feature proved to be somewhat of a challenge due to the diversity of opinions on this topic. Seems that everyone has a different idea about baselining – what it is, and how it should be used effectively to improve performance.

April 2014

SQL Sentry Introduces v8 with Intelligent Alerting, Baselining, and Cloud Features

The Power Suite continues its category dominance as the most complete monitoring solution available for SQL Server, with seamless history tracking and the lowest documented server overhead. The new features of v8 fall into three main categories: intelligent performance alerting, flexible performance baselining and cloud access to shared performance data.

March 2014

SQL Sentry v8: Intelligent Alerting Redefined

It's tempting to insert some clever reference to everyone's favorite vegetable juice medley here, but I will refrain, for fear of diminishing what is perhaps the most significant SQL Sentry release to date! In v8 we've addressed the three most frequent requests from our users – performance alerting, baselining, and cloud access – and we've done so in typical SQL Sentry fashion.

March 2014

An updated Plan Explorer demo kit

Back in 2010, we first released SQL Sentry Plan Explorer, a free application for query tuning through deep but intuitive execution plan analysis. The following year, I created a demo kit for Plan Explorer, responding to numerous requests for demos to help people share the tool (without having to come up with their own problematic queries and interesting plans). The kit was designed to give people better insight into the advantages of our tool, and to help them share its virtues with colleagues, user groups, and the SQL Server community at large.

February 2014

eNews, February 2014 - Top Articles

February is the month for Valentine’s Day. So let’s take a couple of minutes to share the love with all of the technical knowledge we’ve been publishing lately. It’s not quite a dozen roses and a box of chocolates, but if it can save me a lot of time and effort at the office, it’s a gift that’s just as sweet.

January 2014

eNews, January 2014 - On The Road

We’ve turned the corner and have come full stride into 2014 with a flurry of activity. On the R&D side, we’re hard at work pushing our latest product release through final beta testing with the intention of putting a wrap on the RTM code very soon.

December 2013

eNews, December 2013 - Year Recap

We’ve reached the time of year, between Christmas and New Year’s Day, in which it is customary to reflect on the past twelve months and to plan for the next twelve. 2013 has been a huge year for SQL Sentry. There are, of course, some of the really big milestones to celebrate, such as doubling the size of our staff.

November 2013

eNews, November 2013 - Meet the Authors

One of the things that attracted me to SQL Sentry as a potential employee was that I liked the people and the culture. The corporate culture is focused on developing technical excellence in our products and within the staff, as well as a strong emphasis on responsiveness to our customers.

October 2013

eNews, October 2013 - PASS Summit Recap

The annual PASS Summit, held in our hometown of Charlotte, NC, was at the top of our minds for the month of October. And we rolled out the red carpet in a big way. If you know anything about the staff here at SQL Sentry, then you’re probably expecting me and my colleague Microsoft MVP Aaron Bertrand to be doing double-duty at the conference. And you certainly wouldn’t be wrong.

September 2013

A Brief Tour of SQL Sentry's "AlwaysOnMonitoring"

"My first impressions are very favorable and I do think this is a useful tool – particularly for environments that have numerous availability groups and higher complexity topologies."

September 2013

eNews, September 2013 - Fall Conference Season

Personally, fall is my favorite season of the year. I’m always thankful when the summer heat abates and the nights take on a chill. Just as so many kids look forward to June and the summer break that follows, I look forward to September and the change in weather that follows.

August 2013

SQL Sentry Introduces v7.5 including AlwaysOn Monitoring

"Our ultimate objective with this release of SQL Sentry Performance Advisor was to increase visibility and manageability around AlwaysOn in dramatic fashion, thereby enabling it to reach its full potential," said Greg Gonzalez, President and CEO, SQL Sentry. "This new functionality is so powerful, some of our clients are even using it for resource management across commodity servers, something I'm not sure the AlwaysOn creators ever envisioned."

August 2013

eNews, August 2013 - Richard Petty Driving Experience Winners

The heavy rains of August may have washed out the gullies and flooded the parking lot here at SQL Sentry HQ, but they certainly didn’t dampen our spirits. With last month’s release of the 7.5 version of our flagship product, SQL Sentry, the Dev team is hard at work on the next elements on our product roadmap.

July 2013

SQL Sentry v7.5: A Better AlwaysOn

When we released SQL Sentry v7.2 with dedicated Windows monitoring last October, we were already hard at work on the AlwaysOn-oriented features that would become v7.5. We wanted to be the first to market with integrated, visual AlwaysOn monitoring and management, and I'm happy to say that we've achieved this goal – v7.5 RTM is now available for download!

July 2013

eNews, July 2013 - version 7.5

There are so many cool things going on at SQL Sentry this month that I hardly know where to start. But I’m going to give it my best shot. Before I get started let me remind you, if you’ve been attending our weekly SQL query tuning webcasts, then you know that on July 31st, we’ll be giving away our big SQLRacerX prizes. There’s still time to get your name into the hat with our last demo webcast scheduled for July 31st.

June 2013

eNews, June 2013 - Richard Petty Driving Experience

Summer is here and we are running full throttle. We’ve already had hundreds of entries, but the odds are still in your favor to win one of 3 Rookie Experience packages or 3 Ride Along packages from the Richard Petty Driving Experience at the Charlotte Motor Speedway! You’ll be able to enjoy the ride of a lifetime and a fun party to boot on the closing Friday of the PASS 2013 Summit in our hometown of Charlotte, NC.

May 2013

eNews, May 2013 - UK Travel Recap and eBook Sign-up

A lot has happened since our last eNews edition and there is even more in the works. Our new eBook is almost ready! You can email to get on the pre-order list or attend one of our weekly SQL Server webcast to get the promo code allowing you to download the eBook from the Kindle store for free.

April 2013

eNews, April 2013 - Conferences, Keynotes, and Community

April was one of our busiest months ever here at SQL Sentry. Just about every facet of the organization is hard at work. We have a pipeline full of new R&D innovations in the works. All of our teams are growing and on-boarding new staff. Plus, it’s the spring conference onslaught.

March 2013

Plan Explorer PRO 2.5: Query plans your way

Have you ever worked with a query plan that was so large and unwieldy that it was next to impossible to make any sense of it? It can be a frustrating endeavor, for sure. Plan Explorer has always done some things that can help with these plans, such as color-scaling costs and vertically compressing subtrees. Even so, when you're zoomed out to 10% and still only fitting a quarter of the plan on screen, color-scaling won't buy you much.

March 2013

eNews, March 2013 - The Amazing Little Toolbar

It is amazing how one little toolbar can make such a huge difference by providing an unprecedented level of control in how you visualize your query execution plans.

February 2013

eNews, February 2013 - Plan Explorer +

I love it when a plan comes together! In this case, I’m talking about execution plans. As you’ll see in our Product News category, we’ve been hard at work building an even stronger set of execution plan assessment features into both the Free and PRO versions of Plan Explorer. The key new feature in our February release is, in a word, "socialization". We’ve made it one-click easy to get help with your execution plan at our new Q&A website

January 2013

eNews, January 2013 - Announcing Performance Advisor for Windows

There are so many fun and exciting things to tell you about in this issue of the SQL Sentry eNews! First of all, please allow me to say Hi. My name is Kevin Kline, a long-time veteran of the SQL Server community. I was privileged to join the SQL Sentry team back in the summer of 2012. SQL Sentry has some of the most powerful and useful tools on the market today and I'm really happy to be able to contribute to the next generation of even better tools and services.

December 2012

Trimming the Transaction Log Fat

Paul Randal discusses how the database’s transaction log can be a bottleneck that adds to the time it takes a transaction to complete. He also discusses how to identify fragmented indexes to ultimately help reduce transaction log usage.

November 2012

SQL Sentry Introduces Power Suite v7.2 at PASS Community Summit

The Power Suite continues its category dominance as the most complete monitoring solution with seamless history tracking and the lowest documented server overhead. The new features of v7.2 fall into three main categories: Query Plan Analysis, Windows Monitoring, and History/Alert Filtering. v7.2 includes two exciting new products: Performance Advisor for Windows and Event Manager for Windows.

November 2012

eNews, SQL Sentry Launches Version 7.2

We recently showcased our latest release, SQL Sentry version 7.2, at SQLConnections in Las Vegas and the PASS Community Summit 2012 in Seattle. Both were great conferences and we always appreciate the opportunity to meet personally with the SQL Server community.

October 2012

SQL Sentry Launches Plan Explorer PRO

"SQL Sentry Plan Explorer PRO was developed in response to many users’ request for additional features and functionality that fall beyond the scope of a free too", said Greg Gonzalez, President and CEO, SQL Sentry. "Several of the features required significant development effort but they deliver the enhanced efficiency that busy SQL Server professionals require".

October 2012

SQL Sentry v7.2 does Windows (and a whole lot more)

Since releasing SQL Sentry v7 with Fragmentation Manager in May, we've been hard at work on v7.2. Development ran concurrently with Plan Explorer PRO, which was released last week. v7.2 includes two exciting new products: Performance Advisor for Windows and Event Manager for Windows. The release candidate was recently published, and you can download it from our customer portal.

October 2012

It's Time to Go PRO!

It's hard to believe that we released the first version of Plan Explorer almost two years ago! The acceptance it has seen by the SQL Server community during that time has been amazing, and tremendously gratifying for all of us here at SQL Sentry. From the start we've had many requests for additional features and functionality. Many of those went directly into the free tool. For others, it was obvious that some serious heavy lifting and/or an increase in the support requirements would be involved, making them not well-suited for a free tool.

August 2012

My Perspective: The Top 5 Most Common SQL Server Performance Problems

In this post, Jason Hall shares the top 5 SQL Server Performance issues that our Client Services team sees on daily basis. He discusses the problems with tempdb PAGELATCH contention, expecting auto update statistics to keep statistics updated, and more.

July 2012

SQL Sentry Announces Kevin Kline As Director of Engineering Services

Kevin has been a Microsoft SQL Server MVP since 2004 and is a noted leader in the SQL Server industry. His product designs have won multiple "Best of TechEd" and "Readers' Choice" awards. He is a founding board member and former president of PASS. He has written or co-written eleven books including the best-selling SQL in a Nutshell. Kevin contributes monthly columns to SQL Server Pro and DBTA magazines.

July 2012

eNews, SQL Sentry Announces Kevin Kline as Director of Engineering Services

We're excited to announce the newest addition to the SQL Sentry team, Kevin Kline. It would be difficult to be a member of the SQL Server world and not know who Kevin is, and be aware of his many contributions to the community.

May 2012

SQL Sentry v7 goes Gold!

After what has been a relatively smooth beta, we're going gold with v7 today! Read more about v7 features in my last post. I've also got some exciting news regarding new fragmentation-related features included in the base software, and how to get FREE licenses of both Performance Advisor and Fragmentation Manager.

April 2012

SQL Sentry v7: With our new Fragmentation Manager module

7 represents the culmination of almost a year of effort, and ideas going back much, much further than that. We've completely redone several aspects of the software such as alerting (condition and action) configuration, and we've added some awesome new features like automated defrag, computer groups, and CMS support to boot. Did I mention SQL Server 2012?

January 2012

Comparing multiple plans in SQL Sentry Plan Explorer

I’ve seen the question a few times now: “How do I compare two plans side-by-side in Plan Explorer?” Management Studio allows you to view multiple graphical plans that are visible simultaneously, either by generating plans for every statement in a batch, or by generating plans in separate query windows and then splitting the panes. However, at least in my estimation, a lot of the other metrics and properties are more valuable when performing comparisons.

December 2011

Product Review: SQL Sentry Power Suite 6.2 Earns 4.5 Out of 5 Stars!

"SQL Sentry Power Suite is feature rich and provides easy navigation between its integrated applications using a predictable console. I was impressed by how comprehensive it was and surprised at how useful it could be as a tool for ensuring good performance from the BI solutions that I design," says Brian Erlich, SQL Server Pro (Magazine)

November 2011

SQL Sentry Named As Winner of Multiple SQL Server Magazine Awards

SQL Sentry Performance Advisor, Event Manager and Plan Explorer are recognized with six awards from Penton Media’s SQL Server Magazine in the following categories: Best Database Monitoring and Performance Product, Best Database Management Product, and Best Free Tool.

October 2011

eNews, SQL Sentry Version 6.2, Plan Explorer, and SQLskills

We recently showcased our latest release, SQL Sentry version 6.2, at SQLBits 9 in Liverpool and the PASS Summit 2011 in Seattle. We continue to receive accolades for not only developing SQL Sentry Plan Explorer, but also for making it available to the community for FREE. And, if you've not had the opportunity to attend SQLskills Immersion Training, do whatever you need to in order to make that happen in 2012.

October 2011

SQL Sentry v6.2: SharePoint Timer Jobs, Oh My!

We recently released SQL Sentry v6.2, and it introduces an exciting new product: Event Manager for SharePoint. v6.2 contains several other new features as well, including SSAS usage metrics, performance dashboard event overlay, enhanced console security, and a streamlined setup process. SharePoint support and SSAS usage in particular have been heavily requested, so this release should make quite a few customers very happy!

October 2011

Plan Explorer Demo by Paul Randal (SQLskills)

Paul Randal of SQLskills shows how to analyze what's using space in tempdb, and provides an overview of how to use SQL Sentry Plan Exporer in the investigation.

September 2011

Review of SQL Sentry's Free Plan Explorer

Plan Explorer is so chock–full of features that it’s hard to know where to start...Plan Explorer’s usability features are efficient and easy to use," says Kevin Kline, Director of Engineering Services at SQL Sentry.

August 2011

Why I Went With SQL Sentry

"One of the greatest advantages you can have as a DBA is setting up a fully featured monitoring solution...Each one of these products (Performance Advisor, Event Manager, and Plan Explorer) on its own are great, but when you put them all together, it’s beyond awesome. It let’s you do more than just react to problems on your SQL Server, it let’s you get ahead of them" says Shannon Lowder, Database Engineer

August 2011

SQL Sentry Plan Explorer : New release and an SSMS add-in

Today we released a new build of SQL Sentry Plan Explorer. The build # is 6.2.34 and you can download it from the usual location. The updates in this release include a new "Check for Updates" feature accessible via the Help menu, other new additions to the Help menu, plan diagram tooltips which now indicate whether the operation is ordered and a new theme in place for all grids which is more consistent in both appearance and functionality with the grids in Event Manager / Performance Advisor.

July 2011

SQL Sentry talks with RunAs Radio about the Performance Challenges with Analysis Services

Richard Campbell and Greg Hughes with RunAs Radio, a weekly Internet Audio Talk Show for IT Professionals working with Microsoft products, speak with our own Steve Wright about the performance challenges with Analysis Services.

July 2011

An In-depth Analysis of SQL Sentry's Overhead

One of my first major projects at SQL Sentry was framed shortly after I joined the company: to publish an analysis of the overhead that Performance Advisor and Event Manager place on both the server(s) being monitored and on the server(s) doing the monitoring. Every vendor wants to sell you on the "zero impact" and "no footprint" lines, but we all know that it is not possible for you to accurately measure performance on a server without also causing at least some performance degradation by virtue of performing said monitoring. So what does "zero impact" really mean in those cases?

April 2011

SQL Sentry v6.1: Something Old, Several Things New

Since releasing v6 a couple of months ago, we've been hard at work on some cool new features for v6.1. Our x.1 releases are usually comprised mostly of fixes for bugs not caught during the major release (x.0) beta, and a few new features. This x.1 release is different in that contains many exciting and high impact new features, and a higher feature:fix ratio than normal. This is likely due to the lengthy v6 beta, as well as some new QA processes we've put in place.

February 2011

Five Favorite Free SQL Server Downloads

"SQL Sentry Plan Explorer opens execution plans and gives you much better visibility into the real problem...Once the bad plan is open in Plan Explorer, just right-click on it and the fun starts. When I’m tuning a server with slow IO, I can show the costs by IO only, not CPU – a big timesaver for me," says Brent Ozar, Founder/Owner, Brent Ozar PLF and SQL Server MVP.

February 2011

eNews, Announcing the Release of SQL Sentry Version 6.0

The official release of SQL Sentry Version 6.0 occurred on Feb 14, 2011. We think you'll agree that Version 6 takes Query Plan Analysis and Performance Monitoring to a NEW level. Listed below are several of the new and exciting features.

February 2011

The results are in: What Tech Companies Are Doing it Right?

From a community poll at, which SQL (or SQL-adjacent) tech companies are doing right, either by product, by promotions, or by people? ... in first place stands SQL Sentry, at 24% of the votes.

February 2011

Vendors Doing It Right: SQL Sentry

"I talk about SQL Sentry a lot. I don’t get paid to talk about them but I did get free lunch from them once at a Product Advisory Council meeting and I did sit at the Product Advisory Council meeting (that I paid my own travel costs for). Those are my disclaimers. If I didn’t like the product I wouldn’t want to sit on their Product Advisory Council," says Mike Walsh, StraightPath Solutions.

February 2011

SQL Sentry Announces Exclusive Master Immersion Training Sponsorship

SQL Sentry announces their exclusive sponsorship of the first two SQLskills Master Immersion Training events., run by renowned experts Paul Randal and Kimberly Tripp, is the premier provider of approved training for the SQL Server Microsoft Certified Master (MCM) exam, and has been deeply involved with the re-architecting of the overall MCM certification throughout 2010.

February 2011

Making Use of Plan Explorer in my own Environment

"Today I had the opportunity to work with a vendor of mine on a performance problem and during the investigation of the problems, I identified a query that if rewritten a different way, without any index changes impact to the SQL Server was significantly lower. To show this to the vendor I got on a WebEx session and shared my desktop with the vendors developers and executed their original query and my rewritten version of the query to show that my version output the same result and had significantly less impact to the server than their original one did," says Jonathan Kehayias, Senior Consultant at SQLskills.

November 2010

More Intuitive Tool for Reading SQL Server Execution Plans

"Anyone responsible for performance tuning or troubleshooting should be familiar with the graphical execution plan feature of SQL Server Management Studio. This allows you to visually display the execution plan for a particular query (or multiple plans in a batch). There are weaknesses in this feature, however...SQL Sentry Plan Explorer is a no-risk, no-strings-attached alternative to the graphical plans we've been saddled with for the last decade," says Aaron Bertrand, SQL Server MVP.

November 2010

FREE SQL Sentry Plan Explorer Launched at PASS Summit 2010

SQL Sentry announces the availability of SQL Sentry Plan Explorer - a FREE software tool that greatly improves how you work with SQL Server Query plans. Plan Explorer builds upon the graphical plan view in SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) to make query plan analysis more efficient. It contains many of the plan analysis features being introduced in SQL Sentry v6, but it does not require a collection service or database.

November 2010

SQL Sentry Performance Advisor Named Winner "Best Of Connections 2010" By DevConnections

"We are honored to have Performance Advisor recognized as the 'Best SQL Server Product' by DevConnections," said Greg Gonzalez, President and CEO of SQL Sentry. "Since the product was first introduced in 2008, we've continued to release new product capabilities with the goal of providing the best performance tool for Microsoft SQL Server."

October 2010

eNews, SQL Sentry Plan Explorer Beta and Aaron Bertrand Joins the Team

We recently published the Beta release of a new software tool that will greatly improve how you work with SQL Server Query plans. As we were building this tool, we saw how it could help the entire SQL Server community, so we are pleased to make it available for FREE! And we're proud to announce that Aaron Bertrand has joined the SQL Sentry team as Senior Consultant. Honored by Microsoft as a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) since 1997, Aaron has over 10 years of technical experience with Microsoft SQL Server.

October 2010

SQL Sentry Announces Aaron Bertrand as Senior Consultant

We're proud to announce that Aaron Bertrand has joined the SQL Sentry team as Senior Consultant. Honored by Microsoft as a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) since 1997, Aaron has over 10 years of technical experience with Microsoft SQL Server. His responsibilities include development of SQL Sentry consulting services; interacting with clients; and driving new product initiatives.

August 2010

eNews, SQLCruise Recap and Fall Conference Schedule

SQL Sentry prides itself in being a strong supporter of educational events for the SQL Server community world-wide. We recently sent four "happy cruisers" on the inaugural sailing of SQLCruise. Check out what some of them had to say about the value of this unique venue and approach. Also, note our fall conference schedule: SQLBits 7 – The Seven Wonders of SQL, SQL Server Connections, and PASS Summit 2010. If you attend any of these upcoming events, make sure to visit SQL Sentry's booth to see the latest version of Event Manager and Performance Advisor - the ultimate performance solution.

July 2010

Which SQL Server Tools?

"I use SQL Sentry for a few things," says Mike Walsh, StraightPath Solutions. "First, to quickly see performance alerts/issues (Performance Advisor). Second, to view the status of all jobs, report server reports, maintenance plans, etc. in the calendar view (Event Manager). Third, to help prioritize which servers need my help the fastest (if the trending in the PA dashboard looks bad,or I see a lot of errors/TOP SQL/Blocking SQL in the calendar the instance gets prioritized). Fourth, I get lonely - I like the servers to talk to me and tell me how they are doing. If a job takes longer than it has every other execution or less time than normal there may be an issue and I want to know. I want to know (at first anyway) about every time long blocks happen or queries over an hour. I want to know when a job fails. The tool does that."

June 2010

SSMS : Which parts do you love? Which parts do you hate?

"I get more complete and consumable information, and more immediately, from SQL Sentry's Event Manager - which also has the ability to store more history in the repository without bogging down production instances of msdb... If I want a good look at what is going on in my server, I will use SQL Sentry's Performance Advisor - which does a great job of warning me about issues even when I'm not paying attention," says Aaron Bertrand, SQL Server MVP.

June 2010

eNews, SQL Sentry Version 5.5 and SQLCruise Update

SQL Sentry version 5.5 was officially released on May 21, 2010. We think you’ll be excited about many of the new features for both Performance Advisor and Event Manager, which include several of the most heavily requested enterprise features. SQL Sentry recently announced four winners of "Why I need to go on the SQLCruise" contest. The submissions were shared via the entrant’s favorite social media outlet.

June 2010

SQL Sentry Truth-Telling and Disk Configuration

"When I took over as DBA, I inherited a SQL 2000 server with about 30 databases on it supporting our main systems, and a SQL 2005 server with multiple instances...Then one day, I’m poking around inside SQL Sentry Performance Advisor...I was stunned...Here was something that I thought was such a basic truth that was turned upside down," says Mark Caldwell, Professional IT Solutions Provider.

May 2010

SQL Sentry Announces SQLCruise Sponsorship

"The SQLCruise 2010 is a unique opportunity to receive technical training from noted SQL Server experts in a comfortable, refreshing environment. A small group of students, exploring in-depth advanced technical topics and closely interacting with their instructors, all while enjoying the world-class accommodations of the Carnival Imagination, what could be better," said Tim Ford, Microsoft SQL Server MVP and SQLCruise Trainer. "We are thrilled to have the support of SQL Sentry as their first-class products and their knowledgeable staff make a valuable difference in the SQL Server community every day."

May 2010

SQL Sentry First Impressions

"After struggling to defend my SQL Servers from a political attack recently, I realized that I needed better tools to back me up, and SQL Sentry is the leading candidate...Great Support...Chaining and Queueing...Calendar View...Performance Advisor Dashboard History View...Reporting Services Subscription Jobs with Report Name...The combination of Event Manager and Performance Advisor working together have really made me a fan," says Mark Caldwell, Professional IT Solutions Provider.

April 2010

SQL Sentry 5.5 And Letting Reports Save You

"I downloaded their (SQL Sentry's) new version 5.5 when it was in Beta and I have loved their reports, even saved my bacon a couple of times... As fun as it is when first starting out to build your own reports and monitoring processes, there is something nice about having everything you need a few clicks away," say Mike Walsh, StraightPath Solutions.

February 2010

eNews, SQLSaturday in Charlotte, and SQL Sentry on Twitter!

SQL Sentry is pleased to be a Platinum Sponsor for the upcoming SQLSaturday #33 in Charlotte, NC! Featuring 9 tracks and 54 sessions, there hasn't been a SQL Server event like this on the East Coast in over 5 years, and never in the Carolinas! SQL Sentry recently launched our official Twitter account,, and Greg Gonzalez, President and CEO, launched his account,

February 2010

Performance Advisor for Analysis hands down the best SSAS monitoring tool available

"Well, as with most things in SSAS, its not AS EASY when compared to the server's relational sibling. I begin with the easiest approach: tools. There are a few available tools that one can use to view and manage SSAS activity. First and foremost is that of SQLSentry's Performance Advisor for Analysis Services. This tool is hands down the best SSAS monitoring tool available. SQLSentry clearly filled a large void in the SSAS world," says Derek Comingore, SQL Server MVP, B.I. Voyage.

December 2009

eNews, Performance Advisor for Analysis Services Wins 2009 Editors' Best Award

On November 19, 2009, SQL Sentry Performance Advisor for Analysis Services was named the 2009 Editors’ Best Database Monitoring and Performance Product by SQL Server Magazine. We're honored to not only receive the award but to receive it within six months of the product launch. A special thanks to all that have supported the launch of Performance Advisor for Analysis Services through your insight and feedback.

November 2009

SQL Sentry Performance Advisor for Analysis Services Named 2009 Editors’ Best Award Winner

"We are honored to have Performance Advisor for Analysis Services recognized so quickly by the editorial experts of these industry leading publications," said Greg Gonzalez, President and CEO of SQL Sentry. "Since the launch of this product less than six months ago, we’ve received many accolades from customers and industry experts for delivering new capabilities to manage and tune Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services."

October 2009

eNews, Still Challenged by Reporting Services

As more and more companies are deploying this functionality, there is an increase in the desire for information on how to best implement Reporting Services for their specific needs... SQL Sentry Event Manager provides complete scheduling, monitoring and notification features for SQL Server Reporting Services. This enables a DBA to view all Reporting Services events on the Event Manager calendar, monitor their impact on performance and set notifications, ensuring awareness of any issue.

September 2009

eNews, See SQL Sentry at SSWUG's Ultimate Virtual Conference

As a special incentive, come and visit SQL Sentry in the Exhibitor Hall, and we'll enter you into a drawing to win your choice of (1) Power Suite for SQL Server ($2,394 value) OR (1) Performance Advisor for Analysis Services ($2,994 value). The prize includes the license cost and first year annual software maintenance. Our virtual booth will have current demos available for all products and we'll be available to answer any questions.

July 2009

SQL Sentry Announces Performance Optimization Software for SQL Server Analysis Services

SQL Sentry Performance Advisor for Analysis Services provides unparalleled insight into Analysis Services performance, including bottlenecks related to memory and storage systems, aggregation usage, unoptimized queries, and query and processing tasks competing for the same resources. And when combined with SQL Sentry Performance Advisor for SQL Server and Event Manager, provides the only solution in the market covering Microsoft’s entire BI platform, including the relational data warehouse (SQL Server), Analysis Services (SSAS), Integration Services (SSIS), and Reporting Services (SSRS).

July 2009

eNews, Introducing SQL Sentry Performance Advisor for Analysis Services

Building on the success of the award-winning SQL Sentry Event Manager and Performance Advisor for SQL Server, we are proud to announce another industry first – performance monitoring and optimization software for Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS).

April 2009

SQL Sentry Introduces First Analysis Services Monitoring Solution

"I’m currently in Germany at the PASS European Conference....for the last few months I’ve also been talking to the guys at SQL Sentry – who are also here exhibiting – about their new product called Performance Advisor for Analysis Services which has just been made public. I’ve had an in-depth demo and my first impression is that this is the first Analysis Services monitoring solution that I would actually want to use; it looks really, really good. I believe SQL Sentry has the first solution that will monitor the SQL Server relational engine, Analysis Services, SSIS and SSRS as well," says Chris Webb, IT Consultant, UK.

March 2009

Monitoring Your Servers: Data Collection vs. Performance Advisor

"In SQL Server 2008 we get Data Collection, a built-in framework for collecting and analyzing performance and other metrics from multiple servers...I thought it would be useful to compare some of the features with a 3rd party tool that I use in my environment, Performance Advisor from SQL Sentry....Performance Advisor goes above and beyond in the disk usage report category, providing disk capacity statistics like Data Collection does, and adding real-time disk activity views that show exactly where the I/Os are coming and going," says Aaron Bertrand, SQL Server MVP.

March 2009

eNews, Complete Deadlock Analysis

SQL Sentry Performance Advisor provides complete details on any deadlock that occurs on your SQL Server 2005 and 2008 instances in one view with no additional configuration required! Instead of hours of research and effort assembling bits and pieces of the problem, instantly get all the details with a single click.

January 2009

Are You Using Your 3rd Party Tools?

"There are a number of reasons why I like Performance Advisor, the cool dashboard, the ease of being able to see the history and change back to what is going on right now, and the ability to see if you have a bottle neck on your disk drives. I thought that I knew all there was to know about the tool. Then I discovered the Quick Trace...I have to admit that Quick Trace is now my favorite part of Performance Advisor," says Chris Shaw, SQLonCall.

October 2008

So, What WAS That Tool?

"I wrote about some performance issues we were chasing. The issues were revolving around a symptom of disk queues growing, system performance lagging in spurts, etc. The folks over at SQL Sentry jumped on that and helped us out - they helped show off their new performance dashboard and at the same time shine some serious light on our server and the issues we were seeing," says Stephen Wynkoop, SQL Server Worldwide User Group.

July 2008

Performance Advisor: A Quick "Two Thumbs Up"

"I have been playing with Performance Advisor, the new companion to the very popular Event Manager software from SQL Sentry. Right off the bat, I can tell you that this tool should have [the competition] shaking in their boots, as it is really going to give them a run for their money. While a late comer to this segment of the market, Performance Advisor has definitely been worth the wait," says Aaron Bertrand, SQL Server MVP.

June 2008

SQL Sentry Announces New Performance Monitoring and Optimization Tool

SQL Sentry Performance Advisor is packed with many ground-breaking features, not found in any other software, all designed to simplify the process of optimizing SQL Server performance. Performance Advisor represents over two years of research and development by the same team that brought you the innovative, award-winning SQL Sentry Event Manager.

May 2008

SQL Sentry "Best Of Tech•Ed 2008 IT Professional Awards Finalist"

SQL Sentry Event Manager was named as a finalist of the "Best of Tech•Ed 2008 IT Professional Awards" in the Database Administration category by Penton Media’s Windows IT Pro® and SQL Server Magazine®. The Best of Tech•Ed 2008 Awards recognize companies who offer innovative products in the industry. The judges reviewed over 220 products and services submitted for the contest and chose 29 finalists.

March 2008

Manage SQL Databases

"The larger and more complex your infrastructure, the more you need to be concerned with maintenance and operational tasks interfering with each other. This can lead to process flow havoc for your end users. Fortunately, there are a few tools available for the database and system administrator to help coordinate a complex environment's schedules. One tool that you may want to consider is SQL Sentry Event Manager," says Greg Steen, TechNet Magazine.

December 2007

SQL Sentry Event Manager Product Review

"As a DBA in today's 24x7 world, managing multiple SQL Servers can be quite a challenge. Having an arsenal of tools by your side that can help you save time is a must. Fortunately, a tool is available on the market to help take some of the stress out of your life. SQL Sentry Event Manager provides you with a tool that enables you to manage all of your SQL Server jobs across your entire infrastructure from one single point of entry," says Steve Warren, Database Journal.

September 2007

Pragmatic Works Joins SQL Sentry Partner Program

"SQL Sentry Event Manager is the one tool that can really change an organization and simplify the DBA’s daily life. If you're concerned about the bottom-line support costs of your servers, this is a must-have tool," said Brian Knight, Founder and Managing Partner of Pragmatic Works. "You'll never know how you lived without Event Manager. It's truly a required tool in the effective DBA's arsenal."

September 2007

Professional Association for SQL Server Selects SQL Sentry Event Manager

"The growth of our organization’s membership and several new technology initiatives have placed large demands on our underlying enterprise. SQL Sentry Event Manager allows our DBA team at MaximumASP to see, understand and manage SQL Server more efficiently than the native tools" said Rushabh Mehta, Director of Technology for PASS.

September 2007

Know What's Happening: Keep Tabs on your SQL Server Jobs

"We've all been in situations where we spend a great deal of time navigating the complicated Web of inter-server SQL Agent jobs to find resource contention and scheduling problems. When you add the layer of complexity that many SQL Agent jobs simply run DTS or SSIS packages, the problem becomes even greater. One of the few third-party devices available to help with this task is SQL Sentry Event Manager," says Joshua Jones, Redmond Magazine.

July 2007 Leads with SQL Sentry Event Manager

Leading Microsoft SharePoint Host Leverages Event Manager to Optimize SQL Server. "SQL Sentry Event Manager allows our DBA team to monitor and maintain SQL Server in a fraction of the usual time and focus on the more strategic tasks of balancing our dynamic growth while keeping our recognized quality of service standards high," said Larry Strange, CEO of

July 2007

SQL Sentry Event Manager Earns Platinum Award, SQL Server Magazine

SQL Sentry Event Manager earns platinum award in the Database Management Tools category. "The 2007 Editor’s Choice Awards utilize our editors' product knowledge and subject matter expertise to identify exceptional products that have been covered in the pages of SQL Server Magazine and its online newsletters, and which benefit the SQL Server Magazine reader community," said Kim Paulsen, group publisher.

July 2007

MaximumASP Raises the Bar on SQL Server Hosting with SQL Sentry Event Manager

"Before Event Manager, we used the burdensome process of specialized scripts and manual documentation to manage our job schedules. We also tried a collection of different third-party products, but nothing exhibited a true understanding of what DBAs really need. I can't imagine going back to the old methods or using some of the less comprehensive competing products in an attempt to tackle the same problems," says Sarah Barela, DM Review Magazine.

May 2007

SQL Sentry Announces Competitive Upgrade Promotion

Database administrators can trade in any job scheduling, alerting or automation software tool and receive SQL Sentry Event Manager for free. "This is an opportunity for organizations to upgrade from tools that may no longer be satisfying their needs, to the award winning and proven power of SQL Sentry Event Manager." said Nick Harshbarger, Director of Sales and Marketing at SQL Sentry.

April 2007

SQL Sentry Announces New Partner in South Africa

"SQL Sentry Event Manager enables our clients to maximize the return on their investment in SQL Server and Oracle," said Dereck Ramsay, Managing Director of Irridium. "Event Manager allows their DBAs to strategically manage their job schedules in a fraction of the time that the native tools require. Plus Event Manager enables them to better schedule, manage and monitor their critical backups."

April 2007

Save Time (and Money) With SQL Sentry Event Manager

"As a DBA, the first thing you do in your database environment is check the jobs that ran the previous day. Just imagine the trouble this can cause in multi-server environments. Things become frustrating when your servers are located around the globe. From the (Event Manager) calendar view, you can visualize all the jobs on all the servers in your enterprise at once, which helps you uncover conflicts. I highly recommend Event Manager," says Dinesh Asanka, SQL Server

March 2007

Event Manager for SQL Server Product Review

"You could think of Event Manager for SQL Server as SQL Agent on steroids, but its functionally actually goes far beyond SQL Agent. One of SQL Sentry's most valuable features for the DBA is the all-devices global calendar view, which gives you a big picture of your enterprise job execution schedule. Event Manager is a must-have product for DBAs who need to manage a large number of jobs across multiple systems," says Michael Otey, SQL Server Magazine

January 2007

Event Manager, SQL Server Performance and Tuning ‘Product of the Year’

"The product's display is the key to its success," according to "Its customizable interface allows simultaneous display of calendars, graphs and controls to fit the users' needs. In a large enterprise SQL Server quickly becomes difficult to manage -- especially the SQL Server jobs. Event Manager is indispensable for managing jobs and for providing alerting."

December 2006

SQL Sentry Enables Remote DBA Services

SQL on Call delivers DBA expertise to remote clients using SQL Sentry Event Manager.

November 2006

SQL Sentry Event Manager Adds Support for Oracle

SQL Sentry, Inc., the developer of award-winning management solutions for Microsoft SQL Server, announced today the availability of SQL Sentry Event Manager for Oracle. Selected as the 2006 SQL Server Magazine Editors’ Choice for Database Management, SQL Sentry Event Manager allows Database Administrators (DBA) to efficiently manage SQL Server, Windows Task Scheduler and now Oracle in today’s increasingly complex environments.

October 2006

SQL Sentry Announces New European Union Partners

Skilled Software based in Poland and BTSoftware based in the Netherlands will represent SQL Sentry to clients throughout the European Union.

September 2006

MaximumASP Leads with SQL Sentry Promotion

MaximumASP, a leading provider of Microsoft Windows-based hosting, is making a special offer on SQL Sentry to their dedicated server clients.

September 2006

SQL Sentry Expands with New Partners in New Zealand and Hong Kong

eGlobal, based in New Zealand and Idynamic Media based in Hong Kong will represent SQL Sentry to their clients and respective regions.

July 2006

SQL Sentry Named 2006 Editors’ Choice for Database Management

SQL Sentry honored as a Gold Winner in the Database Management category of the 2006 SQL Server Magazine Editors’ Choice Awards.

July 2006

MaximumASP Teams with SQL Sentry

MaximumASP, a leading provider of Microsoft Windows-based hosting, has joined the SQL Sentry Hosting Partner Program.

July 2006 Buys Time with SQL Sentry

SQL Sentry immediately allows to see multiple SQL Server job schedules and interactions on multiple systems, giving a clear picture of the timing and sequencing involved in the overnight processing and data transfer.

June 2006

SQL Sentry Standard Edition Releases

SQL Sentry Standard Edition Delivers Award-winning Functionality to SQL Server DBAs within Small- to Medium-Sized Organizations.

June 2006

SQL Sentry v2.7 Earns High Honor

Brad McGehee, SQL Server Expert, reviews new version and honors SQL Sentry as “Recommended by

June 2006

Power, Productivity, and Performance

SQL Sentry is an enterprise-level SQL Server job automation/scheduling and monitoring tool that makes it easy to manage and monitor SQL Server jobs and Windows Task Scheduler events, from a single console. Take an in-depth look at how well SQL Sentry meets its stated goals.

May 2006

SQL Sentry Rewards Those with Busy Schedules

Participants submitted screenshots showing their SQL Server schedules for potential selection as the busiest SQL Server schedule.

April 2006

SQL Server Performance Optimization

SQL Sentry is one tool that you really need to try out - put it through its paces on your servers. See what it exposes and see the time it can save you by helping fine tune your scheduling and server management.

March 2006

Hidden Jobs, Hidden Schedules and the Impact on your Server

Take a look at the real-world impact of your SQL Server Agent job subsystem and the not-so-obvious loads it can place on your system.

March 2006

SQL Sentry Relieves Your SQL Server Job Headaches

SQL Sentry is a tool that can help alleviate you of the headache associated with managing multiple SQL Server jobs on multiple SQL Servers. The benefit of a powerful job-monitoring tool for SQL Server is enormous.

January 2006

Interview with Brooke Philpott of SQL Sentry

"I had a chance to meet Brooke Philpott, the lead developer of sqlSentry, at TechEd 2005 in Orlando this year and discuss a few technical points about the product. It's always interesting to hear about the development of a product, so we decided to continue the discussion via email and with Brooke's permission, the result has been written up in an interview format," says Andy Warren,

January 2006

A Review of SQL Sentry v2.5

"In early December, InterCerve released sqlSentry 2.5. Amongst other things, the tool is primarily known for giving the DBA an easy way to manage his or her production jobs. It also has a very robust job alerting system. sqlSentry 2.5 is unlike any tool on the market for the SQL Server DBA and I could not find a competitor. I can not think of any way for a DBA to save more time than with a job management system like sqlSentry," says Brian Knight,

January 2006

64-bit SQL Sentry Enhances Performance & Scalability of SQL Server

New 64-bit version of SQL Sentry releases for SQL Server 2005, supporting both x64 and Itanium based systems.

September 2005

SQL Sentry Announces New Vice President of Sales and Marketing

Nick Harshbarger brings sales and marketing experience to rapidly growing SQL Server management application company.

August 2005

SQL Sentry Wins Two SQL Server Magazine Readers' Choice Awards

Readers Honor SQL Sentry as the Best Job Automation and Scheduling Tool and Best Alerting/Notification Software

August 2005

Administrative Tools Keep SQL Server Running Smoothly

SqlSentry's alerting capability lets DBAs eliminate SQL Mail, receive more-detailed messages, and even vary responses by condition. The tool also offers graph and chart reporting of performance statistics and information about possible conflicts. sqlSentry does it again in job automation, this time winning by a 500 percent margin over its next-closest competitor. sqlSentry lets users schedule jobs efficiently through its Outlook-style calendar view of the job scheduler, then use Windows performance counters to monitor the jobs as they run. One voter called sqlSentry the "best on the market."

June 2005

SQL Sentry Supports Microsoft SQL Server 2005

New Version 2.5 Integrates with SQL Server 2005 to Support the Most Complex and Voluminous Environments.

February 2005

SQL Server Job Performance Checklist

Virtually every SQL Server runs one or more daily jobs. And most likely, runs many weekly jobs. Unfortunately, most DBAs set up jobs, and then forget about them, unless of course they break. But if they run day after day without any problems, most jobs are forgotten about.


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