SentryOne Partners

Our solution providers, training partners, technology partners, and resellers have a wide range of expertise and real-world perspective to help optimize your business-critical data platforms.

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Our Experienced Partners


Master Resellers

SentryOne Master Resellers are our representatives in countries where SentryOne does not have a direct presence. Master Resellers typically have a direct sales force, but also recruit and manage resellers and solution providers. Our worldwide Master Resellers are trained to deliver best-in-class SentryOne solutions.


SentryOne Resellers are technology service providers who resell SentryOne solutions in addition to their own deployment, implementation, and database services. They help customers purchase the right solution. We have hundreds of Resellers worldwide ready to help you improve your business-critical data platform performance.

Consulting Partners

SentryOne's Consulting Partners will help you choose the right solutions and services to keep your database and applications running smoothly. They have experience implementing SentryOne's platform and leverage their diverse backgrounds to help you deploy and support the right performance solution.

Training Partners

SentryOne's Training Partners will educate your users on how to use our software. They are certified trainers who have extensive experience using SentryOne solutions, so they can accelerate your company’s path to data platform optimization.

Managed Service Providers

SentryOne's Managed Service Providers provide hosted, cloud, and managed IT services to their customers. They use SentryOne solutions to keep close tabs on the performance of their client systems, allowing them to immediately identify and solve problems, providing the maximum ROI for their customers.

Technology Alliance Partners

We partner with world-class technology companies—hardware, software, and service providers—to provide seamless, integrated solutions for peak performance across your data platform.


Become a SentryOne Partner

Our partner program provides the proper support, knowledge, and training to improve your clients' data platforms and expand your business offerings. Learn how SentryOne can help you solve your customers' data challenges with our Solutions Brief

Benefits of Becoming a SentryOne Partner


Increased Client Satisfaction and Loyalty

SentryOne solutions deliver demonstrable ROI and cost savings. Our customers recognize the value of our solutions every day, and view their SentryOne partners as trusted advisors. SentryOne solutions reduce the daily burden required to manage SQL Server and the data platform, allowing partners to focus their clients on high-value, strategic opportunities.

Market Differentiation

SentryOne solutions allow partners to achieve client recognition as a subject-matter expert on SQL Server optimization. The dynamic growth of SQL Server and the Microsoft data platform is apparent to the corporate marketplace. Introducing SentryOne solutions, which deliver unique functionality and enable DBAs to save hours each day, is a major competitive advantage.

Long-Term Opportunity

SentryOne is committed to the long-term success and growth of our partners. We have built our brand recognition through large-scale marketing efforts, including Gold Level sponsorships of the largest industry events and a consistent, high-performing advertising strategy.

Complements Most Business Models

Our partners come in all shapes and sizes not just different partner types. The SentryOne Partner Program is targeted at empowering the partner to expand existing client relationships and build new ones. From the start, your team will be trained and certified in how to resolve most client performance issues and pain points through the application of the SentryOne platform.

Resources to Help You Build Your Business

The SentryOne Channel team will be there to support our partners with marketing efforts, opportunity registration, training on the use of the Partner Portal, and identifying the right licensing model for your client needs. By assisting with lead generation, sales engagements, and onboarding, SentryOne will be your partner in helping you acquire new clients and build customer success. 

Read our Solutions Brief to better understand how SentryOne can help you solve your customers' data challenges.

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